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Image Compression Tool

Add up to 10 multiple image files
(Size Limit: 2MB per file | Supported Formats: JPEG & PNG)


About Image Compression Tool

image compression tool

What is image compression tool?

Image compression is the process of converting or reducing the size of an image file without degrading its original quality. There are several image compression tools available for each quality level image optimization. You can see what the image looks like, set the image compression ratio and levels, etc., allowing you to make a better choice for editing, resizing and compressing the images.

Use of Image compression tool

Image compression tool is used for various purposes to optimize or reduce the size of images for

  • Optimizing your website speed
  • Uploading images to your email with smaller file size
  • Saving your system space
  • Social media purposes

How Does the tool Work?

The main objective of image compression tool is to minimize the irrelevance and redundancy in the data of an image file that enables users to store or transfer the data in a more efficient manner. There are many image compression tool, downloadable software and programs available online or offline that can work for this purpose.

The lossless compression is more effective than the lossy compression for several types of image files. Using the image compression tool the size of .jpg and .png files is minimized, colors in the files are also reduced in the image and makes it easy to save or transfer the data more efficiently. It works in many ways like:

  • Minimizing the redundant file data significantly without losing its quality
  • Compressing bulk images for web tools and can easily save the downloadable file to reduce upload time duration.
  • Helps to reduce maximum time with compressed images between the user and server.
  • Compressing 10 images in bulk will save you a lot of time.
  • Minimizing individual file size improves overall website appearance
  • Compressing bigger sizes kb to smaller sizes kb
  • Uploading a batch up to 10 images at a time

Benefits of image compression tool:

There are several images on the Internet have undergone compression for a distinct perspective. Image compression tools can benefit the users by loading the images faster as well as optimizing the web pages.

Image compression tools do not reduce the physical size of an image but instead compresses the data that makes up the image into a smaller size memory. Some of the significant benefits of using this tool are:

  • Reduce the image to your desired size
  • Loads data faster on slower devices
  • Image degradation keeps your original data by declining the image quality
  • Easy to upload and download 10 compressed images at a time and save your valuable time.
  • Compatible across various platforms like (Windows, MAC, Linux, Android) and browsers
  • Easily select your desired ratio or quality size of an image to be compressed
  • Bulk upload images (up to 10 at a time)
  • Supports - JPEG and PNG formats


There are many free and paid image compression (online or offline) tools available to compress images without losing quality. Overall each of these tools delivers excellent service on some level, with some glitches too. It depends on your requirements to go for a better image compression tool for different image quality.

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