Favicon Generator Tool

Generate favicon for your website by any image. This tool converts any PNG, JPEG or GIF into ICO file Which can be used in website, PC or mobile application. Following image shows how web browser display favicon of website.


PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF Images should have a maximum size of 2Mb.

About Favicon Generator Tool

What is Online Favicon Generator?

The online favicon generator is a highly customizable graphics designing tool that you can operate through a website. There is no need to download any kind of software application in your computer system. You just need the basic knowledge of utilizing colors and importing images. A frame will be given to you for editing purpose on this online tool.

Use your creativity by combining colors and images in a small resolution and download the final image. The resolutions of an average favicon can be 16X16 or 32X32 pixels. Some favicon generator supports 8-bit colors whereas others may allow you to use 24-bit colors.

While using a web browser for surfing the internet, how do you recognize a particular website from multiple tabs? Will you click on every single tab and see the interface of a web page or try to recognize with its special icon? Obviously, any random person will identify the website with its small icon. This tiny image is known as favicon that you can also so I recognize as the smallest resolution of icons.

Take the example of Google search engine whenever you open a page containing the Google search engine results, it's icon will display as “G” official logo. This is called the favicon. Now, the question is how to produce distinctive favicon for your website? Generally, we need graphics designers for such kind of purpose is but favicons are much easier to produce.

These low-resolution icons are convenient to develop with the help of some online tools. You don't need to attain any graphic designing skill for preparing the design of a favicon. Just the knowledge of a good website and the right technique of preparing favicons is necessary.

If you are planning to put a new website on the server, it is essential to generate distinctive and beautiful favicon. it will remain the primary identity of your website forever. Read the section below if you want to gain more information regarding online favicon generator tool.

Space is available for favicon support only in three image formats which are ICO, GIF & PNG. While preparing a favicon, remember one thing that it is going to become the identity of a website forever. Therefore, invest some time on its designing rather than copying the favicon of other websites.

Why do we need Online Favicon Generator tool?

The online favicon generator tool is helpful for a website because of the following reason:-

  • Distinctive identification in the crowd thousands of websites coming every day through different servers. Even for a single product or service, you will find countless options while searching on a web browser.
  • However, every website cannot satisfy you with its product or service quality. You need to open multiple websites tabs in the browser and check their credibility. While initiating a number of searches, it becomes very difficult to navigate through the website if there is no special identification.
  • Some web designers copy the free favicons already existing on various websites and use them. If their competitors are also following the same strategy, it becomes very difficult to identify the website in the crowd of 10 or 15 tabs. Rather than copying the designs of others, it would be better to spend some time preparing your own favicon. It is not a difficult task, you just need to use some creativity.

favicon generator

Importance of Online Favicon Generator tool

From the perspective of the end user

If you consider a favicon generator tool from the perspective of the end user, it comprises a lot of significance. Even most of the internet users are getting the benefit of favicons without actually knowing their existence. These are the low-resolution icons shown on the tab of every particular website that you have opened in the browser.

If a website is productive enough for the user, they wish to visit there next time. The best way of remembering a web address is by bookmarking it in the browser. In the bookmarks list, it is the favicon icon that enables you to identify a relevant website from the rest of the crowd.

From the perspective of a website owner

A website owner needs an adequate number of visitors on a daily basis to earn the desired amount of revenue. On the virtual service portal of internet, favicons play a huge role in giving a separate recognition to a product or service. There may be thousands of websites available on the internet providing services identical to yours.

For letting the potential customers know about your brand, it is important to consider every marketing strategy whether it is small or big. In search of meaningful content, the end users open multiple websites at a time. While navigating from one tab to another, it becomes very confusing to remember the useful tabs.

With a distinctive favicon, the end user can easily identify your website. It is seen that many similar businesses use the same favicons that sometimes confuse the end user. If the website owner wants to retain the visitor's, it is important to you have a unique favicon. Believe it or not, this small favicon will also imply a huge impact on your revenue earning.

From the perspective of branding

A digital marketer has to implement every possible strategy of branding to achieve the goal of marketing. Logos, icons, favicons, tag lines, graphical representations are some of the most influencing factors of branding. Just imagine, how we will recognize that it is a web page that belongs to Google? At a single time, internet users may open multiple tabs for a single purpose. They highly prefer a website having good branding status.

The simplest way for letting them know the best brand is by putting the official logo as the favicon of the website's tab.

How does the Online Favicon Generator tool work?

After understanding everything about the favicon generator tool, let's get further to understand its working in detail.

  1. When you search on the internet, there will be a large number of websites offering favicon generator tools. However, all of them are not capable enough for serving a purpose. You need to find a website that is offering highly customizable controls to create a favicon.
  2. Once you identify the website, open it and go through the entire interface carefully. These items will have compatibility with all browsers, operating systems and web designing tools.
  3. They will provide you a 16x16 or 32x32 pixels resolution space to edit a small graphic with different color transparency and brush sizes. On a feature which website, you will have the option to import an image from your computer system, get ideas from the latest favicons available in the market for going through the top-rated favicons of all the time.
  4. Once you create by using different colors and designs, also see the preview option to know how it will appear actually.
  5. After finalizing a favicon former please on the download button and the file in your desired format will be downloaded in the computer system.

Advantages of Online Favicon Generator

Favicon is a small and low-resolution graphics but serves a great purpose when it comes to the identification of a website. While promoting an online business, never underestimate the importance of the smallest possible thing. Your few minutes of attention on creating favicon may result in effective branding establishment for the future.

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