Free Proxy List

16s 8080 flag Hungary Transparent 118ms
16s 80 flag Malaysia Transparent 88ms
17s 8080 flag Malaysia Transparent 49ms
20s 44949 flag Brazil Elite 186ms
23s 41425 flag Thailand Elite 707ms
26s 3128 flag China Transparent 44ms
1m 5s 83 flag India Transparent 189ms
1m 9s 8080 flag China Elite 621ms
1m 9s 35451 flag Mongolia Elite 102ms
1m 10s 50030 flag Indonesia Elite 313ms
1m 19s 53281 flag Indonesia Elite 708ms
1m 21s 8118 flag China Elite 42ms
1m 24s 8118 flag China Elite 54ms
1m 25s 36182 flag Cambodia Elite 256ms
1m 35s 8060 flag China Elite 45ms
1m 37s 8118 flag China Elite 54ms
1m 42s 32892 flag Thailand Elite 175ms
1m 43s 9999 flag China Elite 49ms
1m 45s 41469 flag Thailand Elite 200ms
1m 47s 38093 flag Thailand Elite 108ms
1m 49s 8080 flag Venezuela Anonymous 577ms
1m 59s 60636 flag Taiwan Elite 178ms
2m 1s 8080 flag India Transparent 753ms
2m 6s 53985 flag Bangladesh Elite 248ms
2m 9s 8080 flag India Transparent 621ms
2m 27s 31368 flag Thailand Elite 259ms
2m 36s 8080 flag Indonesia Transparent 239ms
2m 37s 8080 flag Indonesia Transparent 78ms
2m 41s 8080 flag Bangladesh Transparent 135ms
2m 57s 8080 flag Indonesia Transparent 213ms
3m 0s 8088 flag China Elite 160ms
3m 6s 63141 flag Cambodia Elite 403ms
3m 13s 53281 flag Russia Elite 523ms
3m 13s 8080 flag Indonesia Transparent 272ms
3m 18s 3128 flag China Transparent 80ms
3m 19s 53281 flag Russia Elite 207ms
3m 19s 3128 flag Indonesia Transparent 162ms
3m 23s 50617 flag Iraq Elite 220ms
3m 26s 3128 flag Indonesia Transparent 596ms
3m 29s 40376 flag Ukraine Elite 77ms
3m 29s 45847 flag Bangladesh Elite 285ms
3m 32s 3128 flag China Transparent 108ms
3m 43s 8080 flag Pakistan Transparent 287ms
3m 53s 46900 flag India Elite 82ms
3m 58s 51062 flag Bangladesh Elite 260ms
3m 59s 51062 flag Bangladesh Elite 156ms
4m 3s 83 flag India Transparent 562ms
4m 3s 37861 flag Indonesia Elite 606ms
4m 3s 3128 flag United States Transparent 806ms
4m 15s 31265 flag Indonesia Elite 662ms
m s 0 flag 0ms

About Free Proxy List

Free proxy list for complete anonymity on the Internet

free proxy servers

Privacy has become one of the biggest concerns in current times when you are online. Each of your activity is tracked by authorities in the name of public safety. Our personal preferences, private chat and shopping list, everything is recorded somewhere or tracked by marketers.

You may have seen a bunch of advertisements regarding products and services you have recently searched for. Each of your activities is tracked with the help of the IP address. Every computer system has an IP address that represents its physical identity on the world wide web and also provides information regarding the location of the user.

If you want privacy while browsing the internet, a proxy server is the most convenient way to make it possible. The proxy servers are actually IP addresses from various countries you can use as a layer of safety to hide the browsing data from tracking. A large number of online tools are available to assess for the free proxy lists.

Free proxy IP addresses keep on changing on a regular basis. With the help of some online tools, you can utilize this proxy server addresses for assessing the internet with complete anonymity. In the article below, you are going to understand the significance of the proxy list and its servers in detail.

What is Free Proxy List?

As the name states, this is the list of free proxy IP addresses worldwide. In the proxy list tools, these addresses are available to be utilized for assessing all kinds of websites without disclosing your actual location. Every computer system, smartphone and other electronic gadgets that run with the internet have a particular IP address.

