Best Top 5 Benefits of SEO tools that you need to Know

07/20/2017 5:00 PM by Admin in Seo

5 benefits of seo tools that you need to know

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies you can use to improve your websites search engine rankings. There are many aspects of building a powerful online marketing strategy. And one of the main components of SEO for any business (small/medium/large) is proper online marketing.

The main goal of SEO is to make your site visible and user-friendly to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It flags your website on the Internet so that users can easily find your site easily when they type related keywords on the search engines. SEO is constantly evolving too, same as with any technology or methodology used online. It is a foundational strategy to be found by users who search the internet for products or services that you offer. Some benefits of SEO are:

  • Increase traffic
  • Higher ROI
  • Cost-effective
  • Increase site visibility
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Build trust and credibility

5 Benefits of SEO Tools

More than 60% of B2B marketers use SEO tools has the biggest impact on lead generation, this isn’t something you want to ignore. Rather, it’s a vital internet marketing strategy that you need to encompass for your business. Best SEO tools provide you the constituents of high-quality content, opportunity to replicate backlinks, and tags to improve the performance of your websites.

There are many SEO tools used by SEO experts and webmasters that help solve their day to day task in an effective way. Some of them like keyword analysis & suggestion tool, Backlink checking & monitoring, competitor analysis, website auditor on-page audit and more. Some of them are free, some freemium and paid tools that improve your SEO effectiveness. The use of SEO tools can be an advantage for any business and pick the right tool can be so vital to success.

Whether it's using keyword planners, SEO or social media can be useful to achieve your website rank success from scratch and put you on the right path. Let's look at some of the top benefits of using SEO tools for your business.

1. Find influencers, followers and connect them with your niche

Most of the people in your niche influence your target audience. You can use that influence to grow your blog, maximize website traffic and authority. There are such SEO tools like Authority spy, Twtrland, Buzzsumo, Followerwonk, etc., that allows you to connect with these peoples.

  • Find the most influential people and blogs on the web
  • See all your social media metrics including likes, tweets, followers, etc.
  • Check and build high-quality backlinks
  • Promote your products or services
  • Monitor your competitor's profile
  • Increases website exposure

2. Strong Competitor's sites

There are several SEO competitor's analysis tools that allow you track and monitor your competitor's marketing move in every aspect. Alexa, Spyfu, Opensite Explorer, etc., are some amazing tools that you can use to monitor your competitor's marketing strategy.

  • Get the high-ranking keywords your competitors are using
  • Check the number of backlinks
  • Monitor SE (search engine) rankings
  • Track social media trends and get insights from your target audience
  • View the type of ads used by your competitor's
  • Get best content topics and connect with the influencers

3. Improves the Speed of SEO Technique

Some of the SEO tools are used to help analyze your website technical issues and get an accurate picture for improving. The issues related to meta tags, broken links, on-page optimization, images and more that can be identified by using SEO tools.

  • Evaluate your internal links, meta information, and page content.
  • Generate meta tags including title, description, keywords, and author
  • Checks for keyword density on all the web pages
  • Optimize title tags, URL, and internal linking structure.  
  • Find broken links, redirects, site crawl and analyze images
  • Improves Page loading speed
  • Build or modify your robots.txt file

4. Long-term Growth

SEO tools will help you to design the promotion and optimization strategy for a long-term that increases the quality of your website and generates some increased profits. These SEO techniques provide a quick boost in search engine rankings.

  • Relevant keywords improves the ranking of every web page
  • Publishing content regularly and consistently related to your niche
  • Convert your target audience and attract internal/external links
  • Build relationships with publishers and influencers
  • Get active on social media platforms
  • Create mobile friendly websites

5. Save Time & Money

SEO tools can save your time and effort, improve rankings, and drive ROI for your local campaigns according to your needs. It is beneficial if you have multiple websites and want to analyze then SEO tools are the best and easy to use.

  • Optimize all your web-pages headings, tags and contents
  • Gather data such as missing tags, traffic, and broken links
  • Check for duplicate content and grammar mistakes
  • Find email for your outreach prospects
  • Trace phone numbers and email ids of your potential customers in search ads
  • Gain more social media exposure


SEO tools are not only important for businesses that compete online but also a must to invest to get immediate success in less time. More than 250+ SEO tools are available in the market for different purposes and different benefits that your business can go for to achieve above-said benefits.