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About Internet Speed Test

What is Internet Speed Test?

Internet speed test tools of current times are designed to critically examine meaning every single aspect that is affecting the speed. When you run a test, it gathers some crucial information including the downloading speed, jitter, ping and uploading speed.

Moreover, you can also identify the server and its location with the help of the same tool. At our home or professional location, different devices need a different kind of internet speed to work properly.

How does the Internet Speed Test tool work?

The online internet speed test is one of the easiest procedures that anyone can do. You just need a device working on internet connection and a web address that provide the services of speed testing. Here is a complete process regarding the working of this tool:-

  1. Open your browser and search for the online speed tester tools.
  2. Open free or 4 websites in the top-most results because they are highly trusted by worldwide internet users.
  3. When you open the website, different interfaces will appear. On most of the websites, there will be a speedometer where you need to click.
  4. The process of speed testing will automatically start with just one click.
  5. Once the process starts, the tool, first of all, examine downloading speed.
  6. The next test is executed for checking the uploading speed. Usually, the upload speed of an internet connection is slower than downloading.

Internet Speed Test Tool - Uploading and Downloading Speed Test

internet speed test

This is the era of high-speed internet where we expect more and more speed for streaming high definition videos, downloading large files quickly and execution of professional tasks. If you go back to the flashback a decade ago, the comparison between internet speed will surprise you.

Only a few people had access to the internet that too with 3G speed or heavily expensive broadband plans. As time changes, online connectivity evolved. Consequently, 4G, 5G and Giga fiber networks come to existence.

While subscribing to an internet plan, we always check heads connectivity speed and the total amount of data. There is not any way to check the internet speed until we test it practically. The most convenient way to check the real-time speed of internet connection is through an online speed tester tool.

These tools are very convenient to use. When you run attached to this tool, it will gather information with a ping test. Here is some detailed information regarding this tool to understand it in a much better way.

The most important three tasks that we usually do with an internet connection are:-


The process of downloading involves the transfer of data from its source to your device. Downloading can be of anything including videos, audio, text document file, graphics document file or any other file format.

This process consumes the maximum bandwidth of the internet as compared to any other process. Before downloading heavy files, make sure that you have adequate internet speed and data plan that supports big files downloading.


Exactly opposite to download, the process of uploading involves sending your data to some other source. You must be aware of this fact that the uploading speed of an internet connection differs from its downloading speed.


Online streaming has become the most popular way of entertainment in current times. Due to the high-speed internet connections, now it has become possible to stream live videos with high definition and 4K resolution. Streaming consumes less data as compared to the process of downloading.

An internet speed test tool examines all these aspects precisely to provide you with the most accurate results. From the information mentioned below, you will be able to understand why we need to get a speed test tool.

Why do we need the Internet Speed Test tool?

Before subscribing to an internet connection

Generally, we see the advertisement for broadband or mobile sim operator before subscribing to their internet plan. Always remember that there is a significant difference between what they promised and what they deliver. Rather than trusting their advertisements blindly, it is important to check the speed practically.

Ask them to conduct a test in your location to make sure that you will get adequate internet speed as per expectation. Choose randomly two or three online speed test tools for confirming the reliability. Many people complain that they are not getting promised internet speed even after subscribing to the most expensive plans.

Generally, this happens due to location differences. It is possible that broadband connection offering 100 MBPS speed in one location only deliver 40 to 50 Mbps speed in another location. Rather than going with the popular names in the market, you need to test everything practically.

Setting up a network in professional locations

When it comes to the setting of a new business, internet connection has become one of the basic requirements. Not only in the IT industry but the production sector is also depending on a high-speed internet connection for various operational activities. The slow speed of the internet badly affects the entire productivity.

While operating an online business, the introduction of 5 or 10 minutes in connectivity also causes a huge loss. How can you imagine to run it entirely on slow speed? From the perspective of professional use, there is no space for compromising with speed quality.

You don't need to be expert networking professional. The online tools of speed testing do this task very conveniently without confusing you with complicated functions.

Lag-free online gaming and streaming

Serious online gamers need a high-speed internet connection with consistency. A little bit of slowdown in frame refresh rate results in big loss during the gaming session. For ensuring uninterrupted entertainment, it is important to check the internet speed.

It is not only meant for personal use but also crucial commercial locations where online video gaming and streaming facilities are available. If you are running such kind of business, high-speed internet connection is necessary to maintain quality. Otherwise, potential customers will search for some better options on the market.

Importance of Internet Speed Test tool

For digital marketing purposes

Digital marketing requires a high-speed internet connection because you have to open countless tabs and browsers in a single time. Also, downloading the backup of heavy files for uploading them on cloud space require very high speed. If you have subscribed to a standard data plan, the speed of work will be very slow.

When the work efficiency is slow, you cannot achieve the desired goals in a particular period of time. Internet speed test helps in making sure that you have the right speed quality according to the requirement of heavy workload.

Ask the service provider to test the internet connection with the different plans they are offering. After checking everything practically, it becomes convenient to finalize a plan that is suitable according to the number of employees currently working.

For entertainment purpose

A major part of online data is consumed for entertainment purposes only. Nowadays, people are looking for data plans that can provide them with 4K online streaming. Nowadays, 3D, 4K and online streaming have become the primary requirements of every television.

If you are investing heavily for buying a feature which LED TV, it is also essential to set up a satisfactory internet connection. Online speed test tool can help you in making sure whether an internet connection is capable of providing you with the desired entertainment quality or not.

For operating an eCommerce business

The E-Commerce business of current times is not just limited in the criteria of big IT giants. The revolutionary changes in information technology have made it possible for every small and big trader to do their business online.

Apart from the delivery of household products and electronics etc. many other businesses are also coming into existence. For instance, the online food delivery or the household services such as plumbing, cleaning or wiring businesses are also shifting to the online portals.

If you are running such kind of business, instant response to the query and order is very important. All this is possible only if you have a good internet connection. While setting up these businesses, it is important to be a hundred percent sure about the reliability of internet speed.

Instant delivery services require 24X7 connectivity. A large number of competitors are already available in this industry. If your response is is just 1 or 2 minutes late, potential customers will shift to another service provider.

Advantages of Internet Speed Test

From the above information, it is clear that the internet speed test tool is a crucial requirement for professional as well as residential purpose. When you are investing in an internet plan, it is your right to make sure that service providers are not cheating.

These online tools work fairly for testing the speed of every internet service provider. For 100% assurance, you can execute the same test in multiple websites. The average results well show the exact speed you are getting from a particular service provider.

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