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About Bulk GEO IP Lookup

What is Bulk Geo IP Lookup?

As the name illustrates, this tool is capable of processing multiple IP addresses at a time and showing results regarding each of them in an organized table. The main purpose of Bulk Geo IP tool is to identify the geographical location of a person with the help of his / her IP address.

This is actually an online tool that you don't need to install all download in your computer system. You can assess a bulk geo IP lookup tool from its web address. When you open the website, some blank space will be available where you can enter up to 500 IP addresses at a time. The tool is capable of processing all of them at a time.

It is free of cost tool with great significance for Digital Marketing experts. Explore the following points to know that why do we need a bulk geo IP lookup tool.

Understanding the Significance of Bulk Geo IP Lookup Tool

In this virtual world of the internet, every person has two addresses to approach. One of them is a residential address where people can visit physically and interact whereas the other one is IP address where people meet virtually. There was a time when the IP address was only meant for people who are using computer systems. However, the circumstances have changed now because everyone has a smartphone.

You may have heard about Geo IP lookup tools that are capable of obtaining the information about a single internet protocol address. Here you are going to know about her tool that can identify IP addresses in bulk.

Every internet user has a unique internet protocol address that signifies a lot of information about them. The IP address is basically a set of numeric figures divided into 4 sections by adding dots. If someone wants to approach you through the internet, the basic requirement is knowing the IP address.

Now the question is, how these numeric figures can be utilized to track the address of a person? The answer to this question is hidden in online tools. There are some web applications where you just need to enter the IP address and then reflect its exact location. In this section, you are going to gain some information regarding bulk geo IP lookup tool.

Bulk Geo IP Lookup

Why do we need a Bulk Geo IP Lookup tool?

1. For knowing the locations of users

The main purpose of every website or mobile application is to gain maximum possible visitors. For this purpose, we implement various marketing strategies that can be organic or paid. There is a particular criterion of every product and service that may vary on the basis of location, gender or and ethnic race.

Digital marketers target their potential customers through various strategies. The IP address of every single person who visits your website will be stored in the database. For knowing the success rate of a particular marketing campaigning, you need to know about the total number of increased visitors from a location.

The bulk Geo IP lookup tool can help in classifying the visitors on the basis of their geographical locations. The results of this tool give you a rough idea regarding the success or failure of a marketing campaigning.

2. For preparing futuristic marketing strategies

You need to approach potential customers of different locations with different marketing strategies. A geo IP lookup tool provides you the information about your website or mobile application users in bulk. On the basis of this information, we can prepare the futuristic marketing strategies.

It becomes very convenient to identify the area where the maximum number of users is available. This information helps you in making a plan in investing further for increasing the customer base.

Also, the geolocation IP lookup tool will tell you about the area where users exist but much lower in number than your expectation. You can customize some new plans to improve the condition in those areas.

3. For keeping a record

While promoting a website or mobile application, you need to closely monitor its performance on a regular basis. If you are actively tracking the number of visitors on a regular basis, it becomes easy to identify the increased or decreased number. The number of regular visitors always fluctuates.

With regular monitoring through a bulk geo IP lookup tool, you can keep a record. This record can be based on 24 hours inside that you can compare with the performance of the next 24 hours. After a few days of regular practice, it becomes convenient to identify that when do you need to change the marketing strategy.

Importance of Bulk Geo IP Lookup tool

1. From the perspective of a digital marketer

As a digital marketer, it is your duty to make sure that all marketing strategies are going in the right direction. There are multiple ways to get an estimate and bulk geo IP lookup tool is one of them. Investing heavily in marketing campaigning without knowing its consequences is nothing more than foolishness.

While targeting the potential customers of a particular location, you also so I need to know whether they are interested in your product/service or not. After executing your campaigning for a few weeks, the increasing or decreasing number of visitors will signify the success of your current marketing strategy.

2. From the perspective of a website owner

The website owner also needs complete information regarding increasing or decreasing reputation of his / her side. For operating a bulk geo IP lookup tool, you don't it need to attain a deep knowledge of digital marketing or web development.

Just gain access to a Webmaster tool and find the IP addresses that are actively accessing your website. The results of this tool signify whether your website is performing as per expectations or not.

How does the Bulk Geo IP Lookup tool work?

It is very convenient to operate a bulk geo IP lookup tool if you have the basic knowledge of using the internet. The IP address of every single visitor is stored in your database. You just need to find these addresses and enter in the tool. Read the following points for further information.

1. Search for IP lookup tools that are capable of assessing the locations of multiple IP addresses at a single time. You can easily get the web addresses of these tools by typing bulk GEO IP lookup tool in the search engine.

2. Open the website where you will be able to see a blank space for entering the IP addresses. Copy all of them from your database and paste in the given space.

3. When you click to execute the search, a captcha will appear that you need to solve.

4. Once it is solved, the addresses will be processed and results appear on the same page in the table. This table will show the following information:-

  • IP address
  • Reverse DNS
  • Country name
  • Region
  • City
  • Zip code
  • Time zone
  • ISP

Advantages of Bulk Geo IP Lookup Tool

The main advantage of a bulk geo IP lookup tool is its capability to classify all IP addresses on the basis of their locations. This feature helps in identifying the potential customers on the basis of their country, region, city and even from there zipcodes. On the basis of these results, you can customize special strategies to increase traffic and conversion.

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