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What is Page Rank according to google?

Page Rank is a number given by Google from 1 to 10 to your website or web page based on importance, quality information and authority of the page. The more the Page Rank Google prefers the page to index and rank in the top of search results, Page rank is determined by the page relevancy regarding keyword and content, the page which has higher page rank will settle at the top of search results.

Every 4 or 6 months Google will update page rank algorithm to determine any relevant quality content is added to the page. finally, Google updated the last page rank algorithm on February 4th, 2013. If a site has higher page rank and strong and outbound links the search engines give reference to that websites. For more information about page rank

To know your page rank just enter the 1 website URL or 100 URL and click submit button. The Page rank checker tool analyses your page authority information and Pagerank.

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