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About Google Page Speed Checker

Google Page Speed Checker and its Importance to the User

We already know website speed is an important seo factor to attract online visitors, only when sites load lesser than 2 seconds. Over the past 3 years, mobile users took top spot over than desktop user and growing rapidly ever before. If you want to keep them engaging visitors, then the site should load less than 2 seconds for all types of device.

The website loading speed depends on various key factors such as HTML, CSS, javascript, image, cache, server speed, server usage, and much more. Each plays a key role in loading web page faster but mainly depends on how well the site is designed and uses the server resources.

In order to check website status on loading speed, there are many factors to be considered like HTML & CSS compression, javascript minification, image compression, reducing redirects, browser caching, improving server response time, and many more. Google is giving main preference to mobile first index and website speed, so each and every factor will be a part of seo rankings.

What is Google Page Speed Checker?

Google page speed checker shows the performance of a page or website in both desktop and mobile version, and also provides best suggestions to improve the webpage speed.

The tool provides a page speed score which shows overall page performance information. The tool is calculated between 0 to 100 points, suppose if a score is 90+ it is considered as faster and 50 to <=90 it is considered as an average performance. So anything below 50 is considered as slow and affects the page rankings in google search engine results.

Nowadays website developer focuses more on reducing file sizes and improve page speed, thus resulting in the stable growth of website speed and gives value to the user.

No other tool is comparable with Google page speed checker, the tool is specially designed to check the performance of the website or a webpage to know its current speed. It provides great insights, page speed and suggestions to make the site load faster.

The objective of this tool is to enhance webpage speed and provide a great experience to the user. So improving webpage loading time decreases the bounce rate and increases conversions. The page speed is one of the SEO ranking factors considered by google.

Why we need a Google Page Speed Checker tool?

There may be ‘n’ number of page speed tools providing webpage speed score. When you use a tool like ‘Pingdom’ or ‘webpage test’, each time shows a different loading time while running a webpage test. It shows some kind of fluctuations in speed because the tool is calculated on a different basis and may have a number of factors involved.

Some of the factors involved between google page speed checker and other tool are due to the traffic load on site, the technology used to develop website, internet speed connection, type of browser, location of the user, etc.

But the google page speed score is a very unique tool provided by google to calculate speed score. Because this tool has ignored most of the factors involved and only focuses on static files used on the site. The tool is relied heavily on ‘server response time’ rather than external technical factors.

Main key points to use the tool

  • We already know the conversion rate depends on the loading factor of the website. If the site loads faster, there will be a better conversion rate in the online industry and direct impact on the quality of the site.
  • Comparing both desktop and mobile users, mobile users dominate the market share. So loading mobile sites within 2-3 seconds show 2X times more conversion than, the desktop users with higher loading time. If the site loads more than 3 seconds, there will be higher chances of moving away from the webpage which may affect around 40% of the visitors. Make sure you take the necessary steps to optimize site speed performance and make rank higher on google search results.
  • A real handy tool like google page speed checker is required for everyone such as website owners, website developers, webmaster, and SEO experts to know the performance of the site. It analyzes completely in detail and gives valuable suggestions to improve your website performance.
  • Based on the analysis the tool displays score between 0 to 100 points, for a good ranking and well-developed site must have an 85+ score for an amazing result. The tool is necessary to give a great insight into the site performance.

Website Load Test

With the help of google page speed checker, you can test your website loading speed in a matter of seconds. For example, you can test any site with google page speed checker to analyze the factors affecting the keyword page ranking.

So, each element should be compressed and designed properly for faster loading and making server resources to fetch more efficiently. In order to make this happen, we developed a Google website speed checker tool to find the accurate speed of the page.

Our tool is developed with a unique algorithm to analyze the speed score in just 3 steps, you don’t need to have that much technical knowledge to use the tool other than basic knowledge.

