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About Plagiarism Checker tool

plagiarism checker

Check your content for plagiarism using this tool, just copy your content and paste the content into the form below. Then click the submit button on the box and wait for the tool to check the content is uniqueness or not. It is that easy to check your content uniqueness and quality.

To know how plagiarism checker tool works?

First, your article scanned line by line from the Internet (WWW - World Wide Web). If any line shows red in color, means the content path is not unique and green color shows the content is uniqueness. Along with the line by line response to the content, it shows the percentage of content is uniqueness by carefully verifying from the Internet.

All the phrases or sentences in red color represent the sentence already exist on another site. When the tool completed scanning your content, it shows red and green color sentences with how much percentage exactly your content is uniqueness.

How is plagiarism helpful?

Without checking your content uniqueness, if you publish the duplicate content on your website Google may identify this content is duplicate and blacklist the site. Spamming techniques may fall your site rankings to the end of search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL.

Plagiarism checker checks the content is uniqueness or not if you have a duplicate content on your website you lose the valuable ranking in search results. To avoid the duplicate content Plagiarism tool has been evolved to identify fresh content all the time.

In order to help users detect copied content from all around the web, we have created a similar free plagiarism tool for students, professors, content writers, journalist to protect the content & not to be stolen from the publisher.

Everyone requires fresh and quality content, so it is important to focus and create a new content from scratch without any thought of duplication. Especially people in the field of online publications, news and students are necessary to have plagiarism checker tool for analyzing any duplicate content lines and avoid using the same content on their site. That’s the reason many site publishers use plagiarism checker tools and software before publishing them.

How to use plagiarism checker tool?

  • First copy the required content and paste on the plagiarism tool, then type the captcha code & click the submit button. The tool will analyze every line step by step to differentiate plagiarised content and the original content in red and green color.
  • Once plagiarised content is identified, it has to be rewritten to make the content unique.

plagiarism checker tool

Plagiarism checker helps in identifying the content quality and uniqueness. Publishing your content with this method helps it compete with other sites easily and rank very well

  1. The Plagiarism tool is to eliminate duplicate content and publish quality content. All the SEO analyst specialist and uses Plagiarism tool check the content before publishing to any third party websites.
  2. The plagiarism is 100% percent free to use without any difficulty. This tool will become great in the history of search engine and all SEO content writers, students with a professional degree, professors check for their mistakes to be rewritten easily. Many top universities use Plagiarism tool verify the current student's assignments and projects.

You can check around 1500 words using word counter freely without registration or interruption. The tool is mobile friendly and completely free for the life to check your content anywhere at any time.

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