About Us - Cool Seo Tools

05/06/2017 6:06 AM

Cool Seo Tools was first started in December 2016 with the aim of helping SEO beginners, professionals and expertise to fix the core technical SEO issues of the website. Initially, we had around 50 SEO tools but today we have around 124 tools and growing.

At the beginning, I need to learn a lot on web servers, integration, PHP, database, configuration, and much more. The cost of the VPS server it was too high and I was unable to manage. So I was researching other VPS servers and finally found OVH as the best VPS server.

Even though I had a goal to reach millions of users, it was not so easy task and had to take a lot of time to write the contents by myself. Because I am not a very professional content writer which makes me very hard to focus on this area. Anyhow I need to make this site successful, made a strong will, and focused to write content day and night. But finally, it took me more than 60 days to complete the content for all the 50 tools. I managed to write around 500 words for each tool and started to get a few traffic.

In 2016 google traffic I was getting initially maybe around 20 visitors per day, which was not enough and do not know how to grow website traffic. Later, I started to learn the strategy on how to grow my website traffic and finally started to experiment experiment experiment, but still I was not successful. Frankly speaking, I lost all the hope to improve my website traffic.

After all the struggle I faced in those days, I almost left this site alone and busy with my work means going to job, coming back home, watch tv, sleeping but sometimes I was helping my father in the shop. So this was my daily rotation and one fine day I started to feel insecure and life was like something locked in the trap. I needed a solution to my problem, so focused on reading blogs, articles, and newspapers than came to realize I was stuck in the job and many others started their own online business & earning money.

I need to thank other successful online business owners and myself which I realized earlier at that time. So again I started to work on my website, things were not looking good, so I did not lose my hope. Slowly I was writing content and updating on my website. It was as usual and no change of my website traffic in 2018.

Actually my time started to begin in 2019 when I found the secret to grow my site faster. My Alexa rank started to grow within 1.5 years after I found a strategy, I immediately started executing and it became successful. To know the strategy, I created an ebook on how to grow a website and also to start own online business. It took for me more than 4 years to develop the right strategy and grow my website.