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About Broken Link Checker

What is Broken Link Checker?

The broken link checker is an online tool that you don’t need to install in your computer system. It is accessible through any typical browser. You just need the web address of an online portal where this service is available. The broken link checker tool is capable of identifying the links from an entire domain name by entering its home page address.

For small websites, it is not a big deal to identify which page is not working but not with the large size sites with enormous data to process. Without giving any prior information, you may lose a large customer base. Many websites are currently providing the service of broken link checking. There is a list of online portals that you can access without paying any subscription charges.

Some of the sites might charge subscription fee but you must go with our free seo tools. If someone is asking for money or ask to fill the subscription form, skip to another one. This is an innovative tool specifically customized for the ease of search engine optimization experts. In the below section, the importance of broken link checking is mentioned in detail. Take a look.

Why do we need a Broken Link Checker tool?

We need a broken link checker tool for several purposes that depends on an individual’s requirement. Some of the most significant reasons are here:-

  1. Whenever you update a new page on the website, it needs to be crawled by the bots of search engine for indexing purpose. If the crawlers face difficulty in checking the pages of your website, they will not be able to index a page at the appropriate ranking on the search engine. Consequently, your SEO task will remain worthless.
  2. Many websites remain the same without any update for a long time consequently they cannot identify which page is malfunctioning. Sometimes users complaint about the issue which is not good for the reputation of a website.
  3. If you regularly update your website and check for broken links, the crawlers can easily navigate through the pages and help the better ranking of the website. After updating, the URL may modify that needs to be enlisted in the sitemap for crawling. If you update all the links of the website after checking them in a dedicated tool it will maintain and improve the ranking by proper indexing.
  4. If the page links of your website are broken and crawlers cannot index it properly, it will badly affect the traffic of the website. Even the regular users will not visit again if they find any kind of error while accessing the page. Nowadays, internet users have multiple options to avail similar products, services or information. Then, why they take the pain to identify the page and send back feedback for requesting to rectify.
  5. If your website is containing external links, it is very important to check the broken links more frequently. For instance, the websites providing you backlinks may relocate the address or remove the page without giving any prior indication. If the backlink from a highly reputed website is broken, the traffic will automatically decrease to a lower level. Consequently, the conversion rate will also have negative impacts.

Broken Link Checker - A Dedicated Tool to Check Broken Links

According to google ranking factor, broken links are actually bad for ranking your site in the top of search engines. These broken or dead links are specified with 404 status code, usually, 404 links occur when a website is shut down or link of 3rd party URL's has been changed.

These links become broken and often damages your site rankings by losing valuable visitors. Broken links lose the quality of the page and cause low authority which is difficult to rank by search engines.

There are a number of online broken link checker tools to identify broken links on your site. According to search engine guidelines, any links such as external or internal can be considered as broken links. If your site has too many links with a huge volume of content, then it is difficult to find which is broken and perfect link.

In a website, you will find numerous pages comprising information regarding products services or knowledgeable things. Apart from the home page, every page has a different link address that starts from the main domain name. While accessing these pages, sometimes you may face the errors like 404 or “page not found”.

In this situation, the internet user cannot gain access to the information available on that particular page. For maintaining a good reputation of the website, it is important to rectify all of these errors as soon as possible. These errors occur when the link is broken. There are several reasons why these links are found broken as mentioned below:-

  1. Misspelling during link building
  2. If the external websites have gone offline
  3. A page no longer exists because the administrator has removed it or changed the location.
  4. Technical mistakes are done by the administrator using webmaster tool.
  5. The webpage has been outdated.
  6. It is relocated to a new domain address.

In simple words, broken link mean an interruption in the path that directs you to a particular piece of information. On a big website like e-commerce or blog website where countless pages exist, it is very difficult to identify which page is malfunctioning.

Rather than receiving complaints from the user and responding back with inconvenience regret, it is advisable to use a broken link checker tool. This tool is capable of identifying the errors on the multiple pages of a website with just one click. Scroll down to gain more information.

