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About Moz Backlink Checker

What is Moz Backlink Checker?

This online tool is capable of examining and showing the quality of inbound links by including the factor like spam score, page authority and domain authority. A good amount of backlink research is possible with its free version, but premium search enables you to use more sophisticated inbuilt tools for improving your search engine ranking.

The final results of this tool help you in understanding the efficiency of a web page to influence online visitors. not only for your website, but you can also check the backlinking data of competitors. It is a great advantage for marketers who are struggling hard to stay ahead in the competition.

From the overview, it is not clear that the most backlink checker tool has a great significance for digital marketers. Now, you are going to understand its need in detail.

How does the Moz Backlink Checker tool work?

  1. First of all, you no need to create an account on the Moz backlink checker website. It is completely free of cost.
  2. An interface will appear where you can enter any URL that belongs to your competitor's website. Then select the list of backlinks need to be extracted and finally complete the captcha code before clicking the submit button.
  3. Once you execute the command for searching backlinks, it generates backlink data.
  4. Now compare them with your website backlinks to identify the areas where improvement is necessary.

Moz Backlink Checker Significance for Search Engine Optimization

moz backlink checker

As a digital marketer, you must be aware of the significance of backlink in Search engine optimization. Without requiring quality backlinks, it is not possible for any online business to compete. The backlink is basically and incoming hyperlink from a third party website. the link of a particular webpage, web directory or the entire website is posted on another website by hyperlink. These hyperlinks are generally created in guest posts and blogs containing some meaningful information.

Generally, we prefer high traffic websites for or backlinking purpose because the probability of diverting is there traffic to your website always remain higher. Insured cover you can consider backlinking as the most effective ad evergreen strategy to increase traffic and conversion.

Moreover, backlinks are also helpful in improving the footprints of a website on the world wide web.  wide web. More backlinks on highly ranking websites mean Google will recognize your site as a trustful domain. All the backlinks that you create are not genuine. some of the domains where you put your backlinks may contain malicious content.

Rather than promotion, backlinks on such kind of websites result in the drastic downfall of ranking. Google crawlers regular check the entire content of your web pages. If they find any kind of malicious activity regarding the backlinks, your ranking will go down.

Now, the question is how to identify the quality of backlinks? it is possible with the help of the Moz backlink checker tool. in the article below, we will understand in detail regarding the features of this useful tool and its significance in Search engine optimization.

Why do we need a Moz Backlink Checker tool?

1. Checking the backlinks to any website

The backlink checker tool allows you to understand the current ranking of your website. from the beginning of digital marketing practices to the current times, you or other marketers must have created a lot of backlinks. This tool is capable of examining every single link and bringing it to you valuable result.

2. Comparison with the competitor backlinks

Every marketer wants to know the strategies of competitors. It is not possible that you are the only player of online trading in a particular market segment. A lot of competitors will be already struggling hard to stay ahead from the perspective of ranking.

Backlinks play a key role in affecting the search engine results. you can enter the URL of the competitor domain in the Moz backlink checker tool for identifying the strategies of competitors. All of their backlinks will appear in the report along with their quality. after studying this analytical report, you can also target the same sites for backlinking purpose.

3. Identifying links

The Moz backlink checker tool critically analyses every single backlink. It is possible that some of them are broken, lost or just newly introduced. It is very important to identify the broken links because they are badly affecting your ranking.

After identifying, you can use a broken link builder tool for reproducing the content of broken links. If you have lost a backlink due to relocation or removal of that particular page, contact the website owner and request for a new backlink.

4. Analyze the domain authority score

This tool is capable of identifying both good and bad backlinks. There is no need to to check the domain authority of website it with separate tools because you will find a sophisticated DA checker.

You can classify the higher domain authority links separately from inferior spammy links. It also calculates the spam score of a website to warn you regarding the reliability for the long run. If your backlink is on a website containing spam, the crawlers will surely identify and decrease the ranking.

5. Identifying the top-performing backlink content

As a marketer, you always need to identify the contents containing backlinks that are delivering maximum traffic to your website. It is obvious that some backlinks perform better than others because of several factors such as the domain authority of that website, quality of content & use of relevant keywords.

The Moz backlink checker organizes all the backlinks in a table according to their performance quality. You can examine the top performers to know the reason why they are better than others. It helps in making further strategies of effective Search engine optimization.

Importance of Moz Backlink Checker tool

1. Optimum utilization of resources

With the help of a Moz backlink checker tool, you can optimally utilize all available sources. It gathers and organizes the entire information of backlink in a manner that one can easily identify the most valuable backlinks. Information like top-performer, broken link and lost links can help in making all necessary changes timely. In this way, you can utilize the maximum possible potential of every single backlink.

2. Staying ahead in the competition

Generate the critical analytical backlinking reports of all competitors with this tool and compare them with your website. It can clearly explain where you are lagging and why their ranking is higher. After a comparative study, you will discover more link building opportunities. Try to approach the backlink providers with higher domain authorities. The addresses of such websites are easy to find in the reports of competitor's backlinks.

Advantages of Moz Backlink Checker Tool

As per the current scenario, you cannot expect the success of any Search engine optimization campaigning without the help of Moz backlink checker. This power tool is capable of revealing all possible opportunities as well as help you identify good quality backlinks.

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