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About Online Word Counter

online word counter

Word counter is a simple online tool that counts words and characters exactly present in the content. You just need to copy and paste into the text box, then it is calculated automatically for a click of the submit button. The tool will run on the back-end and displays the number of words and characters within seconds.

The tool will be very useful for content writers, blog owners, forum posting, website, social media analyst and much more to check an exact number of words and characters in the piece of content that you have written for marketing.

The tool is built with present supports all types of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 11 without any technical problems.

What is word counter from

The tool is built with small code to calculate respective words and characters for the given input of text with the click of a submit button.

Use of this tool

  1. Helps content writers, bloggers, to find an of words so that it would be helpful. When a writer writes set of paragraphs then this tool is easy to identify the required words and eliminate remaining words.
  2. The tool is most helpful for posting on social media like facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn to post exact amount of characters for online promotion
  3. The tool is also helpful in identifying on page content factor of checking competitor’s content and the required website.
  4. The tool is very optimistic in finding required characters for on-page optimization like Meta tags (title, description) length.
  5. Word counter also can be used for checking the characters for PPC campaign strategy.

Word counter is the key to calculating a number of words for off-page optimization factors like directory submission, social bookmarking, blog/article submission, pdf submission, email marketing etc. To check your content of many words and characters are there in the content, just copy the content and paste in the box then click the submit button, the tool analyses and shows the result of a number of words and characters in the content.

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