So, we developed a unique tool to find broken links on any page provided in the text box to scan the page every line for the error.

broken link checker

Importance of Broken Link Checker tool

The broken link checker tool serves multiple purposes from the perspectives of different people. Its importance is mentioned below in points for understanding in a better way.

1. From the perspective of search engine optimization

As a search engine optimization expert, you need to take care of several things that affect the ranking of a website. If something is malfunctioning, it will directly affect the traffic and sale of a website. It is a very lengthy, boring and exhausting task to check every link individually by opening it in separate tabs.

There must be a tool to identify the flaws in the links of a website. The broken link checker tool is one of the easiest ways to make it possible in a minimum period of time.

This smart tool helps in maintaining the reputation of a website. Broken links, not only affect the ranking but also promotes a bad reputation among the targeted visitors. When people visit a website, explore the page of their interest and find it unavailable, they write negative reviews that anyone can read and make a further decide whether to visit again or not.

Also, they give a negative star rating on Google which clearly appears along with the web address on a search engine. If you want to prevent your business from negative impacts, its regular inspection with broken link checker tool is essential.

2. From the perspective of a website owner typical website owner,

You must be aware of the status of your website. It is also your responsibility to check all aspects of a website personally rather than fully depending on a marketing company. Sometimes, the marketers forget to run the broken link checker tool on a regular basis.

As a result, your website loses its permanent visitors and customers. If you are noticing such kind of issue, immediately open a broken link checker tool an examine the entire website to make sure that all links are perfectly working. If any problem is occurring, contact the service provider whom you appointed for the digital marketing purpose and ask to rectify as soon as possible.

What happens if your site as broken links?

It stops the search engine to crawl the page and severely damage rankings in all search engines from either indexing or displaying the wrong information for the user. A website with any type of broken links will severely damage your site ranking and difficult for the users to know the page.

With the help of Broken links Checker tool, your website will be completely analyzed for both internal links and external links status information working fine or not.

How does the Broken Link Checker tool work?

A broken link checker tool is very convenient to operate whether you are an SEO expert a random internet user. Here is a guide of the stepwise process to follow:-

  1. First, open our broken link checker tool. A page will appear asking to enter the URL.
  2. Open the targeted website and copy its domain name from the home page. Now paste it in the search box of broken link checker tool. 
  3. The website creates captcha to identify whether you are a human or bot is operating. Now click on the “Get Broken Links” button to execute the process. 
  4. After solving it, the process will start and it takes only a few seconds to execute.
  5. The results will appear in the table organized into three categories. The first section will illustrate all link URLs associated with the website, Second section will show the status code for each link associated within the page. In the third section, the status of the links will be shown whether they are okay or not okay.
  6. The external links belong to other domains whereas internal links belong to your own website. If there are broken you will see the status of all links associated with a URL whether they are broken or working properly. Identification and rectification of the problem are very easy with this process.

Now the tool will scan completely all the anchor text links (internal and external) one by one line in the web page by displaying status codes 200, 301, 404 and other server codes. If you see any links representing 404 errors, then it is considered as broken links. Finally, the broken link checker tool will help for SEO marketers, content writers and developers to find out any fault links.

How to solve broken links?

  1. Use our free broken link finder tool to know any broken links for the respective page by giving a manual link to it.
  2. Instead of removing a page redirect to a different page using 301 redirect method. Just by creating a .htaccess then redirecting to a new page.
  3. Identify broken links using webmaster tool in the crawl errors section.
  4. If your internal links are broken then remove from google index in webmaster without affecting site rankings.

Advantages of Broken Link Checker

Imagine the life of an SEO executive without the broken link checker tool. They will waste more than half of the day in finding the links of a website and checking them one by one to identify the problem. This smart tool is very quick in crawling the entire website and showing results in a systematic way. Even the website owners can also find the reason of low traffic if the problem is occurring due to broken links.

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