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About Bulk Facebook ID Finder

What is Facebook ID Finder?

A Facebook ID Finder is a special tool to identify ID number of a profile page. If you have multiple profile pages, then each profile has a different ID to its post the content, images, videos, and other graphical elements. So the purpose of the tool is to find the Facebook ID for multiple profile pages at a single time rather than checking individual profile pages ID.

The tool is completely free to use, you can access at any time irrespective of the country. Just you need to follow the instruction by updating the required facebook profile URL's in the text-box and click the 'Get Facebook ID' button to know its Facebook ID's.

Facebook is the No.1 social media platform serving over 2+ billion users all over the world. After successful registration, you can post content, images, videos, graphic elements on the home page and the profile page. When you create a FB profile or page, each profile page has a unique Facebook ID which can be changed later with a customized name. Due to this unique profile name, the Facebook ID does not appear on the profile URL.

In order to identify the Facebook ID for a given profile, there are various tutorials and techniques to identify the ID number. But it will very complicate to understand and takes a lot of time, hence we developed a bulk Facebook ID finder tool to know your profile FB ID.

Why do we need this Bulk Facebook ID Finder tool?

Each and every tool has its own purpose, in a similar way this tool has its own requirements. So the question remains why do we need this Bulk Facebook ID Finder?

As we understand that Facebook unique ID is a string of numbers where an ordinary person cannot identify the ID which is connected to the Facebook profile. Since it is difficult to remember the FB ID for each individual profile page, so they created a username for each profile page to understand and remember the public or private information.

When you access any third-party application, or app or any game they may ask you to login with Facebook account to personalize your user experience. When the user logged-in the application, they use profile FB ID to see your public information and friends list to run the application which is a core part of the system.

Suppose, if the user faces any problem with the Facebook account or profile page they require the ID to understand the problems faced by the user and able to address the issues accordingly. This helps the developers, software engineers and testers to gather information and run the application smoothly without any issues.

The Facebook ID is assigned to each account and profile when the user has registered. When you send a friend request, joined group, status update, joined an event or submitted a post they use the ID to know who is doing the action. This helps them validate the user and action is processed.

In the Facebook profile URL, when you click at the username on the upper right of the Facebook screen, it shows has like this below


But in the backend, it would take something like this:


The above ID is a key part of identifying an individual user or profile. There are many top-level items where each item has different FB ID such as Person (a.k.a. profile, user, timeline), Page, Event, Group, Status update (a text post), Photo, Video, Album, etc.

How does the Bulk Facebook ID Finder work?

bulk facebook id finder

The tool is very simple to use, just follow these simple steps to use Bulk Facebook ID Finder.

1) First, copy the required Facebook profile URL's to identify its ID.
2) Paste the profile URL's in the tool. You can submit upto 20 Facebook profile pages, make sure each URL's must be a separate line.
3) Now click on the 'Get Facebook ID' button, within a matter of seconds the tool provides respective FB ID for all the profile pages.
4) The tool is completely free to access at any time, but each time you can submit only 20 Facebook profile URLs.

Advantages of Bulk Facebook ID Finder

1) It helps to identify your's or someone's FB ID of profile pages within seconds and an easy way.
2) To allow advertisers to reach a custom audience and retarget the ads, they use name, DOB, gender, location, email address, and phone numbers by accessing specific profile ID's or FB ID's to gather data.
3) To access any app or game, some individuals or corporate professionals require user authentication to execute the data. Indirectly these apps or web applications gather information from Facebook ID based on different categories such as Person, Page, Event, Group, Status update, Photo, Video, Album, etc.
4) The tool is 100% completely free to use without downloading any software or paying subscription fees.


Identifying Facebook ID manually is bit little complicated and takes a lot of time. But using the right online tool, you can get Facebook ID within seconds and does not require any technical skills. Just you need to update Facebook profile URL's in the given text-box and look for output, you can update upto 20 profile URL's to know required ID's.

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