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About Javascript Compressor Tool

What is Online Javascript Compressor?

An Online JavaScript compressor is a tool meant for reducing the size of script up to 80% lesser. It is also known as a JavaScript minifier that helps in removing unnecessary lines, white space, and unused characters that are occupying a lot of space unnecessarily.

Almost every website needs JavaScript in order to manage its operational functions perfectly. Whether it is an informative or e-commerce website, this script is required everywhere. The main issue is with loading speed that reduces if the source code or JavaScript is heavy. Multimedia like images, video links, and audio links also reduces the speed but scripts can be easily compressed without compromising with performance.

Just copy the script of a web page and paste it the space provided by the online tool to execute the process. It is very simple to operate and also available free of cost.

How does the Online Javascript Compressor Tool work?

For using the online javascript compressor tool, you need to follow these simple steps.

  • Open Javascript compressor URL in your browser to view Javascript.
  • Here blank space will be provided to paste the JavaScript. Visit the webpage that you want to compress and press Ctrl+U.
  • A new tab will open where the entire source code will be written. 
  • Search for the JavaScript and copy the code.
  • Now paste it is the blank space provided in the tool.
  • Click on the “Minify JS” button to execute the process of compression.
  • In just a few seconds, the compressed version will appear that you can replace with the old one.
  • Now run the website to check whether the speed of page loading and content downloading has improved or not.

Multiplatform Javascript Compressor Tool

Online JavaScript is a multi-platform compressor - performance tool that removes white spaces, comments, unnecessary codes, and more from the JavaScript files. It also allows you to rename the variables, functions, and members. The tool supports batch processing and can process multiple files at a single time including js, HTML and, JavaScript compressor tool provides the best compression ratio as compared to other JS compressor tool available on the Web. It’s advanced control options allow you to compress the JavaScript by reducing the size of the JS code and make your website load faster.

javascript minifier tool

Most Significant Reasons Why You Need Javascript Compressor Tool

The online JavaScript compressor tool is used to compress JavaScript code online, remove unnecessary tags without affecting the original layout of the web page. The main use of JavaScript compressor tool is to reduce the bandwidth size and page load times making it faster load times and enhances user experiences.

The modern websites are customized with dynamic pages in which different types of graphics and special effects are configured. A simple website looks uninteresting therefore the developers add attractive things to engage the users. For this purpose, JavaScript is required which helps a lot in web development.

Whether it is a website or web application, JavaScript is always used in the development task. The main purpose of adding JavaScript to a website is validation and supporting third-party applications such as widgets, and flash applications. It creates robust web applications that can handle the browsing tasks more efficiently as well as swiftly.

Apart from this all, JavaScript is also a useful tool for preparing website presentation, server applications, smartwatch applications & web servers, etc. Due to the extensive use of this script, the size of a web page will obviously increase. It results in slow loading, more coding means increasing the bandwidth used in running a website.

If you want to avoid such kinds of drawbacks, the JavaScript compressor tool can help in this concern. This article will explain the right use of this tool and advantages in detail. Scroll down to explore the information.

Why do we need Online Javascript Compressor Tool?

We need a JavaScript compressor tool for the ease of website operational activities. Every website is made for the use of the end user. If they are facing any kind of difficulty in using, the bounce rate will surely increase. Here are some significant reasons to know why do we need an online JavaScript compressor tool.

1. For the success of digital marketing strategies

A digital marketing strategy succeeds only when the website is working according to the convenience of end users. A digital marketer can help in bringing a website at the topmost list of the search engine but cannot engage the users if it is poorly configured with source code or content.

From the perspective of coding, it is essential for a website to load quickly, accelerate the downloading process and support third-party applications including PDF and flash, etc. If the website is not capable of doing these tasks fluently, it will badly affect the user experience.

2. Error-free web development

It is the responsibility of a web developer to optimize a website in a manner that it can easily compete with other businesses. No flaw can be tolerated when you are putting an entire business online. A website is a virtual platform to engage the customers and influence them for buying.

For maintaining a good user experience, it is essential to lighten the web pages while retaining the quality. It is only possible by compressing the content. Whether it is source code or image, everything can be compressed for reducing the size while retaining the core values of quality.

The JavaScript compressor tool is helpful for developers to improve the loading speed and run flawless effects in the website if the problem is occurring due to the flaws in JavaScript.

3. Benefits of online business

If you are running an online business, good quality user experience is the basic requirement. It is a kind of virtual shop where the entire content is accessible through web pages. Here speed is one of the major factors that affect your business sale. Sometimes, a website takes too much time to load even in with high-speed internet connection.

If this problem is occurring with your website, source code compression tools can help in solving. As a website owner, you can expect more traffic and conversion rate after reducing the loading speed.

Importance of Online Javascript Compressor Tool

JavaScript is an important tool for web developers to maintain the quality of a website. Here are some important advantages that you must consider:-

1) If you are running a website containing downloadable content like multimedia and document files, it is important to take care of the downloading speed. Many websites provide downloading content but their speed is much slower as compared to the speed of internet connection.

If your website has also come in this category, the JavaScript compressor tool can help in improving the speed. Reduced size of JavaScript in the source code can decrease the time of downloading. It will engage the visitors to surf your website consistently rather than going with another option.2) A JavaScript compressor tool can help in reducing the bandwidth used in running a website. It means the website will load quickly that will surely affect the online business growth. A website taking too much time to load is not good from the perspective of the end user. They try just once or maximum twice. If the problem is still persisting, your website will be completely ignored.

Upload and Compress JS file

JavaScript compressor tool is easy to use and offers you drag and drop the files into the program window and click the Process button for compression. It can compress .js files remove comments, line breaks, and white spaces, reduce the file size and even minimize the loading time of WebPages. You can choose to upload and compress multiple JS files at a single time and you can also make the code readable after using it. It allows the developers and designers to use the tool and make their website more responsive.

Compressing your javascript file can help your website runs smooth and fast, allow quick download times, reduced bandwidth, etc. Additionally, it reduces the number of HTTP requests on your server when javascript files are combined into a single compressed file that reduces the server load. It shows the detailed visual analysis of the results during the JS file execution on its interface. JavaScript compressor tool is 100% safe and it preserves the operational qualities of the code while compressing the JS files.

Advantages of Online Javascript Compressor Tool

Reduced website loading time and downloading time are two major factors that improve the quality of a website. If you are running an online business, the JavaScript compressor tool can help in attaining these features.

It is a beneficial tool from the perspective of a web developer. With automatic compression, it rectifies the errors like white space, unused characters, and lines. Apart from JavaScript compressor, such kinds of tools can also help you in compressing HTML and CSS.


There are several JS compressor tool available on the web that lets you compress your JavaScript code but some are time-consuming and difficult to analyze. This web application displays the analysis and statistics on the compression operations. The tool allows the developers to play and compare the different tools on their own JavaScript code without having to set up all the tools on their own. It’s worth trying the most widely accepted JavaScript encoding and compression tool on the market

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