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Why do you need the Web Proxy tool?

You might need the web proxy tool for varied reasons. A decent proxy server is used for monitoring and filtering of web content to ensure that Internet usage conforms to acceptable use policy. It can also be used for the filtering of encrypted data and many more purposes.

The most popular use of a proxy server would be to bypass government censorship. All these uses can be efficiently satisfied by the web proxy. That is why you need a handy tool like the web proxy for your web networking projects.

How does the Web Proxy tool work?

It is quite easy to figure out the working of the web proxy tool. Here is how it works:

  1. Firstly, you go to the official website of Cool SEO tools.
  2. Then, you have to type “web proxy” in the search engine box and you will be sent to the web proxy tool.
  3. There all you have to do is copy/paste or type the URL that you want to visit and click on the submit option.
  4. After that, you will directly be led to the website or web page that you wanted to visit completely protected.

web proxy tool

Everyone related to computer networking knows about web proxy or proxy server. In technical terms, a proxy server is a server application that serves as an intermediary for requests from clients wanting resources from servers that provides those kinds of resources.

In simpler terms, a proxy server is an application that sits between a client application like a web browser and an actual server. It diverts all requests to an actual server to see if it can satisfy the provided requests itself. If the server could not fulfill the request then it forwards the request to another server.

It can also be said that the main function of the server is to work on behalf of clients when requesting service, positively masking the true origin of the request to the resource server. In place of connecting directly to a server that can satisfy a needed resource.

For example, a web page or file, the client directs the wish to a web proxy, which computes the request and does the needed network transactions. This functions as a method to reduce complexity and intricacy of the request, or give additional benefits like security, privacy, or load equalizing. Proxies were designed to add structure and minimize network traffic.

A proxy server usually resides on the user’s local computer. A proxy server that gives unmodified requests and responds to it is mostly called a gateway or as you may prefer a tunneling proxy. A forward proxy is mostly an internet facing proxy which is used to retrieve data from a vast range of sources which in most cases anywhere on the internet.

While a reverse proxy is mostly an internal-facing proxy who is used as the main component to defend and control access to a server on a private network. A reverse proxy most commonly fulfills tasks like caching, decryption, authentication, and such. So, based on this knowledge there are two types of web proxies, open proxies and reverse proxies.

Open Proxies: It is a forward proxy server that is approachable by any net user. There are two types of open proxies, anonymous proxy, and transparent proxy. Anonymous proxy shows its identity as a proxy server however does not discloses the originating IP address of the client.

While a transparent proxy server together with the identity of a proxy server has the support of HTTP header fields. The main advantage of using this type of server is its ability to cache an internet site to make the retrieving process quicker.

Reverse Proxies: Reverse proxy server appears to be an ordinary server but its operating way is much more complex. The reverse proxies forward the requests to ordinary servers that handle the request and the response is returned as if it came directly from the original server, with absolutely no knowledge of the original server for the client.

Several benefits of using reverse proxies could be good encryption, load equalizing, useful in cache static content, compression, security, and a lot more. Reverse proxies are installed nearby one or a lot of internet servers.

What is Web Proxy?

A web proxy is an online tool that acts as a gateway between you and the internet, that it is an intermediary server separating users from the websites they browse. Web proxy provides different and unique levels of privacy, security, and functionality depending upon your need and use case.

A web proxy is another one of the SEO tools provided by the website to make your search engine optimization easy and convenient. You can expect nothing less from this tool too. It is easy and convenient to use and on top of that completely free of cost.

Why Web Proxy is important?

Well, it is not a secret that a proxy server is used for a lot of complex works. Whether it might be for web security and privacy or monitoring and filtering of web content, proxy servers are used for everything. But mostly they are used by people to visit sites without their IP address being revealed or for doing their sighting in privacy.

So, to have a proxy server tool that can help you keep your privacy without much process or trouble is important. A web proxy is an excellent tool that serves as a proxy server efficiently and instantly.

How to use the Web Proxy tool?

You can use the web proxy tool in various ways. A proxy server is widely used for the security it gives for a network. Most people use proxy to keep the internal network build of a company private as it makes the requests from machines and users on the local network a secret. A web proxy can also give that without any hackles.

A lot of you can benefit from the proxy server as it helps to hide your IP address and location and can save yourself from net hackers. You can also use a web proxy to monitor your network traffic and you can also surf the web as a local by using a decent web proxy.

You can use web proxy without any worries as it is a trustworthy tool that solves your network-related work with ease.

Benefits of using Web Proxy tool

There are a lot of benefits to using the web proxy tool. Some of them are:

  1. It provides privacy by covering your true origin.
  2. Saves you from internet hackers by hiding your IP address and location.
  3. Load times are definitely reduced hence, gives you an unhindered site visiting experience.
  4. Malicious websites or contents can be filtered out. The web proxy can block you from accessing a website that might be dangerous.
  5. You can get access to restricted or geo-blocked content. A lot of online content these days is hidden because of copyright and network regulations. You can use the web proxy tool to get access to the restricted content safely and conveniently.


So, the proxy server work can get a bit confusing sometimes as you might not know what to use and how to do it? So, a free and easy to use a tool like a web proxy can help you through that.

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