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About Page Rank Checker

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What is page rank checker?

The page rank checking tool works individually for every web page. It is meant for checking the relevance of a web page for the website by analyzing its linking. There is a mathematical algorithm of google for checking the backlinking work for every individual web page.

When you type or paste the URL of that page in page rank checker, it deeply analyzes to conclude some important results. The results of a page rank checking tool are based on backlinking. Not only the number of backlinks, but their quality also matters when it comes to the purpose of ranking.

More backlinks for a web page with high-quality backlinks will have more probability to reflect on the top 10 search criteria of Google search engine.

This is the list of top trending tools of page ranking that you will be able to see on the topmost search results. Take an example of these websites. Their web pages are appearing on the topmost results because of the better backlinking than others. All of them have the same functioning but the procedure may differ. Als, most of the page rank checkers come with a bundle of other tools that are necessary for SEO practices.

All strategies of digital marketing are implemented in order to improve the ranking of a web page whether they are organic or paid. The main focus of every marketer is to establish strong footprints of organic optimization because it is long lasting.

Search Engine Optimization is the traditional as well as a universally accepted method of organic digital marketing that is evolving day by day with better. An SEO executive promotes every page of the website by using backlinks. The backlinks play a significant role in promoting a specific web page that is coming at the top results of Google Search Engine.

Now, the question is, how to find which pages of website her more important than others so that you can do something to rank them. Apart from a home page, there are many other aspects of a website that require better exposure at the search engine results. Here comes the role of PageRank checker tool. This is an online tool accessible through various websites for free of cost. Scroll down to gain more information.

Why do we need page rank checker?

Every digital marketer needs a page rank checker tool because it is helpful in examining the overall performance of a website on the search engine results. The main purpose of backlinks is to improve the score of a web page. After implementing all ethical strategies of SEO, it is important to know the results of all these practices.

When the crawlers go through a web page, they identify the backlinks and their quality. On the basis of these facts, the ranking of a page is specified at the search results. Rather than going with the entire website, you need to focus on every single page according to its relevance for customers. For instance, your service page must also come at the topmost results of a search engine in order to guide the visitors directly for what they want.

When you focus on the optimization of a web page, it is important to analyze the difference after implementing every single strategy. After investing in buying good quality backlinks, it is also important to know whether they are actually working for your website or not. This tool is the answer to all these questions.

Importance of page rank checker

The page rank checker tool has great importance from the perspective of SEO as well as domain owner too. Even without having any in-depth knowledge regarding digital marketing strategies, one can easily check the rank of their every individual web page.

There are some rumors that this tool as no more significance for SEO right now. However, the truth is, it is still a great significance in digital marketing. Officially, Google has discontinued this toolbar in 2016 by hiding the ranks publically still, it exists and working secretly. If it is still existing, there must be some importance too.

How does the page rank checker works?

The page rank checker is a simple as well as powerful tool comprising capability of concluding many results with one click. It is very easy to use if you have opened the right URL. When you open the tool, a blank space will appear to enter the domain name.

Here you can enter the link of the home page or any page that you want to check for ranking status. After submitting it online, the tool will work for a few seconds to obtain all relevant data including the following important factors:-

  1. Domain authority

  2. Page authority

  3. Trust follow

  4. Trust metric

  5. Citation follow

  6. Domain validity

  7. Global Alexa rank

  8. Local Alexa rank

  9. Alexa reach rank

  10. Spam score

  11. External Backlinks

  12. Referring  domains

  13. Edu & Gov backlinks

  14. Edu & Gov domains

  15. PR quality

  16. Domain age

From this long list of data, you can get information relevant to ranking purpose. The higher number of external backlinks signify better ranking status on the Google search engine.

Advantages of page rank checker

  1. The page rank checking tool helps in identifying the status to a web page individually that you want to target on the search engine.

  2. The SEO experts get a detailed report of a page altogether without using different tools like Alexa ranking & DA checker separately.

  3. It helps in identifying the results of backlinks that you associate with a particular web page.

  4. The final report of ranking can help in planning a strategy to improve the current ranking status.

What is Page Rank according to google?

Page Rank is a number given by Google from 1 to 10 to your website or web page based on importance, quality information and authority of the page. The more the Page Rank Google prefers the page to index and rank in the top of search results, Page rank is determined by the page relevancy regarding keyword and content, the page which has higher page rank will settle at the top of search results.

Every 4 or 6 months Google will update the page rank algorithm to determine any relevant quality content is added to the page. finally, Google updated the last page rank algorithm on February 4th, 2013. If a site has higher page rank and strong and outbound links the search engines give reference to those websites. For more information about page rank

To know your page rank just enter the 1 website URL or 100 URL and click submit button. The Page rank checker tool analyses your page authority information and Pagerank.

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If you are an SEO executive, the page ranking tool has great significance for your practices. It gives you a real-time report of every strategy. If the backlinks are not giving expected results even after investing heavily, you can make important changes and prevent remaining monetary from exhausting unnecessarily on low quality or irrelevant backlinks.