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About Password Strength Checker

What is password strength checker?

As the name illustrates, the password strength checker is utilized for measuring the difficulty of a password. Hackers use a brute force technique to gain access to your account. They use the processing power of computer systems to attack an account.

The processor rapidly tries all possible combinations of characters to find the password. Well, designed strength checker tool is capable of calculating the difficulties levels. As you keep on typing characters with the keyboard in the space provided by this tool, eat smartly examine the strength and tell you about hacking probability time period.

In password strength checking meter, red is the poorest score whereas green signifies the highest strength. Generally, we always remain in a hurry to utilize the features of a website or mobile app and never care about its security. It may serve the purpose for current times but make your account vulnerable to cyber-security threats for a lifetime.

Most of the times our accounts on the website for mobile applications remain logged in. If we are not safeguarding these accounts with strong passwords, anyone will snake inside our personal life and create chaos.

How does the password strength checker tool work?

Using a password strength checker tool is not difficult at all. You don't need any kind of technical skills for operating this simple tool. If you are a first time user, these steps can help in understanding how it actually works.

  1. Open online password strength checker page from the search engine results or open directly.
  2. When you open the website, a blank space will appear where you can enter the text. Paste your password or type a new one in the blank space.
  3. As you keep on pressing the buttons, the tool will identify strength and provide status of the given passwords. The status may be weak, very weak, medium, and strong. Once you are done with creating a password, copy it, and use wherever necessary.

Utilizing Password Strength Checker Tool Optimally

password strength checker

What is the basic requirement for creating an account on the website or mobile application? Obviously, you need a username and unique password. The username is your public identity whereas password is a privacy protection method. Online accounts are meant for various purposes that can be personal or professional.

Sometimes, we create accounts on social media and multimedia websites for global interaction and entertainment. On the other hand, the professional accounts store your data, provide business contacts and secret information that no one should know.

For safeguarding all of these accounts, the basic requirement is a strong password. If you are still using a password related to first name, last name, birthday, parents name or your lover's name, it is a big mistake.

Hackers can easily as such kind of accounts and steal crucial information that may be related to your personal or professional life. While creating an account, make sure that you are setting a strong password which is difficult to hack.

Rather than using a single format of digits or alphabets, you need to mix all possible combinations. This includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numeric digits & special characters. Now the question is, how to who identified that your password is strong enough to defend against potential threats.

You can check with the help of a password strength checker tool. For more information regarding this free online tool, you need to scroll down.

Why do we need the password strength checker tool?

1. Safeguarding sensitive information security

Suppose you make a source code, algorithm, text content for graphic design. Such kind of material is stored in various file formats. For instance, PSD file for graphics, .Doc file for text or HTML file for source code. These files occupy different sizes of memory space whether you are storing in a hard disk or cloud storage.

For the ease of sharing, cloud technology is being highly utilized by all professionals. These files may contain valuable data that make costs millions of dollars. You cannot safeguard such kind of files with any random password. Before creating an account, it is essential to check the strength with the help of an online tool.

These tools calculate the probability of exploitation on the basis of current technology used for hacking. The brute-forcing technique requires a certain period of time to crack a password. If it contains all characters that are required for strengthening, the tool will show a green signal to use.

2. Protecting your personal life on social media

You must be aware of this fact that most of our personal life secrets are stored in the database of social media websites. Take the example of Facebook. It is recording your every single activity including chat record, locations checked in, posts, comments, photos, and videos uploading.

Some of these pieces of information are so personal that you cannot imagine that anybody else will see it. If anybody gains access to your social media accounts by brute-forcing the password, they can publish it online or ask for ransom. For avoiding such kind of circumstances, you need a reliable password strength checker tool.

3. Keeping people away from your computer system smartphone

Password is not only meant for online accounts but also safeguard your digital devices such as smartphones, laptop, and desktop pc. If the website or mobile application is already logged in, anyone can assess these accounts conveniently.

Therefore comma your devices must be protected with a strong password. Never be so lazy to feel helpless in making an attempt for unlocking your computer system or smartphone with a password.

All of you are logged in accounts are vulnerable to security threats until there is not any strong password for safeguarding the devices. It may not protect your account from the remote attackers but keep the people away who can touch the device physically. In other words, you can utilize a password strength checker tool to stay safe in both real & virtual worlds.

Importance of password strength checker tool

The virtual world of internet, only your password strength is a reliable companion for safeguarding crucial information. If anyone manages to gain access to your account, consider the entire data gone stolen. Without a password strength checker tool, you should not sign up to a new account.

If your password contents only lowercase or uppercase letters that too in repeated mode, the probability of its exploitation by brute force attack is very high. Not only for new accounts but this tool is also useful for checking already existing passwords. You must be using countless accounts that may belong to personal or professional purposes.

The online password strength checker tools enable you to check the security levels of already existing accounts. Type the password in an online tool and it will automatically detect the strength. If the password is weak, customize it with some new characters until the tool shows the green signal.

Advantages of password strength checker

From the above information, it is clear that a password strength checker is a useful tool for both personal and professional life. One can utilize it for safeguarding already existing as well as new accounts. You can freely roam across the entire virtual world of the internet without worrying about compromising security.

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