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About Google Backlink Checker

Google Backlink Checker overview

The Google backlink checker is an online tool that doesn't require any kind of software application for installation. You will search for queries and get results online. Backlinks are created with text content such as a guest post on some websites that have good traffic rate and allow to post good quality articles.

Generating maximum possible backlinks on websites having good PA & DA is the key to attain success earlier than your competitors. Your responsibility is not over just after posting an article with a backlink.

It is also important to take care of its existence and keep on checking the website where it was posted. Consider backlink as your valuable asset that plays a key role in bringing regular traffic. For a good backlink, you need two things i.e., high-quality SEO optimized text content and a website having higher domain authority.

The main purpose of Google backlink checker tool is to generate a complete detail of all backlinks that were created till now, along with their influential value of current times. Below are some points elaborating why do we need a backlink checker tool in detail.

Google Backlink Checker Tool for a Successful SEO

Businesses are getting digital, so the strategies of their marketing are also transforming. Gone are those days when print media was the only way of products and services promotions. Rather than investing on signboard banners, posters, and hoardings, now you need the help of text content, digital images, animations, videos, and various other multimedia contents.

Digital marketing is a very effective technique for influencing the desired number of potential customers. In every online marketing agency, Search engine optimization is the primary operational activity.

The main objective of Search engine optimization is to bring your website the topmost list of search engine ranking pages. Optimization of a website according to the algorithm of Google lt is a dynamic process. Backlinking is one of the primary tasks of a digital marketer because it is responsible for bringing maximum possible traffic from other websites.

From the very beginning of the marketing process, backlinks are generated and forgotten visit time. Some of them may be still working after 1 or 2 years, whereas others may be broken or removed.

Backlinks are the crucial sources of traffic, which is the main reason you need to pay critical attention to their good health. The Google backlink checker tool can help you in detecting all the backlinks. Here are some crucial details that you need to understand.

google backlink checker

Why do we need Google Backlink Checker tool?

1) Identifying the best-performing links

In every online business, there are various factors responsible for bringing potential customers. Some of them perform more efficiently than others. The same thing is applicable to backlinks. Some backlinks generate much higher traffic than others because of their higher domain authority and your best quality content.

These are the most valuable assets & you need to keep them working for the long run. It is possible with the help of the Google backlink checker tool. You can enlist the top-performing backless and contact the domain owners from time to time for keeping them alive.

2) Checking the website reliability where backlink was created

Every domain linking back to your website has different domain authority ranking. It is possible that some websites where your backlinks are existing are indulging in unethical activities to bring more traffic.

If the Google crawlers identify malicious activity on the websites where the real backlink is existing, it will degrade your ranking on the search engine results. The backlink checker tool provides the entire list of websites where your backlinks currently exist.

Check each of them to make sure that your backlinks are only available on genuine means. If you are noticing some malicious activities, ask the domain owner to remove the article.

3) Broken or lost link recovery

Suppose you have posted an engaging article with a backlink to a domain authority website. There are various technical faults and human activities responsible for broken or lost links. It is possible that the website owner has shifted your article to a new page without redirecting that results in a broken link.

If you have complete details of that particular website, but the backlink is not visible while searching through this online tool, contact the website owner and request for creating a new link again redirecting the old one.

4) Overall Search engine optimization

As mentioned above, Search engine optimization is a crucial requirement of every online business. Marketers always keep on changing their strategies, but backlinking remains permanently. This is one of the oldest and most effective techniques to generate traffic. A higher number of backlinks on good quality websites not only generated traffic but also increase your footprints on the World Wide Web.

If the crawlers find your backlinks abundantly on high domain authority websites, it will automatically promote your domain name at the topmost list of search engine result queries. The anchor text, hyperlink & keyword placement plays a very important role in building the most valuable backlink.

5) Comparing your backlink profile with competitors

Every business owner wants to know the secret of a competitor's success. In the virtual world of the internet, it is possible to identify various strategies of your competitors who are already attaining a better level then your business.

Everyone in the competition of digital marketing must be finding and creating the best possible backlinks. Google backlink checker tool helps you in identifying their most valuable resources of traffic. Just enter the domain name in the search box of this tool. It provides you the list of all backlinks. Enlist the most relevant and high-quality domains to target them for backlinking. You can create some new marketing strategies to tackle competitors.

Importance of Google Backlink Checker tool

1) Creating a better backlinking profile for your domain

Your website becomes more valuable when it has a good backlink profile. Creating new backlinks on a regular basis is a dynamic process. Along with the best performing backlinks, you also invest in creating inferior links. Google backlink checker tool provides you the details of every single website, whether it is good or bad.

The low-quality backlinks are responsible for badly affecting the ranking of your website. Identify them with this tool and weed out before they create any trouble. It ensures stability in the traffic generation as well as increase the value of the website. Even if you want to sell the domain, a good backlink profile becomes the main factor today side its price.

2) Identification of relevant backlinks

Quality and relevance are the two major factors to consider while creating a backlink. Maybe the website offering backlinking has the highest domain authority value, but it is not relevant to your business.

For instance, if you are trying to backlink the website of plumbing service with electronic gadgets website, Google crawler will mark it irrelevant backlink. If you have already created such kind of backlinks previously, this online tool can help in identifying and removal as soon as possible.

How does the Google Backlink Checker tool work?

  1. Open our Google backlink checker tool. It is advisable to open in a new tab to use the service. Check the user interface, which is most convenient to understand.
  2. Copy the link of the domain that you want to check for backlinks. It can be yours or the website of a competitor.
  3. Paste the URL in the blank space provided by backlink checker tool. It will ask you to solve the captcha and instantly generate results.
  4. Either check the quality of the backlinks of your website or compare it with your competitors in a new tab.

Advantages of Google Backlink Checker

Search engine optimization is incomplete until you are not preparing backlinks. After creating them, it is necessary to check them on a regular basis. The Google backlink checker tool ensures that you are not losing a valuable backlink.

The critical analysis report of stool also provides your details including domain rating, referring domains, referring IPs & Ahref link. It shows the results in a table, including the URL, anchor, ADR, link type & AUR.

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