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About Binary to Text Converter

What is Binary to Text Converter Tool?

A binary to text is an amazing tool to convert binary code into normal text. First, the sequence code is formed and then it matched ASCII code to know its Alphabet or digit or Special character. After matching the binary code then it is converted back into normal text within a matter of milliseconds. The computing calculations are done at a faster rate by computer programming language without any errors.

Why do we need a Binary to Text Converter Tool?

We need this tool to know the sequence code of binary number and that can converts back into normal text correctly or not. Since it is very complex, doing manually takes a lot of time to convert binary into normal text. Just copy-paste the binary code in the text box and click 'Convert to Text' button to know its original text.

We all know that computer, laptop, mobile, and other electronic devices use a binary number to perform calculations and converts back to normal text or number. So use a text to binary tool to know its sequence of binary code and use this tool to check its original text or sentence.

A binary representation may be a character, letters, spaces, punctuations and ASCII character. The binary number for upper case and lower case ASCII letters are completely different, so converting manually is very difficult. Hence we need this tool to understand the binary conversion from computers, laptops, mobile, and other electronic devices.

In order to understand this tool completely, let's take a small example as shown below:


01001000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00111111


How are you?

In the previous tool called text to binary where it is to used to convert text to binary number system such as 0 and 1. But in this tool we have the binary number to be converted into text or digit or ASCII code or decimal number, It is just to show the conversion on how results are generated. If you have a series of binary code, it is difficult to understand for a common person. In order to figure out the binary code, use the binary converter tool to read the binary format into readable text, digit or ASCII code.

In computer language, all the texts, images, videos, and other elements are converted and executed in the binary number system. Especially in web development technology, all the elements are converted in binary form, where the 1 represents 'ON' and 0 represents 'OFF' status. By forming a sequence of all the binary code which is used to perform mathematical calculations and converted back to the normal text or other formats within a matter of milliseconds.

binary to text

Importance of Binary to Text Converter Tool

The importance of this tool is to know the conversion between 1 form to another form which is binary to text. To solve computation problems a binary code is required, but to understand for a common user it should be converted back into normal text, number, ASCII code, and a decimal number.

Another importance of this tool is for students and computer professional who needs to check the binary code is properly executed to its original source or not. So within a short period of time, this tool can help you convert binary code to normal text.

How does a Binary to Text Converter Tool works?

This tool is very easy to use, just follow these simple steps as shown below,

1) Just copy-paste the binary code in the following text box to identify text, number, decimal, special characters, and ASCII characters.
2) Then click "Convert to Text" button to know the original text.
3) If you have a binary file to convert, just click on the "load file" to upload.
4) If you want to know a sample of 'Text', just click "Sample" and click again on the "Convert to Text" button.
5) Clear all data by clicking a "Reset" button.

Benefits of Binary to Text Converter Tool

1) Using this tool, it is very easy to convert from binary to text, number, ASCII code, and decimal number within a fraction of second.
2) Binary code technology is very helpful in school projects and higher education to know completely how it works.
3) It saves a lot of human time to convert complex binary code to its original text. So irrespective of how large the code is, this tool will help you.
4) The tool is completely free to use 'n' number of times at any time without installing any software.


The goal of this tool is to covert valid binary numbers into normal text, number, ASCII code, and decimal number without any errors at a faster rate. Either you have a small or big file, the tool can handle all sets of data within a matter of milliseconds.

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