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About Online Comma Separator

What is Comma Separator?

The conversion of information available in excel sheets to a normal word document is very difficult without a dedicated tool. This is the reason why the free online comma separator comes to existence.

You don't need to download and install this tool in your computer system. Many online portals are offering this service online. You just need to copy and paste the text space available there. It is a very small and less known tool but comprises some smart features to simplify your life.

An excel sheet contains thousands of entries in the form of text and numerics. Whenever you feel the need to use this information in a plain text document, the difference between file formats become a big barrier to utilize it. A free online comma separator is the only possible tool available in current times to help you in this concern.

Crucial tasks like taking the names our zip codes for making SQL queries for testing data into an array after taking from CSV are among the major tasks that you can do with the help of free online comma separator or Delimiter tool. Enter the column data one side and get it and delimited format on the other side.

How does Online Comma Separator Tool work?

The tool is very simple to use and takes very less time to implement it

  1. Copy the excel data that you need to separate the data.
  2. Now paste the data into the left side text box of the tool.
  3. Now click the '>' button to separate column data into a comma.
  4. The final data will be comma-separated data on the right side of the text box
  5. You can also convert data into comma, semi-colon, spaces, New-lines, etc.

comma separator tool

Online Comma Separator and Its Significance for Professionals

The main objective of storing data in excel sheets is to organize all the information in a format that anyone can understand without confusion. Some of them are in comma’s, rows, or columns. Along with text information, numeric digits arrangement and their utilization in all mathematical forms is a very useful feature of Excel that you need in everyday task.

Sometimes, the situation occurs when we need to convert the entire content of Excel sheets into normal text format. If you copy the entire row or column from Excel and paste in the word file, it will be entered along with the table.

Even if you remove the table, the entries will display exactly like the format of the Excel sheet. Copy and paste of every single entry is a very time-consuming task. The smartest way to make it possible is with the help of the free online comma separator. This is an online tool capable of commerce between every entry to provide you with plain text. Here is complete information that you need to know about this innovative tool.

Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel two basic requirements that every professional need to store data and information in computer systems. They are not only important tools for professional but also has a huge significance for students and normal people you need to keep some important information in digital format occasionally.

Not only Microsoft but various other service providers including Google and Libri are also providing the same services with different names. However, the significance of Excel sheets from all service providers are the same. the Excel sheets are logically designed in rows and columns to arrange important data.

Why do we need a Online Comma Separator?

1. From the perspective of a content writer

Professional write contents on a regular basis need to add quality in their content with the help of solid evident proofs. Sometimes, this information is available in excel sheets and you need to copy the entire information. Copy and paste of every single entry individually consume a lot of time.

With a free online comma separator tool, you can save this time and utilize for various other tasks. Simply, copy the piece of information from Excel sheets that you want in the text document and convert with the help of this tool.

2. From the perspective of a digital marketer

A digital marketer needs Excel sheets regular basis for various important tasks. They need to store important information such as names, email addresses and other contact details in an organized format. The Excel sheets can help in arranging this information.

For the purpose of direct email marketing ok, you need all this information in a plain text format. Here comes the role of the free online comma separator tool. You can copy different pieces of information separately and convert them a separate text with the help of this tool. Moreover, it also helps in editing and adding data such as meta descriptions, meta tags or meta titles.

3. From the perspective of making SQL queries

If you are using a database management system for storing crucial information, SQL is a very basic language to know. While making SQL queries, you need a lot of information from Excel sheets.

However, the file format of Excel does not allow you to copy the entire content and paste exactly in the same format to utilize in a relational database management system. There must be commas separating every single information. Rather than doing this manually, it would be better if you are using a online comma separator tool.

4. From the perspective of students

Students need to prepare their annual reports or internship projects by obtaining data from various sources. These resources can be Excel sheets, websites or various PDF files. It is very convenient to get information from other sources but the file format of Excel sheets is something different.

It is not possible to copy and paste the entire data as available in the excel sheet. For using this information in a paragraph format, it is important to convert the entire content with the help of the free online comma separator tool.

Importance of Free Online Comma Separator

1.Time-saving tool

An excel sheet contains thousands of rows and columns containing crucial information that you need for various objectives. whether you are a professional digital marketer or just a student who wants to make a daily assignment, the online comma separator works only for everyone.

No matter how many entries you want to convert, it can handle all the entries of Excel and instantly convert them into plain text. It smartly detects the gap between every entry and places a comma. You can further edit this information by another special character such as inverted commas, semicolons, and full stops.

All this task require just a few seconds for processing. As compared to manual conversion, this tool saves a lot of time.

2. Maintain high accuracy

While separating all the entries with the help of a comma, this tool maintains a high level of accuracy. The entire task is done by a smart algorithm that detects the gap between every single entry and place commas automatically. If you are doing this past manually by adding commas between every single entry, there is a risk of using a comma in the wrong place or missing an entry.

The use of a single comma in the wrong place can change the meaning of the entire line. For avoiding such kind of human errors, it is important to utilize the online services like free online comma separator.

Advantages of Free Online Comma Separator Tool

The information mentioned in the above points is clearly illustrating that the free online comma separator is useful for various crucial purposes. Whether you are a digital marketing professional, programmer or a content writer, conversion from Excel to plain text is crucial for everyone. A free online comma separator tool makes it possible within a few seconds while maintaining high accuracy.

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