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About Email Privacy Checker

What is Email Privacy Checker?

An email privacy checker is an online tool capable of crawling through all web pages of a website in order to detect if an email address is existing. If found the email address, it can be easily removed with the help of the developer. If you want to optimize the security of a website, there is no need to download this tool.

When you search this tool on a search engine, numerous results will appear. Many websites are offering this tool for free of cost. One can run it online by adding the domain name and get the results in just a few seconds. For your convenience.

If one of them is not working shift to another. The user interface will be very friendly and there is no need to install any piece of software application. Even a beginner with average knowledge of using the internet can also operate the website easily. We need the tool of email privacy checking from various perspectives. Some major reasons will be mentioned below in points that you must read.

Why do we need the Email Privacy Checker tool?

An email privacy checker is a tool of professionals who want to ensure the security of a website. Almost everything on the internet is vulnerable to security threats but some precautions can help in safeguarding it. You can consider the websites as valuable assets whether they are selling a product, service or just informative.

It is a big earning source if conducted perfectly by following all measures of search engine. However, hacking or spamming are some risks that may occur at any time and ruin the entire marketing & development work of a website. Scroll down to know the major reasons for using an email privacy checker tool.

  1. Protecting a website from all vulnerabilities is as important as its designing, development, and marketing. This is among the small online tools that imply big impact on security concerns. If a hacker is trying to know your email ID and planning to use it for spamming, you can scramble the address. With this tool, you will decide who should know your email address and who needs to stay away.
  2. The game of digital marketing is becoming dirty where competitors may try to win over you by hook or crook. If their digital marketing strategies are not working, they can try unethical ways to take you down.

Their IT experts can be responsible for spamming your business through email id. If you want to stay safe from such kind of unethical damage to the business, it is important to check the website before purchasing anything.

How does Email Privacy Checker tool work?

The procedure for using the email privacy checker tool is very easy. Here are some steps to follow for your ease.

  1. Open the Email privacy checker tool from the home page.
  2. Now open the homepage of a website that you want to scan.
  3. Copy the URL of that particular website and paste in the search bar of email privacy checker tool.
  4. Enter the captcha code after adding the URL and Click the submit button.
  5. The result will appear in just a few seconds including all email addresses mentioned in the website. If you want to hide any of them, scramble it with the help of a web developer.

email privacy checker

Email Privacy Checker Tool & its Significance

Nowadays, marketers spend a lot of time to extract personal information like phone numbers and email from the website using the email Extractor tool. These marketers extract email information on a much larger scale for their business promotion.

Web technologies are growing much faster than software, so the software like web extractor tool will be a major benefit for the marketers to extract emails and sending business promotions illegally.

If you need to know that your site contains any email privacy issues, just use our free tool to identify email data. The email privacy checker is to keep away from spammers and hackers to avoid damage to your site.

Anonymity is one of the biggest concerns of current times when you are surfing the internet. Almost everything is exposed to an extent on the World Wide Web that becomes more sensitive when it comes to online business. With some smart tips and tricks, one can overcome these vulnerabilities.

There are some tools available online that you need to know how to operate. One of those in Email privacy checker tool. As a website owner, it is also possible that you will have your own email that is required to use while interacting with some selected people who can be your existing or potential customers. This is a very useful tool for running an online business but also vulnerability.

If your email address is exposed on the page of a website, it can be misused by the hackers and spammers. The only way to avoid such kind of situations is by searching the vulnerabilities and rectify them before someone else try to access. A private email address is helpful in doing online business with ease but only when it is in safe hands.

While developing or marketing a website, many vulnerabilities remain behind and this is one of them. An email privacy checker tool is capable of identifying these addresses and scrambling them before someone else misuse. This article will guide you with some useful information regarding this tool.

What to consider for safeguarding your email?

Most of the renowned email service providers are serving their customers with end to. This means the message will be encrypted from the sender’s end and decrypt from the receptor’s end only. However, many other security measures are also essential to safeguard your email from the latest potential threats of hacking and spamming. As additional security measures, you need to take essential precautions such as:-

  1. Use a strong password with the combination of alphanumeric and special characters.
  2. Check the privacy settings of your email service provider to ensure complete safety.
  3. Stay in incognito mode while accessing your email account through a  public computer.
  4. Keep on changing your passwords frequently but not through a link that is sent by the service provider. It can be a trap to steal the details.

Importance of Email Privacy Checker tool

An email privacy checker is an important tool in many perspectives. Some of the most significant points are mentioned below:-

1. From the perspective of SEO

The search engine optimization experts need to contact with multiple parties for the purpose of promotion. Some of them can be genuine whereas some can be contacting you with an objective of hacking.

An email privacy checker tool checks for all incoming and outgoing messages from particular email id to make sure that it is not containing any kind of malware or spyware. Sometimes, malware in the PC of digital marketer can steal entire information, can decrypt the files or badly affect the website that you are managing by reducing its speed.

This kind of tool is helpful in keeping you safe while interacting with a completely unknown outer world. Also, they can contact the third party to seek help for marketing by searching the email address from their website.

2. From the perspective of web developer

As a web developer, it is your duty to safeguard the website from all vulnerabilities that can affect user experience. With this tool, one can monitor the unusual activities, and inform in just a few seconds to take essential actions.

How to avoid email privacy?

In the market there are even also have email privacy checker tool, this tool helps in protecting your personal information by converting that text into images. So, the image can be visible to the user but not for the tool or software. So, all the website personal information will be far from spammers.

Steps to follow:

1. Click on the tool, and follow the steps

2. Enter the Email in the required text box

3. Customize the style of the image you want.

4. Click the generate button and save the file by clicking a right mouse button on the generated image.

Benefits of Email Privacy Checker tool

  • The tool scans every page in order to address email data found on the page or not.
  • Helps in identifying Email Privacy issues to avoid spammer’s extracting data from the site.
  • Helps website owner and webmaster from spam marketers sending unwanted promotions to your business or personal email.
  • This tool can quickly scan all the web pages of your website to check the email addresses available at the website. If you are already getting too many spams and malware through email, it's better to remove the address from all webpages. For monitoring the robustness and anonymity of a website, this tool is essential for every IT professional.

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