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About Alexa Rank Checker

alexa rank checker

What is Alexa rank, and how it is useful?

Alexa rank is a mechanism that provides website traffic data and analytics information for the particular website.

Alexa ranking system is actually brought you by This is completely free to use for checking your website Alexa ranking status if your site as low Alexa rankings the site will be more visibility to search engines. The Alexa tool is acquired by Amazon in 1999, the main aim of this tool is to collect browsing data, page views, rankings and other SEO factors to Alexa database for storing and analyzing web data.

Alexa traffic ranks are updated daily based on many SEO key factors. The rank which is calculated only for top level domains (for ex: but not for the subdomains or subpages(source: If the Alexa traffic is less than 100k then it is considered as growing blog or company with trustworthiness for many years.

All the business owners need a very good conversion rate for their online success, they need to score high in Google, and Alexa ranking helps in giving real time up to data to the business to reach their maximum goals.

How does this tool work?

As you already may know to use the tool, it requires 3 basic steps

  • Enter the required top-level domain in the text box to find Alexa ranking
  • Enter the captcha text code in the box
  • Click the submit button to find Alexa ranking for the site.

The tool will analyze your website and gather the analytical data of Alexa rankings.

Benefits of Alexa ranking checker tool

  • It provides accurate traffic and ranking data for your website.
  • Alexa tool provides exact analytics report compared to other software or online tool.
  • You can monitor site activities and social performance.
  • The tool shows differences between organic traffic and ads metrics data.
  • The lower the Alexa rank, the higher the web traffic and authority for the site.

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