  1. If the website page speed score shows less than 25%-30%, it will negatively impact seo ranking and drop in organic traffic. Thus leading to a low conversion rate for the website
  2. Similarly, if the website speed scores below 55%-60%, then the proper measures to be taken to sustain seo ranking over the competitors. It is considered as a moderate speed optimization.
  3. Similarly, if the site speed score shows lesser than 90%-95%, than it is considered as excellent and site is completely optimized for ranking without affecting organic results.

Importance of Google Page Speed Checker Tool

The page speed is not always the same as site speed and it is completely different. It is defined on the basis of length of time taken to display all the resources of the page from the server to the web browser.

For faster and more efficient page speed is very important to the users. If the site loads more than 3 seconds, a quarter of users will move away without visiting the website and it is also the same case for mobile devices. Even mobile users expect faster speed compared to the desktop.

In order to bring great website experience, long back Google has announced it would be one of the ranking factors in search engine results. Again recently Google has more focused on mobile site speed and gave preference to ‘mobile first’ pages to rank easily on google. Nowadays google is working with Accelerated mobile pages to make the site load faster on mobile devices.

Suppose the site is updated with high-resolution images, then the site takes time to load. So by optimizing the images with image compression tool makes the site more lightweight and loads faster for the users. Suppose the site has more large files to download even in this case the site may load slow, so to fix this issue use a javascript compression tool to reduce the file size.

There are certain rules to improve page speed and you may know some of the rules, it includes like leverage cache browsing, improves server response time, enables all compression, minifying resources (CSS, Js, and other resource files), removing and reducing render blocking javascript files, optimizing images and so on.

How do Google Page Speed Checker works?

Google page speed tool allows you to quickly check the webpage speed and displays the user about the webpage speed. If your page speed score is less than 50 which means poor if it is greater than 50 and lesser than 75 which means above average, but anything above 80 shows a good sign of webpage speed.

In order to get the top 10 search engine results, site speed is very important and where it gets the majority of clicks. If your site is on the 2nd page, then you are losing a maximum number of clicks and needs to be fixed immediately.

The tool works similar to other seo tools, with just requirement of website or web page URL

  • Enter the required website or web page URL to find the site speed score.
  • Enter the required captcha code in the textbox
  • Click the submit button to analyze the site speed.

google page speed checker

Benefits of Google page speed checker tool

  • Helps us to identify individual web page speed score.
  • No limit on restrictions on using the tool.
  • A very fast and reliable tool to identify page speed
  • No need of technical knowledge required to use the tool, just need a website URL.
  • Improving website load speed enhances the user experience, brings more conversion and rank higher on google search results.
  • Improving website speed brings more and more visitors to the site. So optimizing for both desktop and mobile users is very important.
  • It shows overall page speed score how well is your site performing over competitors. If your site showing less performing over competitors than you are losing traffic and revenue.

google pagespeed checker

How to Optimize Website Speed?

  • Optimize image - Image compression is necessary to load website speed faster. So compress images up to 45% without affecting the quality using image compression tool. This will help to run query faster between the server and user but only make sure the quality of the image does not affect user experience and SEO.
  • Compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Compressing your HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes limit the web space and reduce file size. This will help the web page load faster and reach your visitor on-time. This requires some time to compress all Html, CSS and Javascript files by taking help of professionals.
  • Upgrade server speed - If the server resource does not meet the visitor's requirement, then the website may face low speed or does not work. Just Upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Server with more Storage, RAM in order to keep visitors reappearing to the site.
  • Use Cache Technique - If you are using Wordpress to host your website, then use cache plug-in like W3 total cache or WP super cache to optimize page loading speed. Otherwise, use the htaccess code optimization technique to improve website speed.
  • Use CDN technologies to develop sites - Use Google CDN technologies and reduce the number of requests to your server like HTML, CSS, Jquery and iframe videos, etc. This will reduce the load on your server and gives greater experience to the user.
  • Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) - This is an alternative option to load mobile pages faster with AMP. It serves as alternative pages to the user with only content in action and all other elements on the page will be ignored. If your website is running with WordPress, the best option is to use any good rated AMP plugin to do the heavy lifting for you. This reduces to write complex code for optimizing mobile pages.

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