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About Class C Ip Checker

class c ip checker

The tools are developed with a most efficient algorithm to check if the same class C IP address is hosting multiple domains or single domain. If you have around 2 domains, it is very easy to identify the class C IP for a small number of domains by simply entering url in the text box and click submit button. But you can check around 40 domains at a time whether all the domains are same ip address or not.

Many of the website owners host website in shared hosting, which is shared by many other sites of the same class C IP address. The Class C IP checker checks if it hosted multiple domains on the same hosting and identify duplicate IP address.

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If the website sharing with the same ip address, it will impact seo rankings because other websites with the same IP are blacklisted by search engines due to copyright issue. Having a dedicated ip to your hosting will be better than shared hosting.The tool will help in identifying such kind of domains and we alert you to go for upgraded hostings like VPS or Dedicated hosting that is not shared the same IP.

The purpose of this tool is to check the same class C IP is hosted by many domains on shared hosting, the tool will also help to find duplicate IP address of class C blocks. You just need to enter by copying URL and paste into the text box to check class C IP is shared by many domains or not.

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