Everybody uses this IP address to track your location activities on the internet. If you manage to hide your actual address with a proxy server, it becomes difficult to trace you. For instance, using the proxy server of Germany while sitting in Russia keeps you anonymous on the internet.

The providers of the free proxy list generally take no charges. They earn through browsing data that you are using to assess the internet for their service. Read the points below carefully to understand why do we need a free proxy list tool.

Why do we need a Free Proxy List tool?

1. For providing digital marketing services to different countries

As a digital marketer, you need a proxy server list for various purposes. As a marketer sitting in America, you may have to do promotional activities for a client of the Netherland or Ireland. For targeting their potential local customers, it is important to operate from the native location.

This is not possible without the help of a proxy server tool. In the free proxy list, you can choose the IP address of a particular country for executing marketing campaigning. Before doing any search engine Optimisation or paid marketing activity, set your location in that particular region with a proxy server. Google will consider the activity is being carried out in that particular region.

2. For accessing restricted websites

In most of the cases, the proxy server tool is highly used for or assessing some restricted websites. Whether it is the restriction within the campus of an educational institution or in the entire country, you can easily surpass it with the help of a proxy server. The internet must be equally accessible for every person in this world.

Restricting a particular site means preventing people from assessing the complete information. In some cases, is restriction is also imposed on online streaming websites. Someone can restrict you from accessing a particular website in a specific region or country but not from the entire world. You can choose the proxy server of a country where assessing that website is completely legal.

3. Safeguarding yourself from unwanted ads

Assess your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter and then go to any shopping for service providing site. Countless advertisements will start running behind you on every single page that is relevant to the recent search on eCommerce websites.

This is really an annoying experience & almost everyone is facing this issue. If you want to stay safe from such kind of spamming, it is advisable to surf the internet after putting a security layer of the proxy server. While using a proxy server of different countries, marketers cannot track your activities.

4. Maintaining personal privacy while accessing the internet

Online connectivity is no doubt one of the biggest evolutions of current times, but it also has some drawbacks. Anyone can sneak in your personal life to check the preferences and relationship statuses. The further use such kind of information to target you as a potential customer.

Not only marketers but hackers also keep on searching for new ways to steal the personal information of normal internet users. If you don't want to become the victim of malware attacks or spam, it is advisable to use a proxy list tool. It helps in hiding your IP address that automatically gives the internet accessibility safe.

Importance of Free Proxy List tool

1. Stay safe from the cyber world attacks

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats of current times and nobody is safe from these attacks. You can only strengthen the security walls much stronger than others to defend the attacks. Along with anti-viruses and firewalls, it is also important to use a proxy server.

While targeting specific criteria, hackers get information with the help of IP addresses. You are using a proxy address; they cannot identify your actual location.

2. Provide personal space

Whatever you eat or desire to purchase is not a matter of disclosing to the rest of the world. Still, all digital marketers are searching for new techniques to stick behind everywhere you go. For getting rid of these marketing traps, a proxy server is one of the best options. From the free proxy list, choose any country that you want and roam across the internet freely.

Some adverse impacts to consider

  1. Students can assess some mandatory restricted websites related to pornography and torrent.
  2. It can become a gateway for spreading hate speech and terror messages.
  3. The use of a proxy server also increases piracy in some cases. The content which is restricted legally to download is easy to assess with this service.

How does the Free Proxy List tool work?

  1. Search online for free proxy list tool from the home page and open the tool in the new tab.
  2.  In the interface, you can see last update, IP address, Port, Country, Anonymity level, and response time.
  3. Choose the required country, IP address and port number for your proxy testing.
  4. Click on the refresh button for more proxy details. There is also other options to export these IP addresses to an excel file online.

Advantages of Free Proxy List

The entire information mentioned in the above article is enough to clarify that a free proxy list is very important to maintain your privacy while accessing the internet. Along with personal security, it is also a very helpful tool for digital marketers to target potential customers in any part of the world.

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