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About Keyword Rank Checker

keyword rank checker

What is a Keyword rank checker?

It is one of the top SEO factors to analyze keyword ranking position for the web page in search results. People will take a lot of time to identify the keyword ranked for a particular web page, so with the help of this tool, you can check your website rankings for the top keyword in both Google and Yahoo search results.

A keyword rank checker is a simple tool that identifies keyword position by scanning your website on WWW (World Wide Web) to find keyword position faster than manual searching.

The goal of every SEO is to rank the web page for a website with a particular keyword. A proper keyword is one of the main think Search Engine Optimization, so with the help of Keyword rank checker tool, you can analyze the position of Keyword in Google, Yahoo, Bing search results.

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Don't know how to use this tool?

1) Enter the URL in the box.

2) Specify the list of keywords line by line.

3) Select the range of the position to be checked in search results.

4) Once done click the submit button and watch the magic happening.

How is exactly the keyword position checker tool works?

Once site URL list of keywords is entered, the tools scan the search engines by the phrases of the keyword requested. As the tool runs in the background and gives keyword results in both Google and Yahoo. You can check any number of keywords at the same site or different site, the website can be much focused for the keyword ranking till the site reaches top 10 positions in search results.

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Here you need to focus on a better keyword ranking:

1) Select a good low competition keyword and make use of the keyword with long tail version in your pages according to search engine and SEO guidelines

2) When optimizing with the keyword, your content should be unique and error free, grammar free. Because Google loves only quality content and gives preference who gives value to the visitors and rank accordingly. Search engines give only importance to the quality website.

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3) Interlink all the pages which are created on the site. So the visitor can able to see other pages properly because this creates a strong link juice between the pages.

Along with it, build backlinks from the external sites gives way more value to the site and chances may rank faster.

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