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link analyzer tool

Analyzing your links is very important for both search engine and users to know about your pages. The crawler tries to identify the links present in your site to index remaining pages if the interlinking is not optimized properly search engines may not identify your remaining pages and index properly.

Along with interlink, you can find external links and no follow links pointing to your site by the help of this tool.

The main purpose of this tool is to scan all terms of links against competitors and improve your rankings.

Link analyzer tool analyses your site how many internal links, external links and no follow links to your website. To know how to use the tool URL and click submit button, It shows the complete data of your site with internal links, external links and no follow links

Internal links- internal links mean connecting all the pages within your website to make a proper hierarchy structure of the website. Visit for more information for Internal Links

External links- external links mean getting links from other websites by anchor text because it gives a value to your site as an authority. Visit for more information For External links

No-follow links - no-follow links are same as external links but it does not follow your site as a quality backlink.

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