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online md5 hash generator

What is MD5?

Md5 is a message digestive algorithm version 5 used for cryptographic hash message 128-bit hash value for the given input of any length. Mainly it is used for verifying data integrity of files ( Reference Wikipedia) and stores the sensitive information like encoding passwords, credit cards or debit cards and other similar types into storage database like(MySQL, SQL, Postgres, MariaDB). If you are a developer for creating a server-side application the md5 tool will help you to check the given text and output generated by 32 characters of hash code value.

How md5 tool works?

The md5 tool takes a piece of input data from the user and converts into a fixed size of 32 characters of hash code value. The tool does not use any encryption technique with no serial key but performs a mathematical calculation to convert the given input of text of fixed size value.

As an Example, we will explain in detail about the real-time application of md5 code generation. When website admin takes a backup file ( from the server using the md5 technique by generating 32 characters of fixed size hash code, Later when is trying to restore the same backup file (to the server the file should be same without any alteration. So that you can decide the file is not corrupted by any hacker.

With the Md5 tool, you can check the data integrity of the file obtained. It means using this tool when a user types a piece of the input string in the text box and clicking a submit button. You will get a 32-bit string of fixed size hash value. By reversing the hash code you need to get the same input data so that the data file is not corrupted or hacked by the user.

Actually, you can check by using md5 decrypter tool to see the original input data.

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