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About Live Keyword Analysis

What is Live Keyword Analysis?

The live keyword analysis tool can help you in improving the quality of an article, blog or guest post very conveniently. For every web page, text content is the basic requirement. It is meant for two purposes i.e.

  1. Informing potential customers with your product or service in detail.
  2. Ranking a webpage higher than other competitors in the search engine.

Both of these reasons play a key role in the success and failure of an online business. Therefore, you cannot ignore to maintain the quality of text content.

You just need to paste the article in the space provided by the online tool and mention the keywords. It will automatically detect their placement and density levels. It is also called article density checker tool that critically analyses every single keyword from the perspective of its density and right placement. Following are some points explaining the need for this online tool in points.

How does the Live Keyword Analysis tool work?

  1. Find online "live keyword analysis tool" in your search engine. All websites offering this tool may not be working properly. Therefore, open multiple URLs in different tabs.
  2. copy the entire text content that you want to analyze with this online tool.
  3. Free space will be available in the interface of every website offering live keyword analysis facility. Paste your content in that particular space.
  4. Also, there are blank spaces provided to enter your keywords. Type all of them one by one. As you enter the keywords, the tool automatically detects them in the article and displays the percentage.
  5. If the density of every keyword is according to your expectation, the article is ready to deploy on the web page. if the density is low or high, you can customize the entire text content live in the available space.
  6. By attaining the desired density of every keyword according to your marketing campaigning, the chances of getting a higher ranking will increase.

Live Keyword Analysis Tool & Its Significance for Content Quality

live keyword analysis

It is a universally accepted fact that the entire process of digital marketing depends on keyword selection. keywords are the building blocks of marketing campaigning because they are crawled by the bots of the search engine to rank you higher or lower in the search engine results.

You cannot settle with a single keyword for a long time because they are dynamically kept on changing according to the preferences of potential customers. There are some online keyword search tools providing you with the list of highly searched keywords of current times. A keyword which is ranking at the topmost position may shift to the 5th or 6th place in just one or two weeks.

Therefore, marketers need to be aware of the latest updates regarding the keywords of their products or services. No matter whether you are working on an organic or paid marketing campaigning, desired results are impossible until you are not using the right keyword. However, the placement of keywords in the right place is also necessary. You cannot randomly enter any keyword at any place of the article.

There are particular parameters for every text content. For instance, the keyword placement format for a guest post is totally different from a blog post or an article. Also, making them used in the right density is necessary. Now, the question is how to analyze a keyword in an article before posting it on the server? The live keyword analysis tool can help you in simplifying this task. The information mentioned below can help you in understanding this tool in detail.

Why do we need Live Keyword Analysis tool?

For content writing

Content writers are the professionals assigned with the responsibility to produce a fresh article containing all necessary keywords. They know how to you adjust all the keywords suggested by marketers in a sensible manager. While producing a text content, the writer needs to maintain some quality standards as expected by the client.

Every content differs on the basis of it's your word density. During the preparation of an article, some keywords may be misplaced or overused. If the content writer delivers the article without analyzing its keywords, the client will immediately reject the entire content.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the entire article in the live keyword analysis tool before deploying it. It helps in making sure that the content writer is maintaining a standard of keywords as expected by the marketer or direct client.

For Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization professionals completely depend on the success of keywords ranking. Whether it is on the page or off-page SEO, right placement of keywords at the right place is very important.

While updating a guest post for gaining good backlinks or uploading the text content on the pages of the official website, they must be aware of the keywords placement and their density. The live keyword analysis tool can accurately measure all of these aspects without too much effort.

For paid marketing campaigning

Trade marketing campaigning like pay per click and other advertisements required text content. This content must contain all crucial keywords that are relevant to your online business. The text content used for paid ad campaigning is less than Search engine optimization but utilizing keywords is a challenging task.

There is limited space text content and multimedia in advertisements. A marketer needs to adjust all necessary keywords in a sensible way within least possible characters. A live keyword analysis tool can help them in adjusting all necessary keywords in a perfect ratio.

Importance of Live Keyword Analysis tool


this is an online tool meant for analyzing the entire text content in just a few seconds. Reading a big article of 500 to 1000 words and pointing out all keywords is a time-consuming task. You need at least 10 to 15 minutes for reading every single article and analyzing keywords percentage manually. The online live keyword analysis tool saves a lot of time by crawling through the entire textual content in just a few seconds.


Human errors are obvious in every marketing campaigning. A little bit of error due to ignoring the density of keyword can ruin the quality of entire text content. Even a well wrote proofread content it is worthless if it doesn't contain the desired keywords.

Also there accurate placement in the various portions of an article such as an introduction, middle section, and conclusion is necessary. These are some critical tasks involving the risk of human errors. This online tool accurately measures every single aspect of keywords without committing an error. Along with saving time, you can also rely on its high accuracy. You can easily find the desired keyword in a particular section of content. If not found, adjust it and recheck the article.

Overstuffing prevention

Overstuffing of keywords is also a big issue in many text contents. Sometimes, content writers mention a particular keyword more than the desired density. It generally happens when the keyword is very generic for short-tailed. If the marketer is using it as a primary keyword, the crawlers may classify the entire article as spam.

Keywords are essential for the success of every marketing campaigning but excessive use can imply negative impacts. it doesn't only affect the readability quality but also put your web page in the category of spam. For checking the accurate percentage, nothing is better than and a keyword analysis tool.

Advantages of Live Keyword Analysis

From the information mentioned above, it is clear that the live keyword analysis tool is necessary for or maintaining quality. Every text content has different parameters of keywords density. This tool is very fast and accurate to analyze your keywords. You can edit the article live until the desired density is not obtained.

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