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About Average Calculator

The average is one of the most used terms in the field of statistics used by many agencies, research companies, investors, students, and more. It is the middle number in data that can be calculated by the way of number, series, data, and range.

The average calculator online tool helps you to calculate the average of the numbers. And the most interesting fact of the tool is that you can calculate the average by entering multiple values. The mean and average terms are the same used in this tool. While we all know the equation to find out the average manually is Average=sum/count, and the average calculator tool even uses the same formula to find out results quickly.

What is an Average Calculator?

The average calculator is a free online tool that helps to find the average of a given set of numbers within a few seconds.

The method of finding averages of a large set of numbers becomes more and more complex while doing manually. You may be wasting your valuable time and energy on doing manual calculations. So, to make your work efficient use the Average Calculator tool which is completely free and can find averages of a large set of numbers in no time.

The average calculator can be used for calculating the average sales for the month, the average turnover of the company, with either number, series, data, range. It can be very helpful to teachers, students, analysts, even researchers to find out the average of numbers.

How does an Average Calculator tool work?

The tool has a nicely designed interface which makes it efficient to use and find the average without any hassle. The formula used in the tool is the same as we do manually to find the average of a given set of numbers is: Average = (Sum of all numbers) ÷ (Total number of numbers.)

It allows the users to solve complicated problems faster and in an efficient manner. Also, it reduces the problem to simpler tasks and allows the users to devote more time to understand the problem.

Even though average calculators can do the basic operations instantly, but one should not use it all the time as it may make incapable of solving the basic operations manually.

To calculate the average

  • Enter the values by separating with commas, spaces, new line, or copy-paste into the box. For example: 95.5 35.8 66.9 40.5 11.2 41.6 96.4 62.8 18.3 82.7 18.0 48.7 35.9
  • Press the "Calculate" button to perform the calculation.
  • If the calculation is successful the result will be displayed with its average, sum value, and total average count.
  • Just change the 'values' to perform a new calculation without refreshing the page.

Example of Average Calculator

Whether you are a student, researcher, or statistician, you are going to need the average calculator tool to calculate the average of multiple numbers on regular basis. You are averaging the numbers to find the mean. Simply add the set of numbers and divide by the numbers in the list. For example, let's say there are four numbers in the list are 3, 7, 10, and 16, add them and the answer is 36, and lastly divide the number 36 by 4 to get the average 9.

There are several examples of average calculator online tools available online and free to use to calculate averages of a set of numbers. The user interface of tools may vary but functions are the same. There is no technical knowledge required to use this tool, just the internet connection and there you go. 

Advantages of Average Calculator

The average calculator tool is simple and easy to use. Many companies and organizations use this free tool to find out their average sales, investors find out the average of stock for doing new investment, analysts use it in the stock market, etc. But to take advantage of it, you should be familiar with it as if it fails, you can use other tools.

  • Fast and easy to calculate
  • Comfortable to use for doing complex calculations.
  • You can solve the most difficult arithmetic problems.
  • The calculation is always correct
  • Find the average or any of its types 
  • Free tool available on the internet
  • Calculate averages of any numbers and quantity
  • Provides maximum utility to the user in average calculations
  • Widely used by many companies and organizations


Calculating averages is easy with this awesome free online average calculator tool. It will calculate the average of any set of numbers. Simply enter the set of numbers into the box, separate the numbers by a comma, space, or hyphen and then press calculate to get the output. You are only a click away to use this free Average Calculator tool on your computer without any hesitation.