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What is a Spider Simulator Tool?

A spider simulator acts similarly like the spiders of a search engine. When the bots crawl through your webpages, it is not possible to collect data regarding which space is being neglected by them. The best way of its identification is running a similar tool that has the capability to crawl like the spiders of the actual search engine.

If you search online, a large number of websites will be available providing this tool for free of cost. For your convenience, there are many online tools that show similar results of how the spider crawls the pages.

All of these tools are available to access directly through websites rather than any requirement of the installation. This is a complete mimic of the actual crawler of search engine. The main purpose of running this simulator is to watch the website from the perspective of a search engine.

You must know one thing that there is a basic difference between the way end user look at a website and the way how a crawler of search engine consider. These bots cannot gain access to the entire fields that are visible to the end user. For identifying these areas, a simulator is required that you can access all the visible data on the webpage.

How does the Spider Simulator Tool work?

The tool is very simple to use, just copy the required URL to be simulated by the tool and place in the respective textbox. Once you have clicked submit button, it displays the site crawlable information to the user and user can view the errors found on spider simulated data.

It actually simulates like real search engine spiders to crawl your site and tells what real bots are doing on your site. So by analyzing the simulator, it helps you understand how the bots that are actually working on your site

The working of a spider simulator tool is mentioned below in points that will clarify how any random person can operate it conveniently. Take a look:-

  1. Open the website where you have created new pages or updated them with new content.
  2. Now open another tab and paste the URL of a spider simulator tool by coping from the above list.
  3. When the website open, again go to the website that you want to crawl and copy its web address.
  4. Now paste it in online tool section where the separate tool is provided.
  5. Enter the captcha code as displayed in the text box, sole it and wait for a few seconds for processing.
  6. Click on the submit button to start the simulation test.
  7. The results will appear in the below page including all important factors.

spider simulator tool

Spider simulator tool and its significance for search engine optimization

When you put your website on a server, its visibility to the relevant customers only depends on optimization. It means, following all parameters of a search engine that allow your website to gain ranking at the topmost position. Now the question is, how does Google come to know that your website is well optimized for coming at a better ranking than other competitors.

The answer to this question lies in crawlers of search engine that you also recognize as bots and spiders. These spiders crawl on every webpage of a website in order to check the relevant content, keywords, backlinks and other things that are helpful in search engine optimization. This crawler goes through the entire page however some pieces of information remain behind that are very difficult for a crawler to identify. These contents are:-

  1. Flash application supported banners, videos, and other multimedia content.
  2. Scripted languages including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  3. Images of all formats
  4. All kinds of multimedia files including videos and audios

You must be aware of this information that which piece of content is not being detected by the crawlers of a search engine. If the important areas of a webpage are not detected by the crawler, it will negatively impact on indexing.

The robot txt generator and .xml file generators also cannot arrange any path for the crawler to reach these sections of the website. If you want to detect for making essential changes, it is important to use a spider simulator tool. Scroll down if you want to gain more information regarding this unique tool and process of using.

As already we know that search engine spider crawls all the respective web pages to index on search engines at regular intervals of time. In our simulator, you can have a quick view of the tool on how the crawlers crawl and index the site.

It includes major key seo elements like meta tags, header tags, content, crawlable links, footer links and other elements using spider simulator to view your web page.

You need a help if you are a beginner to create meta tags, use our free online meta tag generator tool.

The main purpose of this tool to exactly have an idea of what real spider will look on your site for indexing as similar to search engine spiders will do. If anything inaccessible elements present in your site structure, the tool will help you identify the area and fix it manually.

Because we do not know how the real search engine spiders will crawl the site and difficult to find manually like hidden javascript, hidden contents, links etc. So with the help of online spider tool, the user can view all the respective elements on the web page that web spider can crawl the site and its relevant links on the page.

Why do we need a Spider Simulator Tool?

A spider simulator tool is helpful from several perspectives that can be of a web developer, SEO expert or the owner of a website. In this article, all of these factors will be elaborated in detail. Take a look:-

1. From the perspective of search digital marketing

For a successful digital marketing campaigning, it is necessary to know that your website is adequately optimized according to the algorithm of a search engine. If the crawlers are not able to go through the entire sections of web pages, some content relevant to indexing will remain hidden.

It may contain the backlinks, meta tag, meta description, keywords or any other relevant piece of information that is necessary to be crawled. The search engine optimization experts run a test in this tool to make sure that all relevant content is coming in coverage of crawler.

If anything is remaining behind, new strategies are implemented to make it work better. It doesn’t rectify the errors, but notify you regarding the areas where improvements are necessary.

2. From the perspective of a web developer

It is the responsibility of a web developer to keep a website well optimized according to the algorithm of a search engine. If the website is not able to attain the desired ranking even after implementing all strategies perfectly, there must be some issue from the development side.

A web developer crawl spider simulator through the entire website to confirm that no content is remaining behind. They are accountable to make necessary changes in the scripting, flash and all other measures that are blocking the crawlers from going through a particular area of a website.

In short, a spider simulator is errors detection tool that provides you with a clear picture of reasons responsible for missing proper crawling.

3. From the perspective of a website owner

As mentioned above, anyone can easily operate the tools available for spider simulation. It is also convenient for a  website owner to check various aspects of his/her website with just a few clicks.

The websites providing this tool, also serve you with various other smart & free of cost tools that can help in improving its status on the search engine. If the website owner is noticing a significant fall in traffic, they can run various tests to check that problem is occurring from which side.

Actually, this is the duty if a digital marketing company to take care of all the aspects but the owner of the website also need to be aware. It is important to remember that if you are running an online business, its aspects will totally differ from a business in brick & mortar building.

Now or later, one must learn to identify the flaws of business in order to notify the concerned authorities. A well-informed website owner can easily stay ahead in the competition and can easily find a proficient marketer according to the requirement.

Importance of Spider Simulator Tool

The spider simulator is an important part of the entire digital marketing structure. Whenever you prepare a new web page or customize an old one with new information or graphics, it is essential to crawl with the bots at once. However, it is also important to make sure that the content available at the particular webpage is convenient to access for a search engine crawler.

This tool creates a simulation that mimics exactly as the actual crawler. Without this smart tool, it is not possible to get crucial information about flaws in a website from the perspective of search engine optimization.

A web developer may construct a fluently running website that is conveniently accessible for the end users. However, it is not necessary that the crawling bots responsible for better indexing are also considering the website from the same perspective.

If the format is not convenient for crawlers, the simulator is the only way to identify it. Without an effective spider simulator, it is not possible in any way to make sure that the development work is completely compatible with a well-optimized website.

Advantages of Spider Simulator Tool

The results will appear in different tables where data is organized in a manner to provide you with clear information. In the first table, you will be able to see the meta titles, Meta keywords, and meta descriptions. All targeted words of that website will clearly appear.

In the next section, you will be able to see the internal spidered links and external spidered links with their status. Apart from this, the tool is also capable of checking text body & hyperlinks that have any significance for the ranking of a website.

It is clear that this tool is capable of providing you with complete information regarding the optimization status of a website according to the search engine algorithm. If the links or meta keywords are not visible in the results, a web developer can make essential changes in order to customize the website according to crawlers.

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