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About Free Plagiarism Checker tool

In this free plagiarism checker tool, you will come to know about the copied in the written text that is called plagiarism. So we provide the best plagiarism checker for free up to 10000 words along with percentage.

Check your content for plagiarism using this tool, just copy your content and paste the content into the form below. Then click the submit button on the box and wait for the tool to check the content is uniqueness or not. It is easy to check your content uniqueness and quality. Scroll down to understand all aspects in detail.

What is a Plagiarism Checker?

Before going further to know about the plagiarism checker, firstly, you need to understand that what plagiarism actually is? While searching for some information on the internet, you can find countless sources of similar information. Various websites and blogs are there to help you with meaningful content that seems identical to each other.

When someone copies the entire text from an already published web page and pastes on his/her website, plagiarism occurs.

When it comes to online portals, content is always king. Without meaningful content, even a well-optimized and designed website cannot engage visitors. You need to engage them with some important information which is only possible with text representation with attractive graphics. When someone steals the content and plagiarism occurs, here comes the role of plagiarism checker.

The plagiarism checker are online tools that specifically meant for identifying duplicate content. These are the online tools that you can avail for free or subscribe to premium accounts.

The free tools conduct a quick search session by taking the sentences or paragraphs for checker. Whereas, a paid tool thoroughly detect each & every word deeply in order to detect where there is any copy or not. You don’t need to download separate software for this purpose because the entire process is online, thus, online tools at some websites can do it in a better way. Generally, plagiarism is found in academic papers and source codes which is easy to detect if you have a paid tool.

Apart from these popular tools, you will also find some other tools in the same category. However, these are the proven best online portals to check the duplicate contents. Currently, some companies assort multiple tools in a bundle for the ease of writers such as grammar checking, plagiarism checking, translation, and document converters.

free plagiarism checker

How to Avoid plagiarism check?

The issue of plagiarism is spreading rapidly all over the internet because multiple websites are dealing in a similar kind of service. If you are preparing some text information to update on a web page, it would be better to make sure that it is not matching with any already existing text. For this purpose, you need to subscribe to a paid tool for better accuracy in checker.

If you don’t have enough money to invest in such kind of tools, search for the portals where trials on a weekly or monthly basis are provided before subscribing. After preparing the text content, Copy it and paste it in the space available at the web page of the plagiarism checker. After the execution of the search, it will detect the text which is identical to any website. Replace it with a new text. This is the only way to overcome the plagiarism issue.

Now the question is, what happens if you are using plagiarized content for your website? The answer is, warning alerts by search engine service provider and sometimes ban on your website. For instance, Google has an algorithm to identify whether your website has unique or copied text. If it is copied, the smart algorithm can detect by matching with other online portals. So to avoid plagiarism, focus on writing unique content, and check with the plagiarism tool before publishing on the website.

Is plagiarism checker accurate?

Yes, most of the contents which are identified by the tool will be accurate but some contents cannot be identified by any other tool. The plagiarism checking tool only works if the content is already on a working website. Even you can also search if someone is stealing your web content and using it for his/her own purpose. For this purpose, copy the text of your site and paste in the plagiarism checking tool and find out where it is being used.

Free online plagiarism checker with percentage

Every visitor can check their content for plagiarism up to 10000 words for free without any limitation. For each and every submission, we provide a free plagiarism scanning report with percentages depending on the number of unique words and plagiarized content. Since there is no restriction to use and it can be 'n' number of times for free plagiarism checker report with percentage.

How is plagiarism helpful?

Without checking your content uniqueness, if you publish the duplicate content on your website Google may identify this content is duplicate and blacklist the site. Spamming techniques may fall your site rankings to the end of search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL.

Plagiarism checker checks the content is unique or not if you have duplicate content on your website you lose the valuable ranking in search results. To avoid the duplicate content Plagiarism tool has been evolved to identify fresh content all the time.

In order to help users detect copied content from all around the web, we have created a similar free plagiarism tool for students, professors, content writers, journalists to protect the content & not to be stolen from the publisher. Everyone requires fresh and quality content, so it is important to focus on and create new content from scratch without any thought of duplication. Especially people in the field of online publications, news, and students are necessary to have a plagiarism checker tool for analyzing any duplicate content lines and avoid using the same content on their site. That’s the reason many site publishers use plagiarism checker tools and software before publishing them.

How do I check for plagiarism online?

First, your article scanned line by line from the Internet (WWW - World Wide Web). If any line shows red in color, it means the content path is not unique and green color shows the content is unique. Along with the line by line response to the content, it shows the percentage of content is uniqueness by carefully verifying from the Internet.

All the phrases or sentences in red color represent the sentence already exist on another site. When the tool completed scanning your content, it shows red and green color sentences with how much percentage exactly your content is unique.

