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About Source Code Viewer

source code viewer

Today’s internet world, website HTML source codes can be viewed by the people at any time on internet browser without restriction to the users. By pressing few commands on your system, instantly you can view the source code of website on your respective browser. All the front-end design of your website can be viewed easily on the browser with clean source codes, the search engine read the source code to be indexed based on robots meta tag.

To Generate meta tags use our free tool meta tag generator, similarly to create robots.txt file use robots txt generator tool.

The site structure completely depends on HTML and CSS code, with this 2 standard web programming languages any website can be developed with beautiful design. Along with design, other elements like images, text, a headline will also play important in design aspects. While considering all these, the website will be fascinating and catchy to the visitors.

How to use the tool?

The tool provides only front-end source code, but not the back end server side codes like (PHP, .Net, Perl and many other server-side scripts). Because it executes a server-side application and displays only web page front end results. In order to know how to use, just enter website URL in the respective text box and click submit button. Within few seconds you can view the source code of any website URL. The purpose of this tool is to check seo meta tags, HTML codes, call to action form and other tags for developing website design, marketing techniques.

Benefits of the tool

  1. With the help of the tool, you can identify all the seo factors used on the competitor's website and also you can identify alternate text used on the images.

  2. Some of the websites restrict to view the code or protect the content on the site.This tool will scan the site and retrieve the web page source to the user. This is just for understanding how the site has protected the content.

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