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About AVG Antivirus Checker

avg antivirus checker

Our AVG Antivirus checker is an online completely free seo tool to check if a website has spread any kind of viruses, malware programs, and threats. The tool specifies by scanning your entire website for malware issue and give immediate results to the user if any malicious code has been detected on your site. If any malware-infected within your site, it is your responsibility to fix the issue and make sure visitors are not going away from your site. By checking every month twice or thrice will help you find malware issues are injected into the site because it is a matter of security for the growing site.

As our Avg checker is an online completely free tool to scan all types of malware issues on the site without downloading any external software. You can test your website URL any time free of cost. If you find any threats detected on your site, the website administrator should look after and fix as soon as possible to make sure the website is safe and secure to the visitors.

Every day 1000's of new website's has been registering from top hosting providers like GoDaddy, Bluehost, host-gator and come to live to reach millions of visitors. With the over growing number of visitors to your site, there is a chance of virus-infected by the hackers and make the site vulnerable to decrease the site health. This may affect your site rankings globally and the search engine will block your site if the malware issues are not fixed. So we bought one of the best tools called AVG Antivirus checker online completely free to test and use all the time.

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How to use AVG Antivirus Checker Tool?

Step1: You can just enter 1 or 20 URL's at a time in a text box in a separate line one by one.

Step 2: After clicking submit button the tool will scan your site with any malware programs infecting your site. If any issues found on your site, the tool will give result immediately to resolve it. It is necessary to avoid blocked by search engines.

Cool Seo tools offer free Avg antivirus checker tool which is faster, reliable and secure way to scan your website and check for virus issues.

How to protect your site from this malware attacks?

  1. Keep changing your administrative logins and passwords at regular intervals of time for every 3 months to avoid credentials hacking.
  2. Take website and backup regularly to avoid injection into your website.
  3. Avoid keeping the cracked software, scripts, themes into your site because it may in the back-end coding and will definitely fall in search engine ranking. Always use genuine versions to avoid virus attacks.
  4. If you are using website keep your and the version at regular intervals of time.
  5. Purchase SSL certificate from top hosting providers and install it into your domain to make more secure to your site.

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