The working of a plagiarism checking tool is very simple. Anyone can use it without requiring any specific training. Here is a stepwise process to understand in detail:-

  1. First, you need to decide whether to go with a free or premium tool. If it is a critical level search for academic research papers, always choose a paid tool like Copyscape
  2. Login with your account or subscribe as a new user to gain access to their services.
  3. A blank space for pasting text will appear on the next screen.
  4. Copy your text and paste it in that space. Before pasting, please read their limit carefully. Some plagiarism checking tools have limits check a specific number of words at a single time such as 500, 1000 or 2000. Take the piece of content accordingly.
  5. After pasting, initiate the search by clicking on check plagiarism. Sometimes, you might need to pass the captcha test to proceed further.
  6. When the plagiarism checking process starts, it will take a few seconds or minutes to execute the process. The time span varies on factors such as internet speed, the quantity of text and in-depth details.
  7. The results will appear with the percentage of unique and plagiarized content. If it is 100% unique, use it anywhere. If plagiarism is detected, the tool will highlight the text along with website details where a particular piece of text is already existing.
  8. Use your creativity to customize the content with different words, then check again for plagiarism. Do not use the text until it is 100% unique.

How to use a plagiarism checker tool?

  • First copy the required content and paste on the plagiarism tool, then type the captcha code & click the submit button. The tool will analyze every line step by step to differentiate plagiarised content and the original content in red and green color.
  • Once plagiarised content is identified, it has to be rewritten to make the content unique.

plagiarism test scores

Plagiarism checker helps in identifying the content quality and uniqueness. Publishing your content with this method helps it compete with other sites easily and rank very well

  1. The Plagiarism tool is to eliminate duplicate content and publish quality content. All the SEO analyst specialist and uses Plagiarism tool to check the content before publishing to any third party websites.
  2. The plagiarism is 100% percent free to use without any difficulty. This tool will become great in the history of search engine and all SEO content writers, students with a professional degree, professors check for their mistakes to be rewritten easily. Many top universities use the Plagiarism tool to verify the current student's assignments and projects.

You can check around 10000 words using word counter freely without registration or interruption. The tool is mobile friendly and completely free for the life to check your content anywhere at any time.

What is the Importance of Plagiarism checker tool?

Plagiarism checker tools help to make the internet a better place for original content. The digital marketers may steal the data, overstuff it with high ranking keywords, and publish at a new domain. It ruins the quality standard of the World Wide Web which is an open space for all. If anyone asks, What is the best site to check Plagiarism? you can recommend to teachers, professors, research papers, content writers, freelancers, and also student projects.

What are the Advantages of Plagiarism checker tool?

The plagiarism checker tool has various advantages that vary from one person to another. Here is a list:-

Plagiarism checker for students

It helps in preparing an original project report for students whether it is at the schooling level of professional-grade research papers. Their reports must be 100% unique and meaningful. For this purpose, the plagiarism checker tools are recommended in priority.

Plagiarism checker for Freelancers

Freelancer content writers need a reliable tool that must maintain the quality of their work at the topmost level. For this purpose, grammar checking and plagiarism checking tools are very essential. It helps in maintaining the quality standard of content so that the clients always remain satisfied and bring more work to them as a long term relationship.

Free Plagiarism checker for teachers

Our Free online plagiarism checker scans and analyzes over billions of contents over the internet; which will be helpful for teachers to check plagiarised content. It can be projects, research papers, presentations, and more useful for the teachers. Many academic institutions go for plagiarism tools to check student's research papers whether it is genuine or copied content. This will give a major boost for teachers and students in identifying plagiarised papers. 

Plagiarism in Research paper

When it comes to Intellectual property, Scientific research from companies, Education institutions, Government centers under various sectors plays a major role in identifying plagiarised research pagers. Whether the research papers belong to anyone or the company accused of being misused by replicating the papers also makes it harder for future projects of the research papers plagiarised or not. This is extremely important to look after based on all the plagiarised reports.

Professional content writers

In a business firm, it is the duty of a professional content writer to prepare high-quality content which is plagiarism & grammatical errors free. It is essential to maintain the quality standard of business. Content is always a king at virtual platforms, thus; its credibility standard must also be higher. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to bring new clients and retaining the existing ones.

Plagiarism checker for Website owners

Website owners also need a reliable plagiarism checking tool whether they know content writing or not. Especially for bloggers, the plagiarism tool helps in checking if anyone is copying their content. It might be possible that the search engine crawler takes time for identifying the copied content. However, the harlequin earns several bucks in that time period. If you don’t want to let your content being exploited, use the plagiarism tool. It can easily detect the website where the text is published. Complain about proof to the search engine and they will penalize the culprit.

The digital world is highly prone to piracy and there are only a few measures to control it. Unlike visual material, the text is easy to identify if it is copied if you have a good quality plagiarism checking tool. The premium versions may be a little bit expensive but not more than your business value. Even some free service providers also give you premium quality features but limited in words quantity and number of articles. If you are running an online business where content is required at every step, plagiarism checker can help as a great assurance tool.

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