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About Google Cache Checker

google cache checker

Google cache is an automated system that continuous cache your site at the particular period of time all your web pages. When the robots crawl again your site, it will re-update cache of the web page into google the main server for better ranking on search engine. Whether you update any new content or nothing on the web page, the functionality of crawler still is working on indexing the web pages. Once your web page has been indexed, a cached copy of your web page will show when was the last bot has been crawled.

If you want to create robots file use our free robots txt generator tool, and similarly, if you want to find how Google spider will work then check search engine spider simulator.

The main purpose of the tool is to identify cache status information of website when was the last modified by the site owner. By searching every URL for cache status takes a long bit of time on the google, but we bought a simple tool to find cache status within seconds instead of waiting for a long time. The online google checker tool is very user-friendly and can be checked on any device without issues, it is recommended as one of the most important seo tools by professionals.

How to use the Google cache checker tool?

To tool is very simple and does not require much technical knowledge for checking your cache status. Just identify the 20 Url’s to know the cache status by just placing the Url’s on the respective text box and click on the submit button. The tool will run in the background and identify all the modified time and date on the web page that was last used the user.

Benefits of google cache checker tool

  1. The tool will work completely online without downloading any external software to check last modified on the site before going to update any fresh content.

  2. If you want check cache status of many web pages, this is the best place to find your web pages cache status around 20 URLs at a time.

  3. Whenever any site goes down due to technical problems or improvements on the site. Still, you can access your site using cache URL to know the last modified time and date.

  4. Whenever server goes down to a particular site, still there is a chance to access the site offline without retrieving information from the server. But only uses google cache server to obtain information of site for the limited period of time before Google crawls and indexes your site.

There are two ways to check your page is cached by Google or not.

1) First way you can check by following the google cache status technique

2)The second way you can use our Google cache checker tool to know when your page has been crawled and indexed.

To know more about crawling and indexing, just follow Google Webmaster guidelines.

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