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About Decimal to ASCII

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and is the most popular format for the internet as well as computer files. ASCII chart is another method used to convert decimal numbers into ASCII code. There are few algorithms available or you can also use the online converter to convert a decimal number to the ASCII code. Using an online decimal to ASCII converter is very easy and time-saving.

What is Decimal to ASCII?

Decimal to ASCII is an online converter tool that is used to convert a decimal number to ASCII code without wasting your time on heavy calculations. Decimal to ASCII converter has a very simple, easy-to-use interface and makes the process of converting very simple.

The Decimal to ASCII converter doesn’t require in-depth knowledge about the tool as it is extremely easy and even a novice user finds it productive. It is free and you can convert as many numbers in decimal format to ASCII code as you want. This not only saves your precious time but produces the ASCII code output in real-time.

How does a Decimal to ASCII converter tool work?

This Decimal to ASCII converter tool converts decimal values to ASCII strings. It is an algorithm-based tool that converts a decimal number into ASCII code.

  • Ease of access: The Decimal to ASCII converter tool is easy to access with its simple user interface
  • Easy conversion: The code through this converter tool will help in the easy conversion of decimal numbers to ASCII code of any number of the user's choice.

Decimal to ASCII is a simple browser-based utility that converts decimal numbers to ASCII text. Enter the decimal numbers in the input area of the box and you will quickly get ASCII chars in the output area.

Step 1) Go to Decimal to ASCII converter tool

Step 2)Enter the data in decimal format. Note: It has an option to select the number delimiters or sequence of numbers in decimal format separated by a space or comma, from the drop-down menu

Step 3) Conversion of parameters takes place immediately

Step 4) Output in ASCII format generated in the box.

Example of Decimal to ASCII

The example of Decimal to ASCII to convert a decimal number to the ASCII code. This Decimal to ASCII tool helps to convert series of decimal numbers into ASCII string, you can extract text from decimal encoded data multiple at a time.

For example, Let's say If you want to convert a series of decimal numbers like 64 65 66 to ASCII format. Here all the 3 decimal numbers are individual so you use a delimiter (like space, comma, or user-defined) for separating them and view the output in the ASCII format. The result can be seen in the ASCII text box, for 64 65 66 in decimal format would be @AB.

Remember: The decimal numbers have base 10 as the 10 digits are used between 0 and 9. The first position on the left side represents units, the second is tens, the third is hundred, and so on, etc.

ASCII is based on 128 characters with 26 letters of the English alphabet (lower and upper cases), numbers (0 to 9), and several punctuation marks. In ASCII code, each character is assigned a decimal number from 0 to 127.

Advantages of Decimal to ASCII Converter Tool

The main advantage of using a decimal to ASCII converter tool is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to know the conversion process. There is no need to learn the conversion process in detail and understand the logic behind this. It is free, extremely easy to use and you can convert as many numbers in decimal format to ASCII.

  1. A free tool with easy to use interface with its basic usage options and anyone with no technical knowledge can be converted from decimal to ASCII format in few simple steps.
  2. Great accuracy level with a high standard technical framework that you can rely on the accuracy level completely. The conversion of decimal to ASCII is done fast and without any errors being made.
  3. Time-saving conversions are done with short periods available. The converter helps in accomplishing the task accurately without wasting long time slots.
  4. Complete online usage of the decimal to ASCII converter tool is a big advantage as it requires no download or installation.
  5. Supports all formats of ASCII and decimal number system that the computer understands and gives output accordingly.


It is a must to know the number system and ASCII before you try to use the decimal to ASCII online converter tool for converting a number into another system. A decimal to ASCII is the best way to convert a number without performing any heavy calculations manually. These tools mentioned above have a simple interface and methods of converting very easily.