Best Domain Tools To Identify Security Threats On The Website

09/05/2017 2:00 PM by Admin in Domain

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In today’s world internet plays a key role in economic and information. But domains and hosting are the primary source of the internet which the people look for.

Many online domain tools are free to use and identify domain related queries such as network tools, web & browser tools, security, privacy tools etc. So we provide a list of domain tools which helps webmasters, developers, domain owners, as well as all other internet users.

These tools are completely independent of various websites which are free and suitable for your needs like basic domain DNS information, CName, IP address, registered date, expiry date and other parameters etc.

Benefits of using domain tools

Theft Identification: One of the main reasons to use domain tools to identify domain theft; means the hacker hijacks your domain and takes all the access under his control. There are 3 reasons your domain can be hijacked

  • Your DNS information is publicly available; the best option is to purchase domain privacy from your service provider.
  • Not purchased from trusted domain service provider
  • This method is completely legal where your domain is expired and forgot to renew, so enable the auto-renew option in order to avoid these mistake.

Privacy protection - In other terms, whois is the main source of domain DNS information, like name, email address, phone number and also the purchased address. Just enter the website URL on whois database to retrieve public information. So domain privacy is the key to protect your identity and domain related information.

Domain Risk analysis - There are many domain tools which help to analyze risk score of malicious websites, blacklisted domains, nonsecure https, privacy, and security of the site. So each and every parameter are important to analyze domain risk score.

Domain Name Information - The Whois data is offered to the public for accessing the records present in the database for information purpose only. This information will help the site owner to analyze privacy and protection factors to make the site more secure.

Also, network domain tools are kind of software programs that help to manage network administration to keep track of IP address, data, charges, and monitor other protocols.

Here are the lists of domains tools to identify privacy and security issues:

Whois Lookup - Whois is a domain lookup tool to identify domain owner information, IP address, hosting provider, email, phone number and other information from the whois database

Domain IP Lookup - This tool discovers IP address of any domain extension like .com, .net, .in, .org etc. Just provide domain information in the textbox, and get immediate results.

Server Status Checker - The server status checker identifies the hosting domain is online or offline for the user. If the server is online and not upgraded, it may get hacked in the future. The tool helps you to check up to 100 domains at a single time.

Class C IP checker - It allows users to check class C IP of multiple websites. Class C IP addresses range from 192.0.0.x to 223.255.255.x. which means the first octet is set to 110. It helps you identify how many domains are hosted on the same IP address.

DNS Lookup Tool - This lookup tool retrieves the DNS information which is linked to the hosting. Since it is a browser-based network tool that displays DNS records like A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, and TXT publically to the users which is security thread to your domain and may lose all your valuable information.

Blacklist Lookup Tool - This is another unique tool to track check your website IP addresses or domains are blacklisted or not. Blacklisted domains can harm your traffic and leads fall in google rankings.

Website Speed Test - Website speed is mainly used for analyzing website speed to improve search engine rankings. In many websites, the scripts may display valuable information to users unknowingly. These data can be hacked or hackers may insert new code to make website speed till slower.

MX Lookup - The MX lookup tool will list all the MX records for the domain in the priority order. It is responsible for sending or receiving emails from the domain server. So make sure your site updated with SSL security and anti-spam filter to avoid phishing emails from an unauthorized user.

Email Privacy Checker - The email privacy tool analyses any email is visible on the website and alerts the user on email which is completely visible on the site. These emails can be easily extracted by the hackers and send the virus files infecting your server or domain name service.

Browser Tool - Browser is the core software to search queries or information on the search engine. If the browser is not updated regularly on the new version, it may run unwanted scripts on backend and copies each site you visit to be hacked. In order to avoid sites to get hacked, regularly update your browser with the new version. To know your browser version, just click the browser checker tool