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About Bulk URL Shortener

What is Bulk URL Shortener?

As the name of this tool illustrates, the bulk URL shortener is capable of shortening multiple web addresses. You just need to store all the targeted links in a document and paste them directly to the space available in the URL shortener tool.

It is capable of reducing the link less than 20% of the actual link size in many cases. Lengthy URL contains random characters and numbers that nobody can memorize. While presenting them somewhere for the purpose of marketing, you need to compress them with the help of a bulk URL shortener.

Also, there are some platforms that allow only a limited number of characters for sharing your views for the brand. On these influential platforms, you need to elaborate big information in the minimum possible words. Here comes the role of a bulk URL shortener.

While sharing a link, this tool can help you a lot in saving characters. with the help of this innovative tool, you can do a lot of interesting as well as productive things as mentioned below:-

  1. Link masking
  2. URL shortening
  3. Link tracking
  4. Link retargeting

For understanding all these features in detail, you need to scroll down.

Importance of Bulk URL Shortener tool

The URL shortener tool is mainly significant for the purpose of online marketing where customer targeting strategies change on a regular basis. whether you are doing search engine Optimisation or PPC campaigning, the link shortening tool can help in both concerns.

Short URLs are easy to share on all social media platforms. Every link shortener tool has distinctive features. Some of them allow you to track the number of clicks and views whereas others also provide information regarding geographical locations.

Long URLs are very difficult to adjust for marketing purpose. Not only for social media but, short URLs also helpful in effective email marketing. After sending emails to multiple potential customers, you can keep a record of its success rate. Out of total emails, then a number of links clicked in various locations are easy to track.

How does the Bulk URL Shortener tool work?

The URL shortener tool is very easy to operate if you have a computer system and working internet connection. Just a web address is required that is offering the tool of shrinking lengths. Scroll down to know the complete process of using it.

  1. Search for the Bulk URL shortener from the home page and open the tool in new tabs to see the interface.
  2. You will find a blank space to paste multiple urls. There is a limit of every tool that you need to check before using.
  3. Copy all the URL that you want to convert and paste in this section. Click on the convert button and solve the captcha image puzzle. The shortened URL will appear below in the results section of the same page.

Bulk Url Shortener for Successful Digital Marketing Campaigning

bulk url shortener

Have you ever felt the need for sending or storing links in bulk for the purpose of digital marketing? As a search engine Optimisation expert you need to deal with hundreds of URLs on a regular basis.

Some of them are so big that you cannot utilize them and many places where needed. URL contains a lot of messy characters that are difficult to use from the perspective of SEO. For adding a link in the text content, you have two options i.e.

  1. Hyperlinking
  2. Pasting the link directly

if you want to paste the link in text content, it must be short and easy to understand. If you use the entire URL as it is, it will occupy space and make your content unattractive. Therefore, it becomes essential to reduce their size and simplify them. There are some online tools to help you with this concern.

The bulk URL shortener tool is capable of shortening multiple URLs at a time. We also recognize tool as link shrink, URL condenser & link compressor. The ultimate purpose of all of them is to reduce the long size and make it convenient to utilize everywhere. The information we are mentioning in the article below is going to help you in understanding this tool easily.

Why do we need the Bulk URL Shortener Tool?

1. It is very convenient to manage short links as compared to the lengthy ones. For various purposes, long links are not compatible and they also become a big issue in the ranking. Google crawler of the search engine considers the characters of a URL for indexing and ranking purpose.

If the URL is very long and contains irrelevant characters more than the relevant keyword, you will not get the desired results of hard work.

2. Link sharing is one of the primary objectives of all marketing tasks. Until the link of a particular website or page is not published at its desired platform of marketing, you cannot expect adequate traffic. While sharing the links on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, make sure that they are simple and short. You cannot copy and paste the entire URL without shortening it.

On these platforms, you have to convey an influential message in minimum possible words. If your text content or the URL is lengthy, people lose their interest in reading ok clicking on it. Some smart link shortening service providers are also capable of providing your data regarding the number of total views for your shared link.

3. For marketing purposes, these links are very useful because you can track and compile the click that is very convenient. The comprehensive data provided by some link shortening tools include geographical location, live click data & the link of the web page where your URL was clicked. Such kind of information is very useful for webmaster users and search engine Optimisation analyst to make further strategies.

On the basis of cracking the locations of maximum clicks, they customize the strategies of marketing for a particular geographical location. Targeting potential customers become very convenient with this detailed information. Companies develop better products and services according to the demand of a particular location.

4. More links in less space increase the potential of sharing on social media platforms. Rather than creating a different tweet for every single page, you can add multiple URLs in a single tweet. Platforms like Twitter allow only a limited number of characters.

Some URLs are so big that they occupy the entire limit of characters and leave no space for descriptions. Here comes the role of a bulk URL shortener tool. It converts multiple links at a time that you can compile in a single tweet.

5. Link retargeting has become a primary marketing strategy for various online businesses. Even the biggest eCommerce platforms are also using link retargeting feature to target the customers even when they are surfing other websites. You may have seen the advertisements of the same products after visiting Amazon or eBay on other websites.

They are using the link shortening tools that also help in retargeting potential customers. Use vigilance on social media platforms and they will earn you adequate traffic better than most of the marketing strategies currently trending. A user just needs to click on this link for once and advertisements will automatically start reflecting on various websites simultaneously.

Advantages of Bulk URL Shortener

After reading the above information, it is clear that Bulk URL Shortener is a very helpful tool for digital marketing purposes. Not only for effective marketing but it can also provide you details regarding customer preferences and their patients. Such kind of information can be utilized for other for making more effective marketing strategies.

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