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About Open Graph Tester

What is Open Graph Tester?

For using this tool, you need to gain some technical knowledge regarding how to operate as a webmaster. The open graph tester works with [og:] tags that allow you to display the desired information on the website on Facebook. User and put the [og:] tags in the source code of a website to highlight the information of meta tags.

First of all, you need to customize the meta tags in an influential way to draw the attention of maximum possible customers. When the advertisement on Facebook is displaying exactly as per expectation, the chances of increasing traffic and conversion will be much higher.

In short, you can consider open graph tester tool as a social media campaigning organizer. All the social media advertisements customization is not going to help you in Search engine optimization, still, it is a reliable technique to make improvements in conversion rate. the open graph technique was first introduced by Facebook.

The objective of this facility was to enable webmasters for harnessing the content of website displays on social media. these are the small advertisements there are only a limited number of words are allowed. You need to utilize the creativity for customizing a social media ad with influential meta tags.

How does the Open Graph Tester tool work?

For using an open graph tester tool, you just need the URL of a particular web page. Scroll down to read the points and understand it's convenience of use.

1. Search open graph tester tools on your search engine to see the top-most results offering this feature. When you open a website, it will show an open space to enter the URL.

2. Open the website that you want to customize for social media campaigning. Copy its URL and paste in the space available at open graph checker.

3. Run the test by clicking on the execution button. It may ask to fill the captchas. The page will be automatically processed and display the results in a table. You will get the following information:-





open graph tester

Open Graph Tester Significance in Social Media Marketing

Social media was once considered the way of personal communication through messages and sharing life events. As the technology involved, developers started utilizing its was scope in digital marketing. On social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you must have seen various advertisements for products and services offered by websites. The way how these advertisements appear on social media is controlled by some particular tags.

In the field of digital marketing, social media has equal importance as Search engine optimization. If your business is not appearing on social media to target potential customers in a particular area, consider the marketing campaigning incomplete. While putting the banner or AD of your website on social media, it is important to customize the information exactly as per the expectation of potential customers. The open graph tester can help a lot in making it possible.

Basically, the open graph tester is meant for Facebook to display the information on a website in an influential way. For harnessing the power of social media, you need to scroll down for gaining more information about open graph tester tool.

Why do we need an Open Graph Tester tool?

From the above information, it is becoming apparent that the open graph tester is a social media optimization tool. You need it to highlight the content in social media advertisements by porting three kinds of og: tags that are:-

  1. og:Title
  2. og:Description
  3. og:Image

The significance of all these three tags is mentioned below in detail:-


This tag is meant for representing the title of your content. If you are not using og:Title in the source code of a website and advertise it on Facebook, only the meta tags will be visible as the title. Maybe your meta tags are not influential enough to be used as advertisement material. Therefore, it is essential to customize a new open graph title. generally, the length of this open graph title ranges between 60 to 90 characters. An eye-catching title will surely draw the attention of maximum possible social media users.


The titles are meant for seeking attention but further details are available in the description. Just like the title, the description also plays a vital role in keeping the customers well informed. The og:Description exactly works like the meta description of a website that displays on the search engine. You need to add this tag in the HTML code of a website in order to display the desired description on Facebook. the title may not clarify the complete information but a description is capable of explaining it in detail.


An advertisement is incomplete until you are not attaching an attractive graphic to influence the potential customers. It is obvious that the click rate of a social media advertisement having a thumbnail image will be higher than the advertisement that has only text to display. When a web page is shared on social media, your og:Image tag is responsible to display the desired image in the form of a thumbnail. If you don't mention this tag, Facebook will automatically generate a banner that might contain an unfavorable image.

The above three points are clarifying that og: titles are meant for customizing website information on social media. If you share the link without customization its information, Facebook will display default information as shown on the search engine. Both search engine and social media are two different entities and require different strategies to influence potential customers. while providing exposure to your website on social media, it is important to clearly focus on promotional content that attracts any random visitor rather than keeping a formal format like a search engine.

Importance of Open Graph Tester tool

1. Importance for content writers

When you run an open graph test, information regarding title, description, and image will be displayed in the results. By default, Facebook captures the information that is mentioned in the HTML codes as meta tags, meta description, and image sharing. The social media has a completely separate concept of working that purely focus on promotional content. A content writer can get an idea regarding how to display the titles and descriptions in a more attractive way as compared to the default information. The og: tag generator displays entire information of graph meta tags in a table.

2. Importance for digital marketers

a digital marketer needs to take care of both search engine as well as social media separately. Both of them are utilized for increasing the customer base but in different ways. On social media, you can customized information more freely as compared to the search engine. If the title and description of a website on search engine are very formal, there is no need to display it exactly on social media. Facebook allows og: tags to display the information in a more attractive way.

Advantages of Open Graph Tester

After running and open graph test you will get the information that is currently going to display on social media when you share the link. Before sharing, it is important to make some customizations in order to draw the attention of potential customers. Customized is tags and add them in the HTML source code of the website. Facebook will automatically detect and display new information as per your expectation. In this way, you will have full control regarding what do display and what's not.

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