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About Wordpress Theme Detector

What is Wordpress Theme Detector?

As the name of this tool illustrates, the WordPress theme detector is capable of identifying the original source of a theme along with various other details. Is the webpage you are searching is built on WordPress, the tool also display some crucial information, including it's currently running version, hosting provider, theme title and price, etc. There is no need to copy the entire concept of that website.

You can customize it according to the requirement of your website assorting some distinctive layouts. As WordPress is open-source, the tools meant for scanning its themes are also available for free of cost. The WordPress theme detector is a very helpful tool from the perspective of various IT professionals. Here are some points elaborating on why do we need a dedicated tool for detecting WordPress themes.

Wordpress Theme Detector for your online business

For running an online business, we always need a platform to showcase our products or services. Websites are widely used for this purpose because the search engine has become the primary source of information. All kinds of marketing strategies and their successful execution or possible only if there is a search engine friendly website design.

Web designing has become very convenient after the introduction of content management systems like WordPress. It is an open-source CMS where anyone can find a large number of free themes. Currently, more than 60 million websites on the World Wide Web are running under WordPress.

This is the main reason why you can find websites running on WordPress themes all over the world. Suppose you are roaming across the internet for finding a suitable website design for your upcoming online business. The best way to search it is by checking the websites of already existing competitors. It is obvious that most of them will be using WordPress themes. If you like it, there is no need to ask anyone regarding the source. There are online tools available on some websites that are capable of detecting if it belongs to WordPress. This article has some crucial information regarding this tool so you must read all the following points carefully.

wordpress theme detector

Why do we need a Wordpress Theme Detector tool?

1. From the perspective of the website owner

A person who is going to start an online business may or may not be aware of the technical details regarding website development, designing, and marketing. However, it is the dream of every website owner to get it done according to his/her imagination. You can research online for various websites relevant to your business to get the theme idea.

If our team seems interesting, you can use the WordPress theme detector tool to check its origin. Note down the details in a notepad and contact a web designing company to work on your website accordingly.

2. From the perspective of website designer

Handing over the task to a web designing company doesn't mean everything is done. Website owner chooses any WordPress theme, but it is the accountability of website designer to suggest the most appropriate one. Maybe the website suggested by owner looks great, but it is not practically compatible according to the sale of your product or service.

In this situation, they use WordPress theme detector tool to find the most relevant themes admired by the website owner. In many cases, the owners of the website handover the entire task from development to marketing to a professional agency.

They are accountable for deciding the suitable theme and designing its inner contents. The website only expects satisfactory results in the end. Online WordPress theme detector tool also helps here. It helps in finding the most appropriate theme currently running in trend among all competitors. The website designers customize it with a distinctive interface after studying the flaws in the websites of competitors.

3. From the perspective of the end-user

Always remember that the entire struggle to create an engaging site is only meant for the satisfaction of end-users. If the user searching for your products or services reach the website but find it difficult to assess, they will shift to other available options.

It is important to understand that a good theme plays a crucial role in bringing the website to the topmost ranking position. If it is engaging and very convenient for use, people will more likely prefer to visit again. You can check the themes of topmost players to get an idea.

Why not suitable for business as the top competitors are doing? After all, WordPress is an open-source platform where a single theme can be used for a million times. Choose the most user-friendly and high ranking websites.

Check their source with the help of Wordpress theme detector tool. If the end-users start loving your website interface, the chances of a high traffic rate will automatically increase.

Importance of Wordpress Theme Detector tool

1. For initiating a new online business

Just like a land space and building is necessary for starting a business in the real world, you need a website to spread it online. However, the significance of online business is rapidly increasing because they are cost-effective as well as comprises more possibilities for business expansion.

While doing online business, seller and buyer do not meet physically. Website is the only platform that must be easy as well as entertaining enough to engage the visitor for a long time. You can find the source of most successful websites with the help of Wordpress theme detector tool. Choosing an impressive website theme wisely is one of the building blocks for its upcoming success.

2. For the renovation of an old website

Running an online business is a dynamic process where nothing remains permanent. From marketing techniques to interface and programming, everything must be up to date. The theme you applied at the initial stage of business may not be capable enough to engage the customers 10 years later.

It is also possible that the currently e applied theme is not engaging enough to draw the attention of visitors. Renovation of the website with a new theme is the only option to choose in the end. Wordpress theme detector tool can help a lot in this concern. You can find some better themes matching the trends of the current time.

How does the Wordpress Theme Detector tool work?

You must be aware of this fact that the WordPress theme detector can only identify a theme if it belongs to the WordPress content management system. Still, you will be able to find a large number of options with this tool. Here are some simple steps to understand:-

1) Search for the WordPress theme detector tools from the home page.

2) Choose a WordPress theme tool and open it.

3) There will be a blank space asking you to enter the web address. Copy the URL of a website that you want to detect.

4) Once you paste the URL in the given space and click on the detect button, complete detail regarding this theme will appear including:-

  • Theme Name
  • Theme Homepage
  • Author
  • Author Homepage
  • Description
  • Version
  • License

Advantages of Wordpress Theme Detector

From the information above, it is clear that the WordPress theme detector is a very useful tool for both new and old websites. It is one of the most effective sources to generate ideas. Along with the overall cosmetic look, you can also find the theme which is technically a hundred percent compatible with your business.

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