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If you have a web developer background, you must already have adequate knowledge about the significance of Hypertext Markup Language aka HTML. This is the core of every traditional as well as a modern technique of web development. With HTML, you can have countless options of customizing a web page or web application for different purposes.

For more advancement in web development, it compiles with Cascade Style Sheets & JavaScript. A browser only shows the front end part which doesn’t contain any part of the header, footer or paragraph, etc. However, it uses these tags to render the entire content displaying in your website. The primary HTML structure was first introduced in the 19th century and currently, we are using HTML5 which comprises extensively powerful features.

The demand for a new website, reconstruction of old web pages & when applications are rising extensively. For developing them faster, you need a smart way rather than sticking on the traditional HTML editor. The online HTML editor is the most accurate answer to this question.

As technology is evolving, more accurate and easier ways of websites development are coming to existence. The online HTML editor is one of them and currently gaining massive popularity too. Here you are going to gain complete knowledge of this editing tool.

What is Online Html Editor?

As you know that most of the software applications and other utilities have their web versions that are much smarter. The same thing is applicable on HTML editors. The Hypertext Markup Language that you practice on your PC is meant for rendering commands to a website. However, it is not easy to understand the entire language.

Especially for a beginner, the advanced programs of Java & CSS are very hard to understand without proper assistance. The easiest version of these complex languages is present in front of us as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). In the modern editor, you will get on the web page exactly you are seeing while customizing a page.

A large number of online HTML editors are currently available to operate and all of them are free of cost. However, some of them comprise much smarter options as compared to others. Even the leading IT giants are also relying on these online editors because of many reasons as you will understand in the below article in detail.

Why do we need Online Html Editor tool?

The online HTML editor has become an integral part of every web development task of current times. We need it because of many reasons as mentioned here:-

1. For attaining accuracy in the task

While typing a normal paragraph on a text editor, you commit a lot of spelling mistakes. Isn't it possible that similar mistakes will be committed while using an online HTML editor? Suppose you have completed the entire task of a web page designing on normal HTML editor but few of its functions are not working when you try to compile it with browser.

Searching for errors and rectifying them is a time-consuming task that nobody wants to do. Rather than wasting your time on such useless activities, it's better to use an online HTML editor tool. It has the capability to auto-complete every code. You just need to type the first word and the rest of the command options will appear automatically.

2. Work executes faster

Why ride on a bicycle if you already have a Supercar to drive? Along with the auto-completion of commands, these editors also comprise pictures of drag and drop. You can easily move the page elements by clicking and dragging around various areas of the page.

While preparing your web page will be able to say how the page will look like as a final result. Although there is also an option to edit with “code view”, mode WYSIWYG mode is far better.

3. Easy to operate for beginners

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level professional, the online HTML editor is suitable for everyone. as a beginner, you may have less knowledge of using HTML commands.

These smart editors simplify every complication and enable even people with no background of web development to produce beautiful web pages? If you are learning web pages development from online tutorials, these text editors can help a lot in attaining accuracy and saving time.

4. Importance of Online Html Editor tool

A simple HTML editor comprises only the basic features. This pictures will not let you approach advanced level web page designing. On the other hand, the online HTML editor tools comprise some additional features as mentioned below.

i. Cross-platform development capability

This is the era of cross-platform development because you need to run a single webpage on multiple operating systems and display devices. Moreover, the browsers of the current time are also coming with different compatibilities. as a web developer, it is your duty to customize every single page in a manner that it can easily open in the display device of every internet user.

For this purpose, the online HTML editor tool is a great option to choose. The modern editors are capable of creating W3C validator code. It is so flexible that you can also copy the content from MS Word or Excel and paste in the editor. After pasting, the editor automatically cleans all unnecessary words and obtain a pure HTML code which is safe for your website.

2. Supports CSS & Java

You cannot expect the compatibility of CSS and JavaScript with a simple HTML editor. The online editors provide an integrated environment where you can compile all languages together. Even a person having minimal or no knowledge of JavaScript can also design beautiful pages by using the autocomplete feature.

Most common features of an online HTML editor

  1. It is capable of converting any online document into HTML code by just using copy and paste feature. You can convert MS Word, PDF Excel, PowerPoint, Google docs and another visual text document in it.
  2. You can edit the source code, overview HTML tags, adjust the font size, character and coding and compression altogether on a single screen.
  3. You can easily select any color from the hex color codes. The color picker feature enables You can copy the colors by clicking and dragging them to the source code editor.

How does the Online Html Editor tool work?

the online HTML editor is a fully-featured web application where you can find vast controls with easy to understand interface. scroll down to read some important points if you are a first time user.

  1. search best online HTML editor on Google and visit our online HTML editor page.
  2. When you open the page, it will display editing areas where you can for the content structure.
  3. In this portion of source code view, whatever you type with various fonts comma colors will be displayed on the proper HTML code view.
  4. In addition, some feature-rich editors also provide you the options like headings, fonts, bold, italic, bullet points and much more.
  5. Once done copy everything from the content and use it on Javascript sites, HTML sites, PHP scripts and other online technologies required.

Advantages of Online Html Editor

The online HTML editor enables you to design a web page faster, accurately and easily. You just need to type normal text, drag and drop images and customize every content just life editing in a normal text document. This is smart editor can automatically convert every kind of text or multimedia file into HTML source code format.

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