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Introduction to Backlink Checker Tool

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, 'backlink' is one of the most heard words. The professional SEO experts are familiar to this term but new bloggers get confused. It is a universal truth that an online portal will succeed only if it is promoted with the right efforts at the right time.

Backlinks among the very basic strategies of SEO practices that comprise a big opportunity for global exposure. Backlinks are the incoming links from other websites to your webpage. In short, you may consider it as a smart way to come at the topmost position of search engine ranking.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in search engines. With the help of backlink checker tool, you can analyze the number of backlinks for your website

For many months, you have to promote content and getting quality backlinks. But you do not know how many backlinks have you got exactly? So we bought a simple backlink checker tool that scans your website on the entire World Wide Web and gathers backlinks information. Finding backlinks manually takes a long time, with the help of this tool you can identify a number of backlinks from Google, Bing and Alexa result instantly.

The marketers seek help from similar context websites for the backlinking purpose. For instance, if you are selling vaporizer, only products related to it like like liquid items, lighters, etc will be considered as relevant backlinks.

What is a backlink checker tool?

A backlink checker tool has the capability to analyze the link and conclude whether it is of high quality or low quality. The better ranking is the core motive of every digital marketer. If you get backlinks from a low-quality site, it will imply adverse impacts on your ranking.

Therefore, the tools of backlink checking come to existence. These are the online tools just like the robot txt generator or keyword generator. You will find an online form with functions to check the normal backlink & broken backlink. Just enter the URL of a webpage and get results instantly. Generally, all tools of backlink checking are available for free of cost.

Many of these backlink checker tools work perfectly only their process and interface may vary. Some tools required to sign up as an essential part before proceeding whereas some are open to using without any formality. If you are in a hurry, there is no need to waste time signing up.

The backlinks are further classified into two categories i.e:-

1. Low-quality backlinks

A low-quality backlink is derived from poorly maintained websites that have a very low ranking. If a link is artificially generated only for the purpose of traffic, Google marks it in the category of low quality. Also, if the link belongs to a totally irrelevant source even its DA is high, the search engine considers it as inferior quality.

2. High-quality backlinks

The high-quality backlinks are obtained from high-quality sources. It means the websites that have a good reputation from the perspective of traffic are considered high-quality backlinks. Also, it must be relevant to the site that has similar content to share.

After clarifying the basic difference between links, it’s time to know how to check a backlink. There are online tools called backlink checking specifically meant for tracking them. Scroll down to know more about this tool.

Why we need a backlink checker tool?

The backlink checker tool is highly beneficial for SEO executives because it has the capability of confirming every aspect of a backlink. Here are some reasons that will signify the importance of backlink checking tool in digital marketing.

backlink checker tool

1. Better & fast indexing

The crawlers on google search engine crawl on the entire website to find links and keywords in order to indexing. An indexing tool creates a sitemap for your website containing all important links with high quality. If the backlinking is done in a professional way with good links, it will surely help in fast indexing and reflecting results on search engine instantly. The backlink checker tool confirms whether you need to use a backlink on your website or not. This kind of recommendations is very helpful in staying ahead in the competition.

2. Improves organic ranking

All marketers prefer organic ranking rather than depending on paid ranking because it is more vulnerable. Once the money in your account is ended, the paid ranking score will also go downward. For better stability of ranking a URL, you need to implement the most suitable strategies of SEO. Backlinking is an essential process during search engine optimization. As you site gain more footprints with backlinks, Google considers it as a positive thing and rank your website with more stability on the search engine. The organic rankings are stable and more helpful in keeping a stronghold in the competitive market.

3. Improves meaningful traffic rate

More backlinks mean more traffic. Traffic increment towards your site is a good sign only if it is coming from a relevant source. Generally, the traffic generated from paid marketing campaignings is not relevant to your product or service. The backlink checker tool helps you in identifying the relevant links of high quality. These links divert only meaningful traffic. For instance, the backlinks on your home decor website will only refer to relevant traffic that is interested in your products. It reduces the bounce rate and improves conversion to a better level. Whether it is a simple blog or e-commerce site, the backlink checking tool is beneficial for everyone.

