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About Youtube Video Downloader

What is Youtube Video Downloader?

Youtube Video Downloader is an online tool that help you download youtube videos at different video quality and also different video formats.

Nowadays, most of our video watching needs are fulfilled by online streaming. High-speed mobile data and cheap internet plans are simplifying millions of life. Still, sometimes we need a video in our phone memory to watch offline or share here comes the role of YouTube video downloader tool. A lot of online service providers are offering downloading feature with YouTube through various techniques.

How does the Youtube Video Downloader tool work?

Let's see how you can download youtube videos from this website, check the below 4 points

  1. Open a youtube video downloader tool.
  2. Copy the URL of the video from YouTube and paste it in the blank space available.
  3. Now click on the start button to download it on your device.
  4. You can download both the video and audio file. The video file can range from 144p to 1080p MP4 format and audio file supported with MP3, WEBM.

Youtube Video Downloader Tool - A Fantastic Tool to download Youtube Videos

youtube video downloader

As a typical internet user, you must be watching a lot of online videos on YouTube. This is a service of Google where you will find countless videos of almost everything that one can imagine. Right from the beginning, youtube remained the primary source of entertainment as well as an education tool.

People are gaining popularity by uploading their creative videos through their own channels. It is an open platform for everyone to upload videos and watch them. Sometimes, we like a video and want it to have in our phone memory permanently. Also, there are some videos that we want to share with our friends or family.

Sadly, youTube is not providing this feature. Downloading video contents are completely prohibited by Google. Although there is a button of downloading that you will find in the official app but downloaded videos only store in a secure database. You cannot play them in third party mobile applications or share somewhere else.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks, and they are not going to rectify it in the near future. All you can do is find an alternative that can download videos. Free online YouTube video downloader tools of current times are the solutions to this issue. From the information below, you will understand their significance and right use.

Here are different ways that you can select for downloading videos from YouTube in different display devices.


If you don't want to install anything for the purpose of downloading, choose the option of websites. Currently, many websites are providing downloading features in a convenient way. You just need to copy the link from YouTube and paste it in the blank space provided by the website. It will ask you to choose the file format and start downloading the video.

Browser extensions - Alternative

If you are using a desktop, the browser extensions are one of the most convenient ways to download videos from YouTube. Web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla have numerous extensions that you can install from their official store. Once the expansion is integrated, it will automatically generate a video downloading link whenever you open YouTube.

Mobile applications - Alternative

Almost everyone prefers portable smartphones over huge desktops for assessing the internet. Therefore, it is necessary to have a tool that works perfectly on your smartphone. The Android users can get a lot of mobile applications from third-party app stores specifically meant for downloading videos from YouTube.

These mobile apps are actually web browsers of multimedia content with an integrated feature of downloading every video that you play within.

Why do we need a Youtube Video Downloader tool?

1. For sharing an interesting video

There are some interesting videos that you want to share on other platforms, but downloading restriction becomes the biggest barrier. This online video downloader can help you in getting everything right in the phone memory without any restrictions. Before downloading, they ask you to select a resolution and file format.

Different resolutions of videos occupy different memory sizes. You can choose a format which is compatible for uploading on 3rd party apps and occupies least possible space. For instance, a large video of MP4 format will be easy to upload as compared to 2 Ultra HD videos.

If you want to make someone famous, entertain your loved ones and circulate important information, YouTube video downloading tools can help in this concern.

2. For editing purpose

If you are a creative artist you want to try skills of editing on multiple videos, YouTube is the best source. Here you will find thousands of videos based on a single theme. Download them with these online tools and edit as much as you can.

3. For educational purpose

Things that seem difficult to understand while reading becomes easy when you watch them practically. If we utilize YouTube optimally, it can be a great source of information to study. Millions of Educational videos are currently available on this platform that anyone can watch without restrictions. However, it is not always possible that you have a good internet connection for online streaming.

Also, you need to rewind the same video again and again to understand the details. Therefore, having it offline on your mobile device or computer system is necessary. When you have an adequate data plan, download all necessary videos and save them in a separate folder.

Watch them anytime and anywhere according to your convenience. From school education to critical research studies, such kind of videos can help you in all situations.

4. For watching offline

Suppose you like movies on YouTube but do not have enough time to watch it. While traveling, internet connection fluctuates a lot which creates trouble in the middle of entertainment. You can simply download the entire video, whether it is a movie or a web series.

Save this large file in your phone memory and watch whenever you feel there is enough time. Make a folder and add your favourite movies in it with the help of YouTube video downloader. It will be very helpful for entertainment in a remote location where the internet connection is a week or not available at all.

5. For converting video to audio

Along with video downloading, these tools are also capable of converting a video into an audio file format. There is no need to download a video to audio converter separately if you have YouTube downloading mobile applications. While selecting the file format before downloading, these apps for extensions provide options for audio downloading.

Most of the times, we just need a particular song to listen rather than watching. These downloaders have options to select the MP3 file format in different bitrates. For the best listening experience, choose the bit rate of 360 kbps and download your song instantly.

Importance of Youtube Video Downloader tool

1. Breaking the barriers in the entertainment

Downloading respiration is one of the biggest barriers in your entertainment. Google is always against downloading whether you are assessing a website or mobile application. Sometimes we get high speed and sometimes you get a low speed of internet. When there is an abundance of data, you can utilize the opportunity to buy downloading important videos.

Even the large files like movies and web series also so very convenient to download with these tools. YouTube is the largest platform for video streaming, and you gain access to all of its videos with download tool.

2. Making study convenient

There is a significant difference between the content we read and the content we watch. While watching a video, the written content of 2 hours can be covered within one hour. Also, videos can elaborate on every topic in a more convenient way.

Students want to go beyond their books studies can use YouTube downloader tool. Download and store videos according to every subject of study. Watching them offline can help a lot in sharpening their skills.

3. Getting videos in the best possible resolutions

While streaming a video on YouTube, you will find the highest resolution of 1080p. This can be extended or reduced with the help of YouTube downloader. If the original video was uploaded with 4K resolution, this tool can identify and provide you the option. Also, we want some videos in low resolution so that they can easily upload on social media platforms.

In some cases, we just need the audio part of a video file. All this is possible with just one feature-rich downloading tool. You can utilize its different features for availing a video exactly as per the requirement.

Advantages of Youtube Video Downloader

The YouTube video downloader is a great innovation of the entertainment industry that every internet user must-have. Whether you use a computer desktop, tablet, or smartphone, there are multiple downloading options for every single device.

Use one according to your convenience and start downloading. We provide free access to our tools for unlimited videos. Some of the videos you can download may be low quality or the high-resolution videos.

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