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About Text Compare

Got two files with similar contents? No Worries! Now you can compare two files, texts, documents, even web pages by using the online text comparison tool. The contents can be in various formats you want to compare, and it displays the results in seconds by highlighting the difference in the output box. You can know what exactly has been copied between the two documents or poorly paraphrased. The text compares online tool allows you to check for the similarities between the two different texts quickly.

What is Text Compare?

Text compare is one of the best text comparison-online tools available on the web that compares the difference between two texts or files and gives you accurate results.

This tool is simply a text-to-text comparison application that helps you check the similarities between two different contents. Usually, the tool is used to prevent plagiarism or duplication between two separate written files. It highlights the words and sentences that are similar and matching completely. This tool has no limitations of use, and you can compare as many texts and you can

  • Compare texts between two files or documents by pasting them directly into the box.
  • Compare files difference by directly uploading doc, pdf, and text files.
  • Check text difference by pasting webpage URLs

It is an automated online tool that can be used by anyone who wants to compare texts in any documents or files. Writers, developers, business individuals, teachers, students, or anyone, text compare tool can make the lives of everyone involved easier.

How does a Text Compare tool work?

Text Compare tool has a straightforward layout that makes it easy to use while accessing it on the website. It has two panels side by side, paste the text in the left pane and the right panel, and click "Compare" to see the difference in the third panel.

Follow these simple steps below to find out the duplicate content in seconds.

  • Open Text Compare tool from home page
  • The tool opens with each side having two text boxes, giving the URL, copying, and paste, or uploading files, documents, etc. It analyzes the boxes on the right with the text in the left boxes to check the difference.
  • After that, click the button "Compare Text" below to get results
  • You can check multiple files by refreshing or just pasting the content in the boxes
  • Edit or switch the texts as per your requirement

Why Do We Need Text Compare?

There can be several reasons why we need text compare tools in our personal and professional lives. Several people copy content from one website and post it on their website without quoting the primary author or the owner. And according to cyber law or Google, it is a crime if you are copying the contents of someone else's, which falls under copyright.

This is also in-human if you are taking credit for the contents that belong to a real person. So, to check if someone is doing that with your write-ups, the text compare tool quickly finds out the website and the details of that person to which you can take action. You can also compare and make changes to make it unique.

Professors use text comparison tools online to check if any students copied in the exams. Writers and authors use this tool to check similar contents or words copied, if any, over the internet. You can always check the contents to see if someone has text differences or copied and if you find someone, you can contact the person and ask to remove it. Text compare tool helps you to avoid such worries in professional writing.

Advantages of Text Compare

From duplicate content to plagiarism, the text compare tool serves multiple purposes. With its easy-to-use interface, the tool helps side-by-side comparisons, identifies the similarities, and allows you to rectify them. The unique advantages of the text compare tool are enlisted below:

  • Checks similarities between two documents, files, web pages, etc.
  • Helps in identifying rephrased words or sentences between two texts
  • Quickly scan texts and track duplication between both files
  • Free to use text comparing tool
  • Helpful for writers, teachers, students, and webmasters
  • No need to download or install anything, use it online for free
  • Works on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Can compare unlimited texts per day


The popularity of the text compare tool is increasing as it helps many to analyze the text difference, whether it's a word document or paragraph of codes, or numeric data. Although there are many tools available over the internet that offer similar services, the text compare tool provides quick and accurate comparisons! So, without wasting your time and effort, use this simple to use tool to check the web's text difference.