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About URL Rewriting Tool

url rewriting tool

The URL rewriting tool helps to check the URL's whether it is a static or dynamic URL. This tool converts dynamic into static URL's with a single click. The purpose of URL rewriting tool is to improve user ability and search engine friendliness of your site URL's.

Why do search engines not like dynamic url's?

Dynamic URL's keep changing when an action is beginning. So the URL's should be converted into SEO friendly URL's for better ranking.

Static URL's are the trend to index and rank faster in search results, Dynamic URL's are difficult to understand by the user and search engine about the page. So in this case, it should be converted into static URL's for better understanding. The tool rewrites your dynamic URL's into respectable static or SEO friendly URL's.

For example,

If a particular script executes a particular query, default it shows dynamic url.


By using a mod rewrite technique using .htaccess, you can convert the dynamic into static url instantly for the generated script


How to use URL Rewriting Tool?

Enter your dynamic URL in the box and click submit button. The tool converts by taking dynamic URL and convert into static URL for better understanding. So in this way, proper permalinks and ranking in top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL are very important in terms of SEO perspective.

What are the benefits of this url rewriting tool?

  • It helps to convert dynamic into static URL's with one click of a button.
  • Both users and search can understand easily about the page url
  • Improves organic search engine results and helps to eliminate n number of duplicate pages indexing in the search engine.
  • Improves security of the site structure with clean permalinks.
  • Later all the dynamic URL's can be easily redirected to the original page.
  • Protects the application from malicious hacker from understanding the url structure.

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