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Social Stats Checker Tool & Its Significance in Digital Marketing

You must have seen a set of social media sites icons on the home pages of some websites or blogs. These icons exist generally at the bottom of the website by adding HTML code to the source code of a web page. It is the task of a web developer or Webmaster user to integrate Social stat checkers where adequate space is available.

This tool includes some of the most popular and highly trending social media platforms of your area. Statistics signify a total number of internet users who approached your business through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, etc. This tool is very convenient to embedded and arrange the statistical record in an organized way that anyone can understand easily.

In the tool, we will come to know about social media stats as per the requirement of current digital marketing strategies.

When it comes to digital marketing, you must consider every single aspect that can engage internet users. For successful marketing, it is essential to find and target Areas where a maximum number of people are available to assess. As per the current scenario, social media is the most engaging place where customers of every age and gender exist.

Therefore, it is important to consider social media platforms as important digital marketing sources. The social media websites and mobile applications are evolving with new features that are helping sellers to come closer to the customers.

The best thing about social media is its instant two-way communication module there sellers can communicate with potential buyers and influence them regarding a particular product or service. Every social media platform has a different approach to internet users. The platforms like Instagram emphasizes on image sharing whereas Facebook and Twitter allow increasing outreach through all multimedia as well as text material.

As a social media digital marketer, you need a tool to monitor the statistics of all efforts. There are some online tools available for free of cost to analyze and track your social statistics easily. It will let you know how strong your online presence is on the internet. If you are assigned the task of social media marketing, this tool is essential to understand. Scroll down to know more about social stats checker tool & its significance.

Why do we need a Social Stats Checker?

1. To check the results of our social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the crucial tasks of a Free digital marketing agency. On social media platforms, we can promote a product or service with the help of graphical representation, videos, engaging text, hashtag campaigning, text chat with customers and live video conferencing.

There is no need to adopt all these strategies but you need to choose the most effective one and implement them with all possible efforts to succeed. After continuing this campaigning for around a month, you just need to know about its effectiveness. Here comes the role of a social stats checker tool because it is capable of keeping a record of every single internet users who tried to access your online business through social media platforms.

2. Planning new strategies for search engine optimization

The Search Engine Optimisation is a dynamic process in which a professional need to be aware of all the latest factors affecting the traffic. While preparing a new strategy, they must have knowledge of the most valuable sources bringing traffic to their website.

If a particular social media platform such as Twitter or Facebook is diverting hi traffic, they can plan special strategies for the optimum utilization of resources. The social media marketing campaigning is also a part of Search Engine Optimisation. If you are doing it with proper knowledge of social media stats, the results will always be satisfactory.

3. Identifying the new sources of customer base

High traffic and more conversion is the primary objective of every digital marketer. They have to find out every possible source where potential customers are available in abundance.

Which social stats checker tool, it becomes convenient to identify a social media platform where customers relevant to your product or service are available. By focusing them with a better approach, you can expect a higher conversion rate from the incoming traffic.

social stats checker

Importance of Social Stats Checker

1. Better ranking on the internet

If more people are coming to know about your product or service, the ranking of the website will automatically increase. It is only possible by keeping precise records of every internet user who is visiting your website.

If your social media campaigning is successful, the maximum number of users or potential customers will come to existence. With social stats checker, you can keep an eye on every single social media platform that you are targeting for improving the traffic rate.

2. Promotes brand awareness

The social media complaining not only improves the ranking but also help in promoting brand awareness. As you know that a maximum number of internet users are currently present on social media platforms. Therefore, it is the most influential source of improving brand awareness.

People come to know about your product or service and try to gain more information by assessing it through the official website. The maximum number of searches through social media websites for mobile applications signifies better brand promotion. Unlike the paid promotional activities like PPC, social media diverts a hundred percent original and organic traffic.

3. Helps to make a content viral

Nothing is better than social media if you want to viral a product or service among potential customers. Entertaining and informative small video clips, images, and text material can become viral if you promote it effectively on social media platforms. For this purpose, you also have to subscribe to the paid promotional services of social media websites.

If your content is engaging enough to influence the customers, it is advisable to promote it by paying a certain amount of money. If creativity and luck are in your favor, the results will appear year in just a few days after executing the campaigning. The attempt of making something viral on the internet is a gamble but if it succeeds, you can expect the highest possible number of traffic.

For targeting customers through social media, you need to identify a platform where a maximum number of potential customers of your product or service are available. With the help of social stats checker tool, you can identify the platform where investing and targeting the customers will be beneficial for your business. Burning your money without knowing the relevance of a social media platform for your business is a foolish decision.

How does Social Stats Checker work?

The social stats checker is a very convenient tool to use whether you are a social media marketing professional, website owner or the end user. Before checking the stats on an online tool, first, you have to embed an HTML code on the website. Here is a complete process to know the working of social stats checker.

  1. First of all, you need to search “social stats checker” on your browser that will show a complete list of websites of spring this tool.
  2. Open 2 or 3 top most websites in new tabs to check whether they are easy to operate or not. Select one of them which is rich in features and easy to operate.
  3. Now, open a website that you want to check for social media statistics report copy its URL and paste in the blanks section of tool available for checking the stats.
  4. When you execute the search, it will show the top most social media platforms and the number of Total visitors.
  5. If it is your website and not customized with the embedded HTML code, ask the web developer to do so. The tools also provide HTML codes that they can copy and paste directly in the source code of the webpage. Once it is embedded, the tool will track the activities of internet users who are trying to assess your website through various social media platforms.

Advantages of Social Stats Checker

The social stats checker is a very helpful tool to identify your presence on social media platforms. Almost all social media platforms are accessible for free of cost, charges are applicable only for aggressive campaigning. If you are investing in making a content viral, product or service of your website, it is important to track the success record.

The social stats checker provides you information when you even a single user increases. Not only your website, but you can also access the records of your competitors with this tool. Copy the URL of your competitor's website and paste it in the online tool. It will show the complete record of their marketing activities on various social media platforms.

Compare their stats with your business and identify in which area you are lagging. In this way, you can prepare new strategies to improve presence on social media and influencing the maximum number of users towards your product or service.

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