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About Diff Checker

These days people from different professions copy content from one website and post them on another website without quoting or tagging real authors. They copy the real author's contents i.e. copyright materials and take all the credits. Although there are several tools available online to find out the copied contents Diff Checker is amongst the best of them.

What is a Diff Checker?

Diff Checker is a different tool that helps to find out if anyone used your content i.e. copyright material without your permission. Nowadays, copying the contents has become a job of some peoples and is increasing day by day. So, the Diff Checkertool compares and prevents the possibility of copying your content or text.

This online Diff Checkertoolwill display the results quickly by comparing the texts, words, and even sentences that are similar in two different files. It is easy to use as you need a source document and a document to be compared and get the output.

How does a Diff Checker tool work?

The Diff Checker tool is user-friendly and has easy to use interface that can be used by anyone who has a basic knowledge of computer systems. The online tool has a nicely designed interface with columns having two boxes.

In the first or the left box, copy and paste the content or text you want to check differences. And paste content or text in the right box to analyze the differences in text with the left box. You can also load other files in any format supported by the Diff Checker tool.

To find out the difference between your contents or texts simply click the “Check the Difference/Compare” button below the boxes. After that, the texts will be displayed on screen, left side as well as on the right side highlighting the differences. You can check and compare to see what texts or contents are copied and take necessary action.

You can perform multiple checks of your content by refreshing the tool or simply pasting the content in those boxes. The results will be displayed in seconds.

The Diff Checker tool is very safe to use as the texts that you enter in the box are not stored on their server rather it gets deleted automatically after you finished checking. So, it works to secure your contents from any further duplication.

Why do we need a Diff Checker Tool?

One of the primary reasons why do we need a diff checker tool is for producing original or unique content. There are many websites on the web, and only a few achieve the best search engine rank on Google, Yahoo, etc. There are certain conditions for any website to acquire a good rank and submitting unique content is one of them.

The diff checker tool helps you deliver original content by comparing the two contents and highlighting that are similar. After that, you can rephrase the contents that are similar and make them 100% original. It helps while you are working on an article, web page content, blog, etc.

Without a diff checker tool, you may not be able to identify the copied contents or code. The tool scans and compares the text and highlights the copied ones. The tool is easy to use and displays results in seconds, so you don’t have to check every line manually.

The tool is designed for those who don’t have the time to proofread content or check each line manually for any issues. Mostly the writers and content developers will benefit from this tool with 100% accuracy.

Advantages of Diff Checker Tool

Using the Diff Checker tool you can find differences between contents or texts that are written in two different documents. The main advantage of this tool is to identify missing parts, highlight duplicate texts, and check errors. It can be used in the different professions by various persons that may be a developer, normal user, writer, tester, webmasters, etc.

Some of the advantages of the Diff Checker tool-:

  • Quickly identify errors by comparing files
  • Easily drag and drop files and directories, copy-paste texts, upload files, etc
  • A built-in text editor helps you edit the documents within the interface
  • Compare document paragraphs using the synchronized word wrap
  • It has plug-ins to compare various formats in Word, Excel, and PDF documents
  • Developers use the Diff Checker tool to find differences in various codes.
  • Saves time and filters the quality content in seconds
  • Provides 100% accuracy in the document.
  • Can compare large text outputs till the character level
  • An extremely handy tool for anyone who needs to maintain copies of files in two different places.


There are several types of Diff Checker tools available to work offline, but most of the users prefer to work online to compare text files. The Diff Checker tool is free can be used by business organizations, teachers, students, and other professionals who are involved with writing.No doubt this is an efficient online diff checker tool for finding file differences online in the most efficient way.