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domain authority checker

In the world of today's SEO, domain and page authority gave a real shot for website rankings. As Moz introduced domain authority to determine how well the websites will rank in search engines against the competitors. The website which has more domain authority gives more strength and search engines will give more preference to rank in search results.

Domain authority checker tells how well your domain plays an important role in ranking factor, it may be based on domain age, popularity, and links (inbound and outbound). So we offered free seo tools to check domain authority of your site without registration, not only 1 domain you can check 20 domains at once without much effort.

How Is Domain authority score calculated?

Mainly domain authority score is calculated using several metrics combined. But backlinks are the backbone of all rankings, so any links from high authority sites pointing to your site will have a huge impact on rankings than other key metrics. The more the link juice pointing to your site will have a huge ranking potential and increases in domain authority score. To know exactly how many backlinks you have been obtained, use the backlink checker tool to identify backlinks data

Core Part of Domain authority have been listed below:-

1) Domain age: Many new websites appear daily to run their site is either for business or personal use. It may not be survived very long time to run a business online and domain age will be very less compared to competitors and fail to rank, the website owners should register their website for long years to rank in search engines because domains are very less price to renew and keep continuing your business.

2) Link building:

  • Improve your link building through content marketing from other sites which have higher authority in order to increase traffic.
  • Do not buy any links from third party sites because the link will have a negative impact on your seo ranking and decrease rankings from search results.
  • Link building should be increased slowly at regular interval of time by writing good content on third party websites, social media, press release sites.
  • Link building should be balanced both no-follow and do-follow links without getting blacklisted as per search engine guidelines.
  • Always focus on Quality of links not the quantity of links, because that is the key strategy for online success.

3) Authority: Do not hide your details on the website, because Google gives more preference to the website which follows authority information like authors name, external links, rich snippets optimization.

4) Https: HTTPS provides secure access to web pages by encrypting data between server and web-browser for easy secure data transfer. Even Google is giving more preference in ranking at a small portion and helps increase in domain authority score. Just purchase genuine and trusted GoDaddy SSL certificate to maintain secure transaction between server and web browser.

5) TLD: Top level domains will also play in ranking in google

.COM is globally played in ranking.

.Edu and .gov has more preference in domain rankings

6) Internal and External links: Build internal and external links within the web pages using anchor text within the content, so it helps both user experience and search engine spiders to crawl, index website easily.

7) On Page Optimization: On page should be clearly structured with navigation, optimizing meta title, description, sitemap, robots file, internal and external linking, header tags, alt text for images, implementing long tail keywords in the content for better seo.

8) Social Media Signals: This is also one of the key factors in improving domain authority score. Increase in likes and shares on social media will gain more strength to site and rank well.

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