4. Prevent from a link-based penalty

If you are using a low-quality backlink containing spammy content, Google will detect it and impose a penalty on your website too. Some SEO experts use spammy links in order to generate more traffic. However, this strategy is detected by the crawlers of a website and strict actions are implemented by the search engine. Google has rolled out its “Penguin” algorithm in order to detect whether a link belongs to a high-quality domain or just spam.

5. Save your money from low-quality links

Everything has a price whether it is a backlink or the content of the website. Before investing in buying a backlink, it is important to be sure about its quality. Be thankful for the backlink checker tools. These tools are meant for identifying whether a link has a good reputation and compatibility with your website or not. If there is no relevance with your online portal, investing in it is nothing more than foolishness.

6. Protect from negative SEO spamming

There is cut-throat competition in the digital marketing world in order to stay one or two steps ahead from others. For this purpose, some competitors also use unethical ways to beat the competitors. If someone is spamming your website with low-quality backlinks, it is very easy to monitor with the help of backlink checking tool. This tool alerts you if any kind of unwanted activity is detected during the checking process. The site owner complains Google regarding this concern.

Why Backlink is important to rank keyword on top of the search engine?

If you want to rank a keyword on the topmost position of a search engine, a good sitemap for indexing is essential. The backlinks that you add in your website represent some targeted keywords. The XML file of sitemap contains the details of these links. These files are meant for guiding Google crawler to identify the keywords from content fast. From the data collected by crawling, it promotes the website rank on the top three search engines.

How to use a backlink checker tool?

It is very easy to use a backlink checker tool. All you need is the knowledge of some good websites. Open any online tool and find the online form. In the first section, enter the domain or URL that you need to check. The second option is provided to select the pages. Either you can check a particular page of the website or the entire domain. Select from the options and proceed with your search. After processing a URL, the results are reflected in the following categories:-

1. Ahref Rank

2. DR

3. Backlink

4. Do-Follow Links

5. No-Follow Links

6. Referring domains

7. Referring IPs

In order to know how to use our backlink checker tool, follow the steps below.

  • First, visit our backlink checker tool from cool seo tools.
  • Next, enter the website URL in the respected textbox shown.
  • Third, you need to enter the captcha code shown in the area of the textbox.
  • Finally, click the submit button. It’s simple as that. The tool automatically extracts all the backlinks linked to your site.

How to Increase Backlinks?

1. High-quality content

Content is the king of digital marketing because all strategies are worthless until there is something engaging to read or watch. Write interesting as well as useful articles that engage a large number of users and reduces bounce rate. The content must be plagiarism free, distinctive from others as well as entertaining enough to bound the readers for a long time. After updating your content, send outreach emails to those who already published similar articles. The more you create curiosity, there will be more probability of getting high-quality backlinks.

2. Guest blogging

Do guest blogging regularly on some reputed sites that accept good quality articles. Some of them offer do-follow links and some allow no-follow links. However, internal linking is very helpful in improving the outreach of your domain. Along with increasing the ranking on the search engine, it is also helpful in gaining more contacts for relevant and high quality backlinking.

3. Rebuild broken links

If the page links of your domain are broken, Google cannot crawl that imply a negative impact on ranking. Whenever a page of your website changed, removed or shifted, the link brokes down. When the link is no longer in existence, it becomes responsible for poor user experience. You need to recreate it and ask everyone who is linked to it for linking again with the recreated version.

Advantages of backlink checker

The Backlinks are among the most useful hyperlinks for improving the organic ranking of a website. The digital marketing experts implement both paid and organic strategies but only organic has the capability of providing stable & long-lasting results. The backlink is an essential part of every SEO strategy. When an SEO expert hyperlink a web page with other domain, it starts getting more meaningful traffic which is crucial for the success of any online business.

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