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1. Select redirect type

2. Enter your domain name

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3. Get your code

4. Copy the code to your .htaccess file

About Htaccess Redirect Generator

What is Htaccess Redirect Generator?

The Htaccess redirect generator tool which works if you have some technical skills. It is not that complicated, only the proper knowledge of files is essential.

For the preparation of Htaccess redirect file, you need a powerful text editor such as MS Wordpad, TextPad, and UltraEdit. A normal notepad is not capable of helping you in preparing this file. There are numerous features of this great tool including:-

  1. The file can be utilized for altering Apache web server configurations.
  2. It is possible to enable password protection to the file.
  3. Redirecting the visitor to a new page if they fail to access a link or log in safely.
  4. Restrict toy visitors access by IP address.
  5. Control of enabling and disabling the functions.

This tool works in two kinds of actions i.e. redirecting from WWW to non-WWW & vice versa. There are countless options available online for the execution of this task. Many websites are providing the tool for free of cost. All you need to know the process of operating.

It is simple. If a website is showing complicated functions, it is advisable to shift to the next one. Choose a website that is mentioning the instructions of its proper using. Some overview of this tool is already provided above. Now, it’s time to understand its need in detail.

How does the Htaccess Redirect Generator tool work?

The working process of an online Htaccess Redirect Generator tool is very simple to understand. Here are some points in which you will come to know how it works:-

1. Search for a simple online tool capable of redirecting the domains. These tools provide you space to paste the URL in a box for processing.

2. Now open the webpage that you are targeting for redirection & copy its address.

3. Paste this address in the search box of tool.

4. Now, select the redirect type that can be:-

i. Redirect from WWW to non-WWW

ii.Redirect from non-WWW  to WWW

5. Click the execution button to complete the process and redirect file will be generated within just a few seconds.

htaccess redirect generator

Htaccess Redirect Generator - Significance of SEO

If you are encountering with unexpected errors of website, there must be a web developer to manage it as soon as possible. However, it might take some time but the visitors always keep on exploring the internet and try to access your website. If the desired page is showing error while loading, they will never visit again.

Therefore, you need an instant solution to this problem. The best solution for such kinds of links is redirection. It means, changing the path of a link and directing the end user to a new page where relevant information is available. For the accomplishment of this task, you need some reliable tools holding the capability of generating Htaccess redirect. With the help of some online tools, it has now become possible very conveniently.

It is mostly required when error 301 persist while accessing a link. The error 301 represents moved items from a particular page. Suppose the information regarding online form filling has been shifted to a new page. The users feel helpless while making an account or subscribe for the newsletter. Therefore, redirection to the right place is necessary. Scroll down to gain more information about this tool.

Why do we need the Htaccess Redirect Generator tool?

The Htaccess tool as a significant place in the profession of digital marketing. This tool is helping in simplifying a lot of complications in just a few clicks. Some of the reasons for preferring are here to read:-

1. For the ease of digital marketers

Shifting the information from one page to another is one of the normal tasks of an EO expert. According to the instructions of the website owner or for improving the user experience, the shifting of information is essential. A link which is used by internet surfer must contain the desired information otherwise there is no use of perfect SEO planning & implementation.

It is the responsibility of an SEO professional to engage the user in any way even after shifting the information to somewhere else. For this concern, nothing is better than an Htaccess Redirect Generator tool.

It generates a link file that helps in redirecting the user to somewhere else where satisfactory information is available. Inadequate information or errors are the major reasons behind increasing bounce rate.

If errors occurring while accessing a link, it is also bad from the perspective of Google search engine crawlers. These are the bots meant for accessing the entire information of a website and indexing it accordingly. If an error is occurring and there is no redirection, the bots will not be able to crawl the backlinks & keywords properly. Consequently, your ranking goes down.

2. Advantages for a web developer

The web developers are responsible to rectify every issue that is persisting while accessing any link of a website. It is not a wise decision to remove a link with errors instantly because it is among the major sources of traffic generation. Therefore, web developers need to redirect it according to the instructions of an SEO expert.

They keep the link alive until its alternative is not ready to divert adequate traffic. In short, this redirection tool works as a damage control mechanism that can handle the entire traffic in case of broken link or errors interference.

Apart from this, a web developer can also control how different URLs are processing. The file generated by Htaccess is a file on Apache server that you in maintaining the flow of traffic after shifting the information. Not only a single page, redirectable. If you are assigned to rewrite the entire website, it is not possible to stabilize the online business earnings and minimizing the loss without this tool.

3. End-user convenience

From the perspective of an end-user, this is one of the greatest ever tool for directing them to the right information page. The user has nothing to do with redirection. Even they don’t know that you are redirecting their requested URL to a new location. The entire process must be smooth enough that users can access the information without waiting for 5 or 10 seconds of redirection.

The end users mostly access the internet from the search engine rather than remembering the URL of every single website. The link appearing on the topmost results is always the first target to access. No one cares if a particular webpage is not opening. Rather than altering the URL to its home page, most of the users shift to a similar service provider.

Importance of Htaccess Redirect Generator tool

In digital marketing practices, adequate traffic and conversion rate are two major expectations. Sometimes, you need to shift the data of the entire page to a new link. It is possible but what about the link on which you worked for months to reach the top of SERP?

The only way to make use of the old link is redirection. It helps in optimum utilization of link juice by redirecting the traffic to the new page. If the page with 301 error is ranking on the topmost list, you can only utilize its complete potential by redirection.

Advantages of Htaccess Redirect Generator

From the above information, it is clear that the Htaccess Redirect Generator has a huge significance in SEO. It helps in utilizing the link juice optimally no matter even if the entire website is re-written. If you don’t want to lose old customers and maintain the flow of new traffic even after shifting the entire page, this is the best tool to get